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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AG Cuomo Asked to Attend Senator Sampson's Hearings

9:00am-----Breaking News....... New York Attorney General, Andrew M. Cuomo....formally asked to have representatives of the New York State Attorney General's Office in attendance at New York State Senator John L. Sampson's Judicairy Hearings on Monday, June 8, 2009.... Attorney General Cuomo asked to have his own senior staff witness the testimony of countless examples of the commission of crimes in and about the state's court system, including acts by state employees now protected by the NY attorney general's office...... FULL STORY Friday, May 28, 2009.........


angry in albany said...

Cuomo should have a few large trucks at the ready, to handle the volumes of EVIDENCE that his people will given.....

Anonymous said...

Well, since Cuomo's Manhattan office just ignores me, I'll be making the trip to Albany on June 8th to give the AG rep a little piece of my mind. In fairness to Andrew, it was Spitzer who let a dysfunctional AG's office run itself completely into the ground.

Anonymous said...

And I hope arrests quickly follow......

tm from staten island said...

You have to wonder if Cuomo knows what some of the state-employed criminals, who actually work in his office, have been doing by joining in the whitewashing and covering-up by those friendly with people in the right places.

Sometimes it's more important to know the secretary than the boss........

Anonymous said...

Even if Cuomo's office shows up, it will just be for appearences.
They have blown me off twice already with the same "not our jurisdiction" bs.

Anonymous said...

The spotlight is now on Cuomo. He can't hide from this issue of systemic corruption anymore. If he does, he will rightfully join his dad in retirement.

This has gone on way too long.

I'm inclined not to even to waste my time hoping the Cuomo will do the right thing, and maybe I should just continue my belief that only the feds can change to sad state, and federal crimes, of the Corrupt Empire State of New York.

Anonymous said...

More Balderdash by the biggest faker in NYS history - Attorney General/Launching pad for governor.

Why doesn't he just show up without all the fanfare.

Where has the AG been all this time ?

He won't even investigate a case I brought to him that I believe was a slam dunk.

Don't let him use you on his trip to the governor's mansion.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Cuomo has assigned his AG to my federal case to represent the state OCA, for the past 4yrs now...and all this AG has possession of massive amounts of proof driven information from delay, ignore and block for years...all depos, discovery and answers to my attys inquiries!

This atty has represented OCA employees that were unable to even repeat(after days of briefing by the 8th dist criminals) the same story or corroborate anything verbal or written, that the person before them stated, the day prior. He then watched with vacant eyes as they committed perjury as evident as Judy Kaye wore an updo!

He has even watched one of his OWN witness's testify to the same facts that I submitted plus more, even when I had no contact with this person for over 3 yrs ...because OCA had threatened her employment!

This atty walked out... almost in tears.. after listening to the hostility and discrimination this witness testified to that she heard for years in reference to me, and was severly distressed and terrified for herself..while he watches today... inactively as she is being brougt up on unbelievable and exaggerated charges the 8th judicial district hacks and owners of our courthouses...for that testimony!

So ...if you even think Cuomo is about to perform ethically, morally and may as well believe that Bin Laden will be found today also!

Cuomo is there for show (he has a crowd to play to)...or he would have resolved my case 4 yrs ago...when any idiot lawyer could have determined it was a criminal sham....but instead he prolongs the results at extensive taxpayer expense, because it shows massive judicial corruption!

Cuomo at this event is like a dog at a fire hydrant...just there to relieve himself!

Anonymous said...

I believe it's time to bring down the HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!I can't wait to see what happens next.

SINGER said...

The saying goes..."It ain't over till the FAT LADY SINGS" Well, I think I hear her singing.

Anonymous said...

Another act in the Passion of Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges. Please, imagine his agony as he is forced to chose between his duty to the people as AG and his Saintly obligation to crooked lawyers and judges. Which will he chose as his moral obligation?

Anonymous said...

Would everybody please just show up even if these hearings are just for show?

The press can be called to cover what goes on outside of the hearings. If each person can provide some admissible proof of the crime they are alleging, and maybe a trail of how they tried to get these committees to address it, it may be less overwhelming to reporters.

