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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Corrupt Court System Adopts Laughable Hiring Rules

Court System Adopts Recommended Hiring Rules
The New York Law Journal by John Caher  -  April 4, 2012

A day after the Commission on Judicial Conduct questioned hiring practices in the Appellate Division, the administrative board of the courts voted unanimously to adopt the panel's recommendations and to implement new procedures for hiring. Chief Administrative Judge A. Gail Prudenti said the board, which consists of herself, Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman and the four presiding justices, agreed to adopt uniform hiring and employment protocols as a result of the commission's March 30 report in a matter centering on First Department Presiding Justice Luis Gonzalez (NYLJ, April 3).  In the report, the commission criticized hiring practices in the First Department, where open positions were not advertised, hiring decisions were made within the presiding justice's chambers and relatives of employees were frequently hired. But it also called for a statewide protocol that would include public advertising of openings, vetting by panels of senior staff and recusal of those within four degrees of relationship to an existing employee or his or her spouse. Prudenti said the commission's recommendations would be implemented immediately.  Robert Tembeckjian, administrator and counsel to the conduct commission, said the "prompt and positive action by the chief judge and the administrative board will certainly enhance public confidence in the courts."  Also at the meeting, the judges discussed stipends for judges and salary increases for about 260 senior court officials whose salaries have been frozen for eight years. Judges on April 1 received a 17 percent pay hike, their first raise in 13 years, but are hoping to retain a $10,000 annual stipend for office expenses that was provided in lieu of a raise. Senior staff are arguing that since their salaries were frozen because the judges did not get a raise, their pay should now be increased. Prudenti said no decisions were made, and she expects the board will take up both matters at its next meeting. The board usually meets monthly.


Anonymous said...

I bet the OCA thugs have already figured out how to go around the rules.

victim of Tembeckjian said...

Robert Tembeckjian should do stand-up comedy.

He's the last person who should be talking about "public confidence in the courts." Judges, litigants and my pet frog firmly believe that Tembeckjian is a corrupt thug who is largely responsible for the distrust of New York's legal system.

Anonymous said...

Prudenti herself. Allowed fraud in the Suragates court. Certain vulnerable individuals. Have had their entire estates by these swindlers.
She appears to believe it is her right to profit from mortgage fraud as well. This is her payoff. For allowing certain individuals. To illegally file fraudulant court decisions.
Prudenti like the rest of these lawbreakers. Is not what she appears to be.
Watch what people do. When nobody is looking. Not what they say publicly.

Anonymous said...

Correction. entire estates robbed while Prudenti look away. These are crooks.From Cippilino the surragates court clerk, Gary Weber the Judge in Riverhead. They collude with your attorney. Replace your Last Will. With a phony Will. That names straw people as beneficiaries. They loot the deceased.
If that is not enough. How about having them pre plan your death. Months in advance? Take out a few Life Insurance Policies on you. Watch out if you are a VETERAN or a Government employee. Profiting from fraudulant Military lIfe Ins. policies.
I havetaken my time studying the above. So bad I require a break quite often. Have to recover from the horror & shock at what is going on here in Suffolk.

Anonymous said...

The Devil's disciples issue new rules and the hell they create remains the same. Full of sound and fury and signifying nothing. You cannot take the evil out of devils.

Anonymous said...

No you can't but you can stay out of their way.

Anonymous said...

OR YOU COULD SHOOT THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Relatives hiring relatives, why would this be a problem? (joke - joke - joke)

Senator Maziarz of Newfane - a powerful senator has his wife - Beverly Maziarz working as a supreme court Judge's secretary so he can control the courts in his hometown. He appointed the supreme court, Richard Koch, (not elected) judge and then made him hire his wife as secretary. So who cares? Not the Commission on Judicial Conduct!

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