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Monday, April 23, 2012

First Ever Bid to a Remove Alaska Judge

Bethel judge could be removed from bench
KYUK by Angela Denning-Barnes  -  April 4, 2012

For the first time in Alaska history, there is a recommendation to permanently remove a judge from the bench. The Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct is recommending the Alaska Supreme Court remove Bethel District Court Judge Dennis Cummings. The commission could have responded in several ways when considering the latest allegations against Cummings. If he was found guilty, disciplinary actions ranged from a public reprimand to suspension to removal. However, the commission’s hearing, held March 16, brought a unanimous recommendation for the most severe sanction. The commission found that Cummings told a prosecutor twice off-record to look at an opinion that would help his case. Speaking with one side of a trial off-record is considered ex-parte communications and is against Alaska’s Judicial Code. It wasn’t the first time Cummings was found guilty of it. In 2009, he was found to have passed notes in court to the prosecution. For that, the Alaska Supreme Court suspended him from the bench for 3 months without pay which had been the commission’s recommendation. The outcome of the recommendation is still unknown as Cummings is set to retire this month. The recommendation was sent to the Alaska Supreme Court Tuesday (April 3), which has allowed it to become public. It’s not known how long the court will take to make a final decision, but Greenstein says it shouldn’t be long. Marla Greenstein, the commission’s Executive Director said, “the court typically considers these types of filings on a fairly expedited basis.” The timing ultimately will hinder on whether the court wants to re-do the hearing process or go with the information the Commission has gathered, which is the usual case.


pissed said...

First ever?!?! Is this a joke. There's a lesson here.
Every day, and in every state, some crooked member of a court system should be facing removal. And with NO PENSION!

Searching For Rule Of Law In America said...

secretive off the record communications between state actors, officers of the court, and court personal appear to be the normal course of "business" in the NY courts... adherence to the rules regarding ex parte communications are essential to a just process, yet there are many people in positions of authority who routinely disregard them... this is a clear and undeniable obstruction of justice, and those who are found guilty should be held accountable to the greatest extent the law allows...

--Michael A. Hense is Searching For Rule Of Law In America...

Anonymous said...

In NY, the rules are different. The conduct of announcing on the record of a private ex-parte meeting with a defendant and her lawyer to decide a motion in his court was acceptable for Essex County Supreme Court Judge James Dawson by the NY Appellate Division.

Anonymous said...

Having worked with multiple judges I must state that the only ex-parte activity is done excluding the victims, pltfs or whomever is the charging party.

The POLITICS of law exists to work out cases so they are seen only as postive actions of the almighty robes of justice.

The charging parties are the ones who are attempting to bring injustice to light..the most repulsive thing to the ears of OCA.

Rule of law passed away years ago!

Anonymous said...

True story..a judge still sitting and a public defender still assigned to that court a few years back worked together for 4 months straight.
The PD would check in with ADA every morning and then head into judges chambers to discuss the ADA'S case with the judge to see how he might rule relative to PD'S clients.He was pre-trying the cases without THE ADA.
The staff knew this was going on and the judge..who had drug problems back in the 80's but kept his law license and was assigned to family ct to stay away from criminal ct and drug clients... eventually won a criminal ct judgeship..all because he knew the judge who would eventually become Admin judge....laughed about it since he himself was a defense atty.
A trial was conducted with the PD on one particularly strange day and the case was put on mostly by the ADA. The PD who checked in with the judge earlier that day let it go to verdict.
The judge announced that the PD client was guilty..and the PD jumped up and on the record said I didn't think you would find my client guilty..I want the case re-opened to put my client on the stand and also now give a closing statment.
The judge said problem..the ADA was green and new... objected but said nothing else.... so the trial was re-opened and the PD puts on a case and in the 2nd verdict..which was neither legal nor ethical, the judge announced..PD client was now acquitted!
These two clowns still twist justice for OCA everyday and no one says a word.
Pltf got screwed, but then again who in the justice field cares about the pltf..not OCA or some of their judges! said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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