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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Family Court Secrecy Continues as Lawyers Circle

Lawyers jumping into race to replace Family Court Judge Bryan Hedges
The Syracuse Post-Standard by Jim O'Hara  -  April 17, 2012

Syracuse, NY - With secrecy still shrouding the decision by Onondaga County Family Court Judge Bryan Hedges to give up his job, a number of lawyers are lining up for the opportunity to replace him on the bench.  Republican hopefuls include Patrick Kilmartin, the GOP majority leader in the county Legislature, and George Raus, a former Family Court court attorney/referee removed from office three years ago following a state investigation of his courtroom conduct.  On the Democratic side, the job is being sought by Julie Cecile, the executive director of the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center.  The Republican and Democratic parties are expected to designate candidates within the next month. Members of the Conservative Party’s executive committee are meeting tonight and may choose a candidate then.  Both Kilmartin and Raus are seeking the Conservative Party’s backing.  Kilmartin, 42, was appointed to the County Legislature in 2006 to fill a vacancy and has been elected in 2007, 2009 and 2011. He’s been the GOP majority leader since January.  “My family and I are looking forward to campaigning in the City of Syracuse and the nineteen towns which make up this district and communicating why my experience, temperament and community service make me the best choice for this important position,” Kilmartin noted in formally announcing his candidacy today.  Kilmartin previously served as an assistant district attorney and as chairman of the zoning board and tax assessment review board in the town of Onondaga. He serves as a court-appointed law guardian representing children in Family Court.  Raus, 61, said he’s looking to return to the court after being forced out of his attorney/referee position in 2009 following an investigation of his conduct by the state Inspector General’s Office. He maintains he was “laid off” from his job since he was never told he was being let go for any wrongdoing.  State officials have refused to release the Inspector General’s report.  Raus previously served as a Syracuse City Court judge and chairman of the Civilian Review Board.  Cecile, 46, executive director of the McMahon/Ryan center since January 2008, is looking for the opportunity to run in her first election contest. She notified members of the McMahon/Ryan center’s board of directors last week of her interest in the Family Court seat.  “This position for Family Court has been a lifelong ambition and if I don’t take this opportunity now I am not sure it will come along again,” she noted in breaking the news of her decision to seek the Democratic nomination.  Cecile said she had been contemplating a run for the seat when Hedges retired in a couple of years. She said she had not expected the seat to open up as suddenly as it did when Hedges suddenly gave up his post two weeks ago.  Whoever receives the parties’ nominations will have to run in November for election to a 10-year term on the Family Court bench.



Anonymous said...

Now the fun really begins......

Anonymous said...

Flies circling the honey pot. A prior corrupt reject has rehabilitated himself. Of course, they all love the children, or is it themselves? Family court can be very profitable and all your cronies can feed at the trough with you. Prior experience as a judge proves you know how to milk the system for maximum profit. It's for the children, they do it.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good reason there is so much corruption in NY and why nothing is done about it.

Apparently the state's AG has more important things to do, like practice yoga.

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman loves yoga so much he talks about it while at work
Eric Schneiderman has talked to yoga experts and enthusiasts from his office

"The state’s top lawyer and corruption fighter devoted office time to speak with California-based yoga activists who are looking to “ignite grassroots social change” through yoga’s spiritual power.

Schneiderman’s on-the-clock chat with the left coast yogis was noted on his official schedule, copies of which were obtained by the Daily News."

Read more:

Ya just make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

What I have found is. That political positions are just a cover for organized crime ring in NY.
Have nothing to do with justice or loving the chilren. It is all about having the accessibility to robbing the government.
These are thugs in suits.

Anonymous said...

Lippman and his cronies are always crying about the pay. That they need a pay raise so badly. Yet they will jump at any chance to get that money again. Think how many judges have left the bench for a beter paying job. thier was one recently he was in his late
80`s and as a true drama queen he made a big announcment that he was leaving the bench because if the pay. I am sure that his age had nothing 2 do with it.

Anonymous said...

It is well documented that the New York FBI works closely with Brooklyn New York Child Protective Services ("CPS") or ("ACS") headed up by Marie Vilus to silence complaints about child abuse, child neglect, child pornography, child exploitation, and child victimization because the United Nations is in New York City, and all those foreign diplomats need Child Prostitutes when they are visiting the United States.

And where do these children victims come from?

From poor low income disadvantaged socioeconomically Brooklyn New York, where it is perceived by the NY FBI and Brooklyn NY CPS and ACS that no one will complain or miss the kids that are lost within this system when they are turned over for beatings, rapings, molestings, force drug use, murders, child pornography, child abuse, and other horrible crimes against children.

Hillary Clinton of the US State Department openly allows this because she is "doing her part" to make "foreign relations" strong and robust.

Anonymous said...

Missing: 78 children from Oklahoma Department of Human Services custody

Anonymous said...

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