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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Former Law Student Indicted For Break-In

Former UVa law student indicted in registrar break-in
The Daily Progress  -  April 18, 2012

A former University of Virginia law student arrested in connection with a burglary at the school’s registrar’s office has been indicted on two counts of statutory burglary while armed and one count of possession of burglarious tools with intent to commit burglary or larceny, according to court documents. Officers found the packaging for a spy camera designed to look like a coat hook in a search of Joshua Peter Gomes’ home, according to court documents. A matching camera was found inside the registrar’s office, and the video recorded on the camera showed Gomes going through a filing cabinet in the office, according to court documents. Police say they found documents and office supplies, including transcript paper, from the registrar’s office. Officials discovered the theft after someone saw a person in the building late at night and the registrar’s office staff noticed items disturbed from their normal places, police said shortly after Gomes’ December arrest. Gomes was indicted on charges that he illegally entered the registrar’s office in Carruthers Hall on Dec. 5 and 6. He was arrested just outside the building shortly before 3 a.m. Dec. 7, according to officials. After the apparent burglary, police beefed up the office’s security.As of Wednesday night, the university’s on-line directory did not list Gomes as a student. Gomes is next expected in court Aug. 3.


Anonymous said...

This is unfortunate. It seems this kid would have made a great lawyer and possibly an even better politician.

Anonymous said...

It was so clever of him to video the scene and acts of the crime. He had all the right state of mind to be a rich lawyer. Just, he unluckily got caught so early in his career. So many others just like him have not been caught.

Anonymous said...

One day he could have become an OCA Administrative Judge and get caught stealing batteries he couldn't afford because there were no raises for his $136.000 salary!
This is the example law grads should aspire to..being hancuffed and held for a day because you are cheap. Also heard he was known to have been stealing at the country club for balls etc..petty, creepy, drunken robed sucker he was!
Yikes OCA your political hacks should be schooled in how to hide their crimes better.

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