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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lawyers or Grave Robbers? - Make Inheritance Law Work For Families!

About the book: Lawyers or Grave Robbers?

Lawyers or Grave Robbers? Is a book that poses an important question about our legal profession when administering deceased estates and inheritance issues? The book asks the reader to consider whether or not some lawyers are behaving as grave robbers rather than as lawyers. The book exposes the failings of a law firm Russell Kennedy and a senior partner of Russell Kennedy (Ian Bult) in managing my late mother`s estate.
Call for probate overhaul
Lawyers or Grave Robbers? Gives an accurate and blow by blow description of how a lawyer as an executor and a law firm can plunder a families inheritance. The book describes the efforts of the family to prevent this plunder and exposes the inability of the legal regulators that is the Law Institute of Victoria, The Legal Services Ombudsman, The Legal Services Commissioner and the Attorney Generals to intervene.
Lawyers or Grave Robbers? Is an informative book and an educational tool for anyone who will have to deal with the legal profession in regards to Family Inheritance Law as it details the methods used by Ian Bult and Russell Kennedy to plunder a deceased estate and destroy an Australian family, methods such as creating disputes through their own dishonesty in order to ensure more written correspondence between lawyers.
Lawyers or Grave Robbers? Proposes some essential reforms that are desperately required to Australian family inheritance law so as to stop this plunder of Australian family inheritance by our legal profession and enhance our beautiful and youthful nation.

The Introduction. The grizzly truth

Describes the origins of today’s family inheritance law within Australia and why it has left Australian families exposed to the plunder of their inheritance by greedy and unaccountable lawyers and law firms like Ian Bult and Russell Kennedy.

The lawyer sets the trap

Describes how a lawyer when writing a will for a client can set an inheritance trap. If the will is written ambiguously without supporting documentation of the deceased`s intentions that can be accessed by all of the deceased`s children it gives a lawyer who is also an executor the ability to spring the trap after the client is dead.

The lawyer robs the grave

This chapter shows how Ian Bult and Russell Kennedy were able to create a dispute that did not exist and through that dispute were able to charge the estate an exorbitant sum of money in unnecessary legal fees.

The Impotent Regulators

The exposure on how legal regulators do not regulate unaccountable self-serving lawyers like Ian Bult and his law firm Russell Kennedy.

The government spectators

This chapter illustrates the ambivalence shown by our government towards Australian families who are seeing their rightful inheritance being plundered by lawyers, who are working in a broken system that does not respect the well-being of these families.

The way forward. Quality control for lawyers

Proposes the changes that are needed to our family inheritance law which would ensure Australian families Inheritance was protected during the transfer phase from self-serving and unaccountable lawyers.

Those with power win

Gives 26 examples of how Ian Bult and the members of the law firm Russell Kennedy used their legal power as lawyers to brutalise my mother’s estate and her family’s inheritance rights.

A legal system out of touch out of time

Our adversarial legal system has originated from William the Conqueror. Its origins are from barbarism and not from community. The laws emanate from a principal of ‘rule over’, rather than one of being generated by community. This is very clear when the actions of Ian Bult and the members of Russell Kennedy, executors of my mother’s estate are seen for what they are. Laws, which Ian Bult and the members of Russell Kennedy have applied over the requests, by a living and functional family, to benefit Ian Bult and the members of the law firm Russell Kennedy through increased fees and charges. Laws condoned, by the regulators of the legal profession. They are laws emanating from barbarism; laws that support the destruction of productive harmonious communities made up of families. Laws that condone “grave robbing”.



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Anonymous said...

Easy. Lawyers are Grave Robbers.

Anonymous said...

The greedy lawyers go for ALL the money, and in the process they wreck families. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

I hear and read about one estate problem after another where only the lawyers are getting the decedent's money. This is disgraceful and it should stop..

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that lawyers don't wait until your dead to steal from you.

They just make it so you wish you were dead.

Anonymous said...

They got plenty from Astor, altho Tony Scarpino attempted to make himself the hero. He was right in the middle of the Astors thing trying to make sure his buddies got the mula.

Anonymous said...

In Suffolk County. Lawyers are prt of a crime ring. They pre plan not only your fueral. Butbyour death too.
Francis McInerny Jr.made out a will for very dear friends of mine. Many years ago.
When they passed away. He replaced their original Will with a phony. Naming Straw People as beneficiaries. Divied up the proceeds btw himself, Judge Weber, Clerk Cippilino, Mike Figat (countys top fraudster).Dr. Timm.
HSBC VP Kim. Who gave them access to eceased safe deposit box prior to their death.
I would be afraid to die in Suffolk.I think people should think seriously about. Gifting their estates prior to death.

Anonymous said...

OR JUST SHOOT THE ABOVE NAMED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Unknown said...

Congratulations! This is the best thing, Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.

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