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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Judge Abruptly Quits, Walks Off Bench at Lunchtime

Judge Bryan Hedges quits Family Court, leaves job abruptly at mid-day
The Post-Standard by Post-Standard  -  April 6, 2012

Syracuse, NY - Onondaga County Family Court Judge Bryan Hedges abruptly left his job on the bench Thursday and is not expected to return.  Fifth Judicial District Administrative Justice James Tormey referred all questions about Hedges to a state administrative judge whose office referred calls to David Bookstaver, the public information officer for the Office of Court Administration.  "All I know is he resigned for personal reasons," Bookstaver reported today when asked for any information about Hedges and his sudden departure from the bench Thursday. Hedges, 65, of Syracuse, is currently in his third 10-year term on the Family Court bench where he has served since 1985. He previously worked as an assistant district attorney, a deputy county attorney and a law clerk for a couple of judges.  He has not been available for comment since Thursday evening. Court personnel said Hedges presided over a morning calendar of cases Thursday before he ended up in a lengthy meeting with a visiting state administrative judge. Hedges then left his court chambers and the Onondaga County Courthouse around mid-day Thursday and court personnel reported being told he had submitted a resignation to take effect before the end of the month and that he would not be back to work.  Family Court Judge Martha Walsh Hood, who currently is handling matrimonial cases in the state Office Building, reportedly was summoned to handle the session of court in Hedges' courtroom Thursday afternoon, court personnel reported. When contacted Thursday evening about Hedges' sudden departure from court, Tormey declined comment and referred all calls to Judge Michael Coccoma, the deputy chief administrative judge for courts outside of New York City.  This morning, someone in Hedges' chambers gave a court officer a note with Coccoma's name and phone number on it to give to a reporter who had asked to see anyone on Hedges' office staff.  Tormey then had one of his court officers direct a reporter to contact Coccoma's office. After the reporter left Tormey's office, Tormey sent a court officer to get the reporter to return only to invite the reporter into his chambers to decline comment and tell the reporter to call Coccoma's office or Hedges.  Coccoma's office this morning referred all calls to Bookstaver, who later responded that he had been told Hedges had resigned.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he was REALLY hungry or had to go to the bathroom really badly.

victim said...

Maybe we should all be thankful that this corrupt judge Hedges and another disgrace- Willie Walsh- are finally done screwing the public in the name of justice. Hedges and Walsh will go straight to hell and they know it.

Anonymous said...

I think Hedges just got tired of working in a dirty system that places more value on politics and personal relationships than it does of the welfare of children whose lives are torn apart by the arbitrary whims of Family Court Judges.

court employee said...

OCA seriously miscalculated this time. Hedges realized they were out to follow thru on their threat to destroy him. Hedges refused to go along on the latest OCA fraud. It's that simple. A lot of the judges here are very nervous now. This could be the beginning of the end - and it won't just be Judges impacted by the fallout.

Anonymous said...

The time-tested retaliation tool of getting a visit by a thug from OCA is alive and well in New York State. So a visiting New York State Administrative Judge had a meeting with him before Hedges abruptly quit, huh? I saw Hedges is the hero here for not going along with OCA. Of course Hedges could have stood up to OCA tactics 25 years earlier.......

Anonymous said...

Yes, Judge Hedges left for personal reasons. The OCA scum have left him fearing for his life?

Anonymous said...

It's funny corrupt OCA is going after some possible corruption and a judge...the only reason a well compensated judge, age 65 would ever resign in the PM of a work day.....when they are in worse shape then any corrupt judge they have allowed to be corrupt!

Did I say corrupt enough times?

Usually OCA allows the CJC to handle embarrassments of the individual kind, so they will go public as the individual judge's issue and not the NY State court's ongoing corruption.

So this one must involve OCA and the 5th district for a VISITING Administrative Judge..who the hell could that address it privately.

Someone should come out and reveal it..for public informational purposes and fuel to move forward with judicial reform by the people of NY State!

Anonymous said...

Will be interesting to see what happens here.

A litigant in Weschester County who has been threatened over years and harrassed ( Yonkers ) in variety of ways had to call Admin Judge Cocomma just to "find" a non conflicted judge to hear her case, motions, claims etc.

The litigant has been pushed around by several players in the recent Westchester Federal corruption trial including but not limited to attorneys Anthony Mangone and Santangelo.

And others like Spano title company, Al Delbello and more have been involved in the saga over the years one way or another.

One big mess, top to bottom.

Have they sent more Agents from DC yet to help out?

waiting said...

This could get VERY interesting..... Come on, Judge Hedges, open your soul and let it all out.... start talking about the OCA corruption. You can do it ! You know who the FBI agents are that would welcome you with open arms. Hopefully, you still have their business cards!

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that as blindly as the many judges cow-tow to OCA criminal directives, that hundreds of judges take the lead of this judge and quit their jobs on Monday at lunch time.

Hell's Journal said...

Judge Hedges: they smear you anyway. It's time to try honesty and decency. Go public with all the dirt on the OCA and the other judges. Criminal charges would be ineffective, if you ratted out the entire system. Most of us know there are no honest administrative judges. Destroy the system and save your soul.

Anonymous said...

Have yet to find one honest judge in Suffolk courts.
Lots of fraud especially mortgage fraud. Lining the pockets of Judges, Clerks, Cops. attorneys etc.
FBI no help. Reported this to them so many times for years. Sent documents. No respone.
Called FBI Headquarters in D.C. Where I was given an address to report FBI misconduct.
Where does it end?

Anonymous said...

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