Maybe through this blog more focused attacks could be conducted. Everyone has their own problems and it seems clear that the OCA, the courts, committees and other people that are supposed to handle complaints, can easily dispose of everything and no one is the wiser.

A public spectacle will get more attention that posting here. Everyone who reads this knows what is going on.

A couple of weeks ago, a demonstration against Westchester County Government and taxes drew over 2,000. That got surprisingly got covered, and only because so many showed up.

It's time for people to read and post to this blog put up or shut up. It's a long drive, and not at all easy or convient to manage, but I'm going to be there, and I am not going alone.

Who else will be joining me?

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear!!!!

I second the above. take a bus or take a train, but get your ass there all the same!!!! And bring the family!!!!

Anonymous said...

I complained to Cuomo about crime committed by judges Herman Cahn and Bernard Fried. Absolute proof.

Not only did Cuomo ignore my complaints, he appointed Fried to oversee the Bear Sterns/ Merril Lynch fisaco.

Lets see what he will do now.


Anonymous said...

No story by the Buffalo News yet... a paper that reaches a couple of hundred thousand people...including PA.

I would be there except for 2 very important depos scheduled that day about a month ago, with a subpoena and discovery has already been extended 3x with next month being the last month.....for real.
They have yet to do my depo and the one for Townsend's Administrative assistant...who refuses to give us any dates...requested 4 weeks ago!
So..please I hope if these people are serious..which I think not... they will come to Buffalo.
I will wait to see the results of June 8th.
Bring a four leaf clover...that may be the only luck you can count on...but do make a big nasty stink.

Anonymous said...

They already held hearing in Buffalo..last week

Anonymous said...

It's no secret that the New York Departmental Disciplinary Committee routinely "whitewashes" and dismisses complaints against mainstream white and powerful Attorneys, while hammering the hell out of minority, powerless, and "new immigrant" Attorneys in New York. There is a major double standard in this "DDC Mafia" - if you are brown and an Attorney, they will nail you to the wall on a cross, but if you are white and powerful, or politically connected, you can do anything and get away with anything - they won't even open up a case docket against you, and they will dismiss your Complaint as a Fee Dispute.

It sucks to be a minority lawyer in New York City.

Fueled by the Internet, every nutjob ex-client who don't want to pay their bills or jealous competitor who can't stand to see minority Attorneys doing better than them, can defame and ruin a minority Attorney's business, reputation, and standing in the community.

Websites like run by Ed Magedson, which allow false and defamatory postings by crazy disgruntled ex-clients or anonymous jealous competitors, while simultaneously tampering with keywords and internet meta-tags so that they stay at the top of all the major Search Engines like Google, can instantly and overnight destroy someone's life's work and reputation. Adding insult to injury, websites like RipOff Report by Ed Magedson charge an extortionate fee by forcing the poor hapless target of defamation to join his "Corporate Advocacy Program," so that they can "fight back" against these fictitious and defamatory postings - I have heard as high as $50,000 a month - and the Feds aren't doing anything about it because website hosters are held completely liable-less due to the protections afforded by the 1996 Law, the Computer Decency Act ("CDA") section 230.

The Internet is completely lawless right now and we can now see the diseased fruits of this lawlessness - people and businesses are getting ruined, families are splitting up, people are committing suicide, judges are getting physically attacked and threatened, and internet extortion rackets are winning the war against good and honest businesses and people - the Devil is literally running amok on the Internet.

Its high time for the Federal Government, the Legislature, US Attorneys, all Attorneys General of all states, and the FBI to get involved and stop this madness.

There has to be accountability for this "Wild West" and out of control nonsense being fueled by an out of control and unregulated Internet, where people and posters,and their equally anarchistic and culpable website hosts, can destroy everything in their path with complete and total immunity through extortion.

Finnan said...

