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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Editorial Asks, "Is This Judge a 'Criminal Justice Professonal'?"

Our view: Judge's decisions should cost him his post
The Traverse City Record Eagle  -  EDITORIAL  -  March 4, 2012
— The verdict is in: David Stowe needs to go — quickly and quietly into retirement.

Stowe, since 2000 a Grand Traverse County Probate Court judge, recently found himself in local headlines, thanks to an unflattering personal situation that directly reflects — and reflects badly — upon his role and behavior as a public official.  Evidence strongly indicates Stowe's wife, Cynthia, assaulted him the evening of Jan. 30 at their Long Lake Township home, an incident that left David Stowe bloodied and prompted his wife's arrest on suspicion of domestic violence. Charges later were dropped in a deal that boosted her penalties from a previous drunken driving conviction, but those who investigated the case left little doubt Cynthia Stowe attacked her husband.  In many ways it's a tragic story that suggests Cynthia Stowe's alcohol-inspired descent. But make no mistake, battered husband or not, David Stowe largely is responsible for his own physical and professional wounds. Ultimately, it's his deeply flawed decision-making that destroyed his legitimacy on the local court bench.  His behavior on Jan. 30, an apparent effort to conceal his wife's actions, was unacceptable on many levels, particularly because his taxpayer-funded job demands he make rational decisions and abide by the law. The Record-Eagle obtained a copy of a 911 call Stowe's 16-year-old stepson made that night, and the recording is at once heart-breaking as the boy pleads with Stowe not to leave him alone with the boy's enraged, alcohol-soaked mother, and appalling, as Stowe appears to desperately seeks ways to subvert an impending investigation by an on-the-way sheriff's deputy.  Stowe repeatedly told the boy he was leaving the house and suggested the boy leave, too. Their departures would have ensured that authorities didn't have immediate access to the potential victim and witness. It's despicable that a judge would entertain such a notion.  Stowe told the 911 dispatcher he didn't know if his wife had been drinking. The boy was adamant she'd been drinking heavily. Stowe later refused to allow the by-the-book deputy to photograph his wounds.  This is a criminal justice professional?

Some history: Not long after he became a judge, Stowe met his future wife, then named Cynthia Curry. At the time, Curry was divorcing her third husband and Stowe headed up child custody matters in their divorce. His penchant for bad decisions can be traced to 2002, when he hired Curry to work for him in the family court.  Astonishingly, he maintained oversight of her custody case, and continued to do so after they began a physical relationship. And yes, she remained on the court's payroll.  Stowe blithely, arrogantly ignored all those obvious ethical failings.  In 2005, Cynthia Curry left the court for a job with a local social services agency that contracted with the court and Grand Traverse County. How coincidental was it that the county more than doubled its dole to that agency — from about $112,000 to $251,000 — shortly after Curry migrated to that new job?  Then, a lawyer who worked for the court tried to report Stowe's shenanigans, including the improper relationship with Curry, to appropriate authorities. Word filtered back to Stowe and he fired the lawyer, Michael Stein.  Stein threatened a whistleblower lawsuit and the county paid him about $70,000 and health insurance to stem that embarrassment.  But the Stein settlement prompted a Record-Eagle investigation that exposed Stowe's behavior. The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission finally gave Stowe a little wrist slap, after state court "investigators" did their very best to look the other way. Curry and Stowe married in 2009.  There's nothing wrong with showing empathy for David Stowe, the person. He made terrible personal and professional decisions that continue to haunt him. He's human.  But his reckless behavior that continues today should cost him his black robe. Stowe's term expires this year and he immediately should announce his retirement at term's end, if not sooner.  The public should expect — and demand — much more from their leaders.


Warrant out for arrest of judge's wife
The Record Eagle by Art Bukowski - April 11, 20122

TRAVERSE CITY, MI — A judge’s wife has a warrant out for her arrest after authorities said she violated probation. Cynthia Stowe failed an alcohol screening, and a judge issued a warrant for her arrest Monday. She hadn’t been arrested as of this morning. Stowe is the wife of Grand Traverse County Probate Judge David Stowe. Stowe in August was arrested for drunken driving, and in January was arrested after she assaulted David Stowe at their home. A year of probation was added to her drunken driving conviction after the assault.


Anonymous said...

How the hell do clowns like this get on the bench in the first place. And then to add insult to injury, they are protected and get to keep their job. I don't get it.

The Truth, Not Lies said...

Women are violent and domestically abusive and the system covers it up. The Domestic Violence cottage industry enriches itself with government funding. It's mantra is that men are violent and women are victims. This vile women was fattening at the public trough and her corrupt husband was enabling both her violence and her dishonest government service. In this case the corrupt judge was her husband, but in many other cases the corrupt judge acts for these femi-swine with their lying mantra of domestic violence as by males only. 50% of domestic violence is by women.

legislativerealism said...

After I filed tort agianst Dawn Rogers cynthia conlon and jeff obrien the 13th and 86th knew I kept all the papers id gotten from my many trips from c.a. t.c. and tnese now submitted federal exhibits proved theyre guilt, then after my ex-wife filed to modify the existing ppo and stowe took me out of ex-parte, imediatly afterwords this old corruption case that proved next to nothing resurfaced.
The fact is that stowe was agianst the actual corruption happening in the courthouse and around him, when I first laid eyes on him I could tell he did not like me but still was just in his adjudications of related cases concerning me, and knew I had recieved a injustice When every judge in the 13th&86th had unconstitutionly placed a restraining order agianst me stating I was unable to go the courthouse, he knew this to be extreme, when I was said to have abandoned my child when all proof said otherwise he took this fact and denied a ex-parte ppo on me while I was in another state, until the referee Cynthia Conlon falsified her findings and he had no choice, he read the police report and thru a tv screen I saw that though he might not appreciate my persona he listened a quick expination of my story, and released me to the chagrin of others who were goaded by Dawn Rogers and Jeff obrien, whom were doing theyre best to insur we I could not rightfully take evangeline p zindler(my daughter) home 3 months out of the year and that others had made officialy induced errors becuaseDawns and Jeffs objectives they had created with my ex mom inlaw, jeffs friend, Kathy scott, he didnt like me but decided to do the right thing when evidance was present. Had I not been defruaded by a man timothy bertosch from bellflower c.a id have turned in briefing(iii)requesting review of judgement and federal question in case 11-2226.
actuality the man you speek of is 'a good person The corruption stated is a love affair that ended up being a girl getting a job she was not good at....would she have tried for this type of position prior to theyre having fell in love?(as they like anyone do not always choose) as we must ask whether she would have been, prone to eccept a position she was uncapable of to which she lost a bunch of money. I think this was stated in a way to make him appear some thing he was not.
well I intend on proving this untill I die or he is vindacated and the actual corruption is exposed and the correct people come to justice.

Sheilamasc said...

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Anonymous said...

Corrupt Laura Drager's PR machine concealing facts with garbled ads as usual. Down with Drager, ditch the witch who seems to be for sale to any monied spouse. Drager makes this doofus guy seem like a saint...

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