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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Attorney Arrested for Recording Cops in Public Receives $170,000

Attorney arrested for recording officers in public receives $170,000 in settlement with City of Boston by Haley Behre  -  March 27, 2012

A Massachusetts attorney arrested for using his cellphone to record police officers while they arrested a man in public received a $170,000 settlement for damages and legal fees from the City of Boston on Monday.  As part of the settlement, Simon Glik agreed to withdraw his appeal to the Community Ombudsman Oversight Panel to investigate the Boston Police Department's Internal Affairs Division who he said treated him dismissively when he filed a complaint after he was arrested, according to a press release by the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, which provided legal assistance to the attorney.  “It is a significant amount of money,” said David Milton, Glik's attorney, adding that his client incurred a large amount of legal expenses because the “city fought this case tooth and nail all the way up to the First Circuit," the federal appellate court with jurisdiction over federal trial courts in Massachusetts.  The settlement follows a decision last August in which the U.S. Court of Appeals in Boston (1st Cir.) ruled that the First Amendment protects the right to record police officers in the public performance of their duties.  This case is important because of a number of incidents in recent years wherein citizens are being arrested for recording police officers carrying out their official duties in public, Milton said.  The First Circuit's opinion provided “a detailed analysis rooted in the history and purposes of the First Amendment of why recording police is what they call a ‘basic, vital and well-established liberty safeguarded by the First Amendment,’” Milton said, quoting the opinion in Glik v. Cunniffe.  The Massachusetts wiretapping statute, which prohibits secret audio recording, is the statute Glik allegedly violated when he was arrested in October 2007 for recording police officers as they arrested a young man on the Boston Common. Glik was also charged with aiding an escape and disorderly conduct.  All three charges were eventually dropped, but Glik filed a federal civil rights suit against the city and the arresting officers for allegedly violating his First and Fourth Amendment rights. The officers moved to dismiss the complaint, claiming they were entitled to qualified immunity on the charges because it is not well-settled that Glik had a constitutional right to record the officers. The U.S. District Court in Boston denied the officers' motion, and the First Circuit affirmed that decision.  In January, after defending the officers' actions for four years, the Boston Police Department admitted that the officers who arrested Glik in 2007 for recording them used "unreasonable judgment."  “It is important that citizens be able to record police acting in public so that the police can be held accountable for their actions,” Milton said. “As we see all around the country and world, images captured from people’s cellphones can have a remarkably important effect on public debate of public information. It is ultimately a tool of democracy.”  City officials could not be reached for comment.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

You have to applaud any attorney who really stands his ground against any corrupt public servant bastards who try to cover things up. SHRINE A BIG LIGHT AND THE RATS WILL SCATTER !!

Anonymous said...

Crime in the USA and Eric Holder and Lenny Breuer (Head of criminal prosecutions at DOJ)are lost in car 54. Is that because they both worked for Covington Law Firm and expect to return there? "Representative firm clients such as Bank of America, IBM, Maersk, Microsoft, Pantheon Holdings, Procter & Gamble, the National Football League, Société Générale and Wal-Mart look to us as trusted advisors and counsel."
Or will Wal-mart be shaken down further to fund the campaign which would keep him as Attorney General?

Anonymous said...

The same law exists in Illinois. The criminal justice system with corrupt judges and with no ethics for public and non-public attorneys creates a climate which corrodes all decency. Video destroys the credibility of abusive police and video of courts would expose the venality and corruption of the judges. Respect is earned and can be lost.

Anonymous said...

In America crime and corruption are well tolerated depending on the usefullness of the entity committing them.
The courts are left uninvestigated because their crimes must be ignored, so that they can keep the decisions coming on behalf of the Corporations and Government benefitting from the decisions in favor of their resulting interests.
You wonder why judicial corruption remains unreported and uninvestigated..wonder not..they are needed to keep America's power and wealth in the places they need to be..with Washington and politicians and those funding them..Corps!
If the judicial system was to lose credibility..then there is no legal ruling entity to permit corruption and that would be devastating for the wealth of America and the few Americans who control us.
Obama wanted to change things but when he got to Washington, he realized he could not function as President or politician if he corrected all the well placed methods of operations, from years and years of wrongdoing by our Government and businesses.
So he has been hampered by the obstructionists in the adverse party..the big money boys long corrupting the US.
The people of America are the only accountability panel that can correct this country's massive corruptions!

Anonymous said...

The entire legal system in NY.Is a crime organization. I could respect them more. If they just called themselves. Ne York Unified Mob System. At least the public would know the truth. What they are up against.
To put ther criminal selves in positions of trust& respect. Is no diffeent than "The Big Bad Wolf". Posing as Grandma. Only we are "Little Red Riding Hood".
No exageration here. I know and can prove that. It is these Judges, Law Clerks, Lawyers. Who are robbing the banks screwing the public while padding their wallets.

Anonymous said...

FYI for anyone interested. There is goung to be a movie made filming to begin soon.
Bill Windsor who is running for a judgehip in Ga.
He plans to take a 16000 mile road trip across America. Going to interview/film. Parties from each state. Whereupon te individual will be interviewed at their state Capital. Describing how they have been subjected to the abuse from the corrupt government in their state. A documentary that I intend to go public with my experiences w NY corrupt courts.
Chk it out @ Lawless America. Also on FaceBook.

Anonymous said...

I record all attorneys becasue they lie! Screw them to the wall!

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