Letter to Cuomo 5/26/2009
Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General
Dear Hon. Cuomo,
I've copied an earlier letter to you in case it was not brought to your attention and I am ready to present evidence to Grand Jury. Wouldn't be great if you could announce these indictments just before Senator Sampson's Hearing.
Sincerely yours,
Terence Finnan
CC: Earlier letter
March 5, 2009
Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General
The Capital
Albany NY

By Mail and FAX and e-mail

Dear Mr. Cuomo:
The Time has come for you to do your duty to the people in Federal action 08-cv0259. Judge Kevin K. Ryan and Vito Caruso are corrupt and you know it and it’s not your duty to defend corruption .

Your office knows of the website and of all the corruuption reported there. Your lackey, Quackenbush has failed to advise Judges Ryan and Caruso to stop violating my rights as guaranteed by Federal Law and the Constitutions of the USA and NY State. It is time for you to end to these criminal acts by Judges Ryan and Caruso and for you to advisee your clients, Ryan and Caruso, that you will not defend them and you will support the declaratory judgement sought by Terence Finnan.

Your DIVISION OF PUBLIC ADVOCACY Department can begin prosecution of these judges. Your office has already received a sworn a criminal complaint against Judge Ryan. Said complaint cites Federal Law, but these crimes are also covered under State Law. Your Office’s on-line web site says you do prosecutions under both State and Federal Law.

Sincerely yours,
/s in mail copy/
Terence Finnan

P.S. In the same federal action 08cv0259, Darla Breckenridge is represented by Tim Brennan. Brennan still knowingly, unethically and criminally presents fraudulent claims that Breckenridge is entitled to the benefits of a licensed professional when she has no such license. Please begin prosecution of Breckenridge under State Law. All the papers from the NY Office of Professions are in your possession. Please also begin prosecution of Tim Brennan for his fraud on the courts.

Anonymous said...

To 5:48 post,
It's not about race, religion or gender, it's about money and power.
Just yesterday, the NY Post did a story about Patterson and his father and his connections. Then there is Rangle and his gang.
It's not just the poor and minorities who are getting screwed by the system, its everybody who does not have the money or the connections.
I'm white, middle-class and educated. I live in a affluent suburb, but I am half a million in debt, the r/e taxes are four years in arrears, I have disabilites and three children with disabilities. I have no money to buy food or medicine, and I am going to be evicted from the home my family has owned for 60 years that the court gave my ex. My children and I will be homeless while the father collects his state pension and has a new high level job making in the high six figures, and collects benefits from both. He won't talk to the children and if they call, he is too busy with his girlfriends to bother with them.
I used to tell friends to play the race card whenever they could, but now it seems that this greed and corruption is an equal opportunity destroyer of families and lives.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

I have realized how positively overwhelming it will be for me to decide which ENORMOUS pile of evidence I should present to the Senate Committee and which to save for another day, IF they should ask. These days of preparation also make me realize how GARGANTUAN of a problem the State truly faces IF it is truly sincere about cleaning up all the HONORABLE JUDICIAL SLEEZE.


Anonymous said...

Hey. Check out this week's Westchester Guardian. There's a full page announcement about Sen. Sampson's hearing in Albany. Great Job Westchester Guardian!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To 6:13PM List every unethical or criminal action and then shrink it to crucial few and save an expanded copy to submit at the hearing. There's the old Arab proverb, the final straw is the one that breaks the camel's back. Yours' might not be the final straw, but it can be an earlier straw which is just as important. Possibly, we encourage Senator "Sampson" to push apart the columns of judicial and lawyer corruption and bring their heathen temple down upon them. You're not alone. Fear not and act and then let them fear. Enough light and the rats will run for cover.

Anonymous said...

A request to Senator SAMPSON: Deliver us from the evil of the courts and lawyers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Solzhenitsyn in USSR in the Gulag when Stalin died. The inmates cried, mourning his death, and said if only Stalin knew. Well Cuomo knows. When will Cuomo act?

pissed off!!! said...

Sen Sampson is a snake oil salesman! Think this whole theatrical performance is eyewash for the slobs. What Cuomo is up to is unknown, he may smell a horse he can ride to DC. LOL Andy!

Anonymous said...

To the above writer, My, oh my, how synical you are..Give the guy a break, let him prove himself first.I would hate to be your enemy..Did you ever hear the saying, "Innocent until proven quilty". What has Sampson done to prove that he's quilty!!!

