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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Governor Misses Opportunity To Address Judicial Ethics Oversight Corruption

Two Conduct Commission Members Are Reappointed
The New York Law Journal by Joel Stashenko  -  April 5, 2012

Two members of the state Commission on Judicial Conduct have been reappointed. Terry Jane Ruderman, a state Court of Claims judge who sits in White Plains, was reappointed by Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman to a new four-year term that began on April 1. Ruderman, who is also vice-chair of the commission, has been on the watchdog panel since 1999.  In addition, Governor Andrew Cuomo has reappointed Joseph Belluck to another four-year term, also beginning April 1. Belluck, a partner in Belluck & Fox, has been on the commission since 2008.  The panel's 11 members are not paid except for expenses and their appointments are not subject to confirmation by the state Senate. They are designated by the governor, chief judge and legislative leaders.


Anonymous said...

I thought Andrew Cuomo was going to bring big changes? Is his idea of big ethics reform a spineless piece of paper with make believe rules?

Hell's Journal said...

Did you have hope for change with Cuomo? You'll get change, aka, more corruption. Cuomo would like to copy the sign over Hell's entrance to place over NY Courts and offices, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." But Cuomo's Overlord denied him permission.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo will NEVER... EVER... address NY STATE JUDICIAL CORRUPTION..because CUOMO defended OCA in several litigations in Federal Ct, where OCA was blatantly dead wrong, criminal in its cover-ups and perjurous in its determinations that brought on the lawsuits!

If Cuomo did anything as AG...question that part.. he must have read at least one of those high profile lawsuits and had to determine OCA was acting illegally,unethically and abusing judicial power.

Of course that is if Cuomo knows the law at all!

Cuomo lovers need to understand that he is one slick dick ,always on the route to screw you for his purposes..this political venture is to lead to the Presidency..and his naive lover Sandra Lee is his big money ticket to ride!

Searching For Rule Of Law In America said...

"CUOMO defended OCA in several litigations in Federal Ct"

his name is also on the letterhead of several briefs for defendant Latia W. Martin (J.S.C.) when the NY District Attorney's Office chose to defend her violations of US and NY State Constitution, NY Real Property Law, coercion, extortion, in Fed Court Action...

and his name will also soon appear in upcoming action (still have to decide whether State or Federal venue proper) as one of the defendants...

Meanwhile, a Complaint has been forwarded to the Department of Justice naming Jonathan Lippman(Chief Justice NY), Latia Martin (Justice NY Supreme Court), Janette A. Baxter (White Plains Lawyer)...

Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, 18 U.S.C. § 242.
Conspiracy Against Rights, 18 U.S.C. § 241.

This is a Complaint against Latia W. Martin and Janette A. Baxter for their criminal acts in violation of the laws of the United States of America and also the laws of the State of New York, all of which were done under color of law and with full knowledge of both parties that they were acting in violation of the law, and with full intention of both parties to use their positions authority in order to pervert the legal process to deprive this Complainant of his legally owned property, to violate his Constitutional rights as protected by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of The United States against deprivation of life, liberty, or property without due process of law and his deny him his Constitutionally protected right not to be denied the equal protection of the law.

don't just sit and complain... take action... lend your voice in support...

this has got to stop... this has got to stop now...

--Michael A. Hense is Searching For Rule Of Law In America

Anonymous said...

ITS NOT GONNA STOP UNTIL YOU MAKE IT STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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