Everyone needs to take a CHILL PILL, WAIT to see what happens at the Albany Hearings. Then you will have the opportunity to react if nothing happens, so until then, try to hold on to your negative thoughts and comments. THINK POSITIVE!!!!!!

Iviewit / PatentGate / Eliot Bernstein said...

The New York Courts, NYAG and Disciplinary Depts are attorney protection agencies, as they are all attorneys. The self-regulation conflicts are unbelievable and as long as they remain, no justice can be done, as they are all in together. Victims are like pinball’s bounced back and forth between conflicted parties misusing their offices for crime and cover-up of their other legal criminal buds, you scratch mine...
To achieve success at the hearings, each speaker or those submitting evidence should make sure the committee is aware that until they sign Conflict Waivers, you do not want them to opine on any information, nor look at it, just as the Grateful Dead say, Just pass it on. If they are conflicted, it is against public office rules to continue and they can be found for obstruction, violation of judicial cannons and attorney conduct codes if they act. Put this in BOLD PRINT at the top of every page. WARNING DANGER – IF YOU ACT OR REVIEW THESE MATTERS WITHOUT SIGNING COI -COMPLAINTS WILL BE FILED FOR VIOLATIONS OF CRIMINAL, CIVIL AND ETHICAL CODES.
If you fail this advice it will be too late later and much harder to show. Just like Cahill and others have done to you in the past, they get the call from friend in need, they rush to send you a dismissal notice for the briefcase is on the way, forgetting to tell you the call was from the party you accused. Try getting a briefcase in NY and you will see I am right.
As long as conflict can play here, you MUST demand that before they opine, they state if they have ANY conflict, since they all do, they will have to pass it to non conflicted third parties to review and this would break open the can of worms and then I will hear singing.
These politicians would have to clear a hell of a hurdle of conflict with the Anderson and related cases to opine or even review the materials against all the NY players, you would have to be a nobody knowing no one in NY to handle this. Perhaps they would send it to kansas for review or my fav Hawaii and that would be the best thing for NY. NY actors cannot be involved in these matters as the relations are too incestuous literally. Demand COI disclosures, if they fail to sign and opine, that is a crime, obstruction and hopefully they can do the time. They are all obligated to disclose, demand it upfront, you will breath much easier.
Eliot Bernstein
Mad Inventor

Eliot Bernstein said...

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
Please accept and return the following statement of conflict before continuing further with review of the attached Judiciary Committee Presentation

This Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form is designed to ensure that the review of the enclosed Bill will not be biased by any conflicting financial interest or any other interest by those reviewers responsible for the handling of this complaint with the main alleged perpetrators of the crimes cited in these matters.

Disclosure forms with "Yes" answers to either or both of the following questions are requested not to open the remainder of the document and instead forward the matters on to the next available reviewer that is free of conflict that can sign and complete the disclosure. As many of these alleged perpetrators are large law firms and perhaps officers of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies or the courts, careful review of those named herein is pertinent in your handling of these matters without cause for becoming inadvertently involved in them.

I. Do you, your spouse, and your dependents, in the aggregate have, any direct, or in any outside entity, indirect relation to the following parties to the proceeding of the matters you are reviewing:

1. Proskauer Rose, LLP
Alan S. Jaffe - Chairman Of The Board - ("Jaffe"); Kenneth Rubenstein - ("Rubenstein"); Robert Kafin - Managing Partner - ("Kafin"); Christopher C. Wheeler - ("Wheeler"); Steven C. Krane - ("Krane"); Stephen R. Kaye - ("S. Kaye") and in his estate with New York Supreme Court Chief Judge Judith Kaye (“J. Kaye”);
36. Any other known or unknown person or known or unknown entity not named herein that will cause your review of the complaint you are charged with investigating to be biased by any conflicting past, present, or future financial interest or any other interest?

NO YES (please describe below)

II. Do you, your spouse, and your dependents, in the aggregate, receive salary or other remuneration or financial considerations from any entity related to the enclosed parties to the proceeding of the matters?

NO YES (please describe below)

III. Have you, your spouse, and your dependents, in the aggregate, had any prior conversations with any person related to the proceeding of the Iviewit or related matters?

NO YES (please describe below)
I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing statements in this CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE FORM are true and correct. Executed on this __ day of ________ 2007 the foregoing statements in this CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE FORM are true. I am aware that any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or claims may subject me to criminal, civil, or administrative penalties, including possible culpability in the attempted murder of the inventor Eliot Bernstein and his wife and children in a car bombing attempt on their lives. I agree to accept responsibility for the unbiased review, and presentation of findings to the appropriate party(ies) who also have executed this CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE FORM. A lack of signature will serve as evidence that I have accepted this document without conflict in the event that I continue to represent the matters without signing such first.

Signature_____________________________ Print Name ______________________ Date__________

If you are unable to sign such document and are therefore unable to continue to further pursue these matters, then a statement of whom we may contact in situations where you may be in conflict with the matters would be necessary. A mailed copy can be sent to:

Anonymous said...

Well? Where's the News?
It's after 9:00 o'clock..

Anonymous said...

Read the entire post. It says, Thursday, May 28, 2009. Today is Wednesday, the 27th.

Anonymous said...

If they held hearings in Buffalo last week...could you provide me the date, time and place.

Also in the Buffalo News today...they featured the article.... which I guess is supposed to address what is happening June 8th in Albany.

It states on the last page of the front page...very bottom: Paterson proposes independent panel for ethics oversight...with no mention of any hearings or dates or the CJC issues!

As you see and realize...Buffalo NY does not operate with the mindset that anything judicial is or could be CORRUPT. Buffalo treats all judicial/legal crimes..and there has been a lot,as reported on this blog the past they are all individual and never possibly systemic!

The Buffalo news chases City hall around all day literally everyday, as if nothing committed by their employees could ever be individual... but always printed with the great impression that it is corruptly systemic.

I guess the News... or snooze as it is called... believes that City Hall is not a tough nut to crack...esp with a Black Mayor!

How hard would it be for the Buffalo News to go after the big bad scary downstate controlled judicial government, that places a NYC white female or male chief judge as their potent operator of the largest organized crime entity in the US.... I guess impossible for the investigator reporters they have on staff and the wimpy female editor ruining it's operaion!

If these hearings only address downstate issues...then it is a sham and should not be viewed positively.

The federal government is the only agency that will address the NYS STATE JUDICIAL not be calmed by the state's efforts to poison your will to fight!

Anonymous said...


Read Frank's announcement carefully:

It appears that he writes it in deliberately ambiguous language.

"New York Attorney General, Andrew M. Cuomo....formally asked to have representatives of the New York State Attorney General's Office in attendance " ....

This could mean that Cuomo has formally requested to have a representative there, OR it could mean that Cuomo has been formally asked to attend, presumably by Frank.

The latter is whole lot less exciting, considering that Cuomo has never taken any interest in this issue in the past, even though he has been "asked" by dozens of us.

Apparently, most of the commenters think Frank meant the former.

Please clarify immediately, Frank.

If Frank does not clarify by tomorrow, we should all call and write the AG's office and demand that he send a representative.

Also do not hesitate to call Sampson's office at:

409 Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12247
Tel: (518) 455-2788
Fax: (518) 426-6806

you can contact me at

Anonymous said...

I am one of the commenters and must say that doesn't speak for me. I saw his video. Talk about needing a vacation. If he tried a bully stunt like that in upstate New York, he'd be arrested. Someone get him a chill pill. He has some good ideas but can't help himself, needs to always throw daggers. Be careful with behavior like this. Is he like this in person? Scary.

Anonymous said...

To the above,

Please identify yourself so we can have a discussion, or contact me at

The "thuggery video" shows me being illegally ejected from the DDC for recording, being falsely told that recording is illegal and being told that the public is not allowed to stand in front of the receptionist's desk, all while being physically pushed towards the door by the half-wit behemoth in the video.

I am there because the response from the attorney I have complained about (Yvonne Shivers) is over forty days late. She wrote an affidavit swearing that she had submitted her response to the DDC, which by law must be forwarded to me.

I am requesting a "yes or no" answer as to whether or not the response has been submitted, but the bouncer tells me to ask this question in writing, which I had already done in six letters previous to going to the DDC.

ON VIDEO I write the request AGAIN for the answer to this question and submit it right there, and it is date stamped.

SEVEN months later I have still not received an answer to my YES or NO question.

I am yet to see Shivers' response.

I found out two weeks ago, that the case had been mysteriously transferred to the Second department, where it was summarily dismissed with no investigation.

Shivers says she didn't ask for it to be transferred. The DDC says THEY didn't ask for it to be transferred. NOBODY asked for it to be transferred, and nobody approved the transfer.

Even thought the First Department had opened the investigation and demanded a response from Shivers, the second department never sent me the response, if one was ever submitted.

Ms Shivers is one of five partners in the most notorious mob lawyer firm in New York State- The Law offices of Richard Ware Levitt 148 East 78th street.

Another of the five partners in the firm is Gerald Lefcourt, who happens to be on the Judicial Nominating Commission, responsible for putting Jonathan Lippman into power.

And I should take a chill pill?

You think I'M a bully?

I think you better cut down on your Valiums and have a cup of coffee, cause you are asleep,my friend.

If you have any balls at all, contact me, and for crying out loud, publish your name. Otherwise I, and every other reader of this site will assume you work for the DDC.

Are you Alan Friedberg's mom?

If everybody brought a video camera into the DDC when they made their complaints, this travesty would be over.


Anonymous said...

Who is attempting to shut Will Galison up? That's what this is all about? Why would this be productive? What is the purpose? And Who is behind this?

Anonymous said...

Will, ignore the troll. It's an honor that these trolls wish to attack you. What are these trolls defending; their corrupt civil service employment. Let them go back under the bridges they grew up under.

Anonymous said...

Being from upstate NY...BUFFALO.... and presently in federal litigation with the Office of Court Administration...for the second time...I MUST DISAGREE WITH my fellow upstater and congratulate Wil for his unending passion to fight this unreasonable, demanding and violent fight!

I say violent, because upstater...OCA is the only entity or group of people or individuals that has been violent. I am stating this through my experience, investigation and factual proof soon to be submitted!

No one... of all the upstate victims..and there are many...including myself, has participated in any type of violence against the judicial system at any time...even if they lie and state otherwise.

OCA lacks any proof and they possess the consciences of sociopaths that are absolutley unable to submit anything reliable, that has not been ripped apart through outstanding investigation.

I do have several documented events initiated and carried out by OCA, against myself, my friends and my witnesses that are completely uncontrovertible!

If you must advise a chill pill...I think you should practice your medicine at 92 Franklin St, Buffalo NY and 25 Beaver St, NYC...the only origins of violence in this long standing expose!

Anonymous said...

keep up the good fight, Wil. Are you still waiting for the letter of reply?

The reply letter from the accused attorney was won by the Americans for Legal Reform. I get the DDC is sor'ry they let that happen.

I filed a complaint against an attorney in a very serious matter. To my surprise I received his reply to the DDC in the mail. IMHO, the attorney admitted to everything that I alleged. He did say he did NOT represent his first client, he only acted as a "Research Asst" for the lead attorney. His fee was ONLY 5K.

He also said he didn't impart any confidential information to his second client that testified in a criminal trial and a grand jury. That testimony led to his "1st Client" to be declared as an unindicted codefendant.

He also said the two cases were NOT related. I beg to differ.

He said he gleaned no confidential information from his review of WIRETAP evidence that was present in client #1 case.

THE ADA: he said that he did no wrong when his witness ( client # 2 of above attorney) gave false testimony on the stand and he knew it to be false.

He said the witness said he gave such false testimony only to the best of his recollection - in other words his witness didn't LIE. But the DA told the jury he KNEW the testimony was false. He also went on to 'prove' to the DDC that he, the ADA knew it was false testimony.

Well, my good friend, you just can't do that no matter how many twists and turns there are in the pretzel.

They can do most anything they want because the resources of the common folks are limited. Next step would be to go to Federal court to file a due process violation.

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