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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New York Attorney Convicted of Sexual Abuse

Attorney Convicted on Abuse Charge
The New York Law Journal by Daniel Wise - May 26, 2009

A 72-year-old lawyer was convicted last week after a three-day bench trial in the Bronx of sexually harassing a 34-year-old female law guardian during a Family Court proceeding in August. Acting Supreme Court Justice James M. Kindler convicted the lawyer, Robert Kahn, of third-degree sexual abuse, a Class B misdemeanor. Mr. Kahn was accused of "cupping the left side of [the law guardian's] buttocks" with his hand as she leaned over to retrieve a file from her brief case, according to the Bronx District Attorney's Office. Immediately following the conviction, Justice Kindler sentenced Mr. Kahn to a non-jail sentence upon the condition that he attend a counseling program for sex offenders. During the trial, the prosecution introduced into evidence a decision from the Firs Department Disciplinary Committee suspending Mr. Kahn for six months in 2005 for having engaged in a "pattern" of offensive remarks aimed at women lawyers, such as calling one "pig vomit on my shoes." He also acknowledged in the disciplinary proceeding asking an adversary to guess the bra size of her 14-year-old client.


Anonymous said...

Allan Isaac had the juice with Tom Cahill and Sherry Cohen. They've been taken care of nicely. This guy's guilty but not Allan Isaac. Hey, Morgy, what the hell are you doin'?

Anonymous said...

Another example of selective enforcement by the DDC. Sherry Cohen and Alan Friedberg should be ashamed of themselves. They need their law licenses to be revoked immediately.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Check out this week's Westchester Guardian. There's a full page announcement about Sen. Sampson's hearing in Albany. Great Job Westchester Guardian!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's no secret that the New York Departmental Disciplinary Committee routinely "whitewashes" and dismisses complaints against mainstream white and powerful Attorneys, while hammering the hell out of minority, powerless, and "new immigrant" Attorneys in New York. There is a major double standard in this "DDC Mafia" - if you are brown and an Attorney, they will nail you to the wall on a cross, but if you are white and powerful, or politically connected, you can do anything and get away with anything - they won't even open up a case docket against you, and they will dismiss your Complaint as a Fee Dispute.

It sucks to be a minority lawyer in New York City.

Fueled by the Internet, every nutjob ex-client who don't want to pay their bills or jealous competitor who can't stand to see minority Attorneys doing better than them, can defame and ruin a minority Attorney's business, reputation, and standing in the community.

Websites like run by Ed Magedson, which allow false and defamatory postings by crazy disgruntled ex-clients or anonymous jealous competitors, while simultaneously tampering with keywords and internet meta-tags so that they stay at the top of all the major Search Engines like Google, can instantly and overnight destroy someone's life's work and reputation. Adding insult to injury, websites like RipOff Report by Ed Magedson charge an extortionate fee by forcing the poor hapless target of defamation to join his "Corporate Advocacy Program," so that they can "fight back" against these fictitious and defamatory postings - I have heard as high as $50,000 a month - and the Feds aren't doing anything about it because website hosters are held completely liable-less due to the protections afforded by the 1996 Law, the Computer Decency Act ("CDA") section 230.

The Internet is completely lawless right now and we can now see the diseased fruits of this lawlessness - people and businesses are getting ruined, families are splitting up, people are committing suicide, judges are getting physically attacked and threatened, and internet extortion rackets are winning the war against good and honest businesses and people - the Devil is literally running amok on the Internet.

Its high time for the Federal Government, the Legislature, US Attorneys, all Attorneys General of all states, and the FBI to get involved and stop this madness.

There has to be accountability for this "Wild West" and out of control nonsense being fueled by an out of control and unregulated Internet, where people and posters,and their equally anarchistic and culpable website hosts, can destroy everything in their path with complete and total immunity through extortion.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just as the bastard put his hands on a woman; he put his hands and fangs on his clients and extracted his fodder. Another swine that the disciplinary committees allowed to continue his plundering.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, you're a sick jerk. I know you and think that this is a long time coming to you. It's just a darn shame that you're still allowed to practice. On top of being a horrifically incompetent lawyer - and I've seen the garbage you put out for legal work - you're nasty and arrogant. You know how you'd walk around with those round sucking candies asking people if they “wanted to suck your balls?” Well, now you know what you can do with those candies you pervert! Hey, did you have to register as a sex offender yet?
Oh, and to Mr. angry minority lawyer: did you ever consider the possibility that it has nothing to do with being a minority that presents a problem but rather that they are simply incompetent, inarticulate and otherwise inferior as lawyers that is the cause of the problem? Of course you didn’t, because to people like you want to blame others for your own problems. It comes in handy when you just don’t want to work as hard as everyone else to succeed. I’m sick and tired of that old worn out excuse. I’ve seen plenty of minorities, lawyers and non-lawyers, who are excelling and are at the top of their profession. They did it the hard way; they earned it. I’ve also seen plenty of minorities who are lazy and dumb. Somehow though, it never seems to be their fault. It’s the system, it’s “whitey”, it’s racism, blah, blah, blah. Please, stop your whining and excuse-making and get to work. By the way, perhaps you should start with learning proper English. “Every nutjob ex-client who don't want to pay their bills,” should be does not, not “don’t.” If that’s how you speak in court, no wonder your clients do not want to pay you.

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many Jews on the Disciplinary Committee? It's like 95% Jewish. I feel like it's a Bar Mitzvah over there.

Are they just smarter and better than everyone else, or is it because they fuck everyone over who tries to compete with them using every dirty tactic in the book (including a thoroughly corrupted and paid for DDC) to whitewash their ethical and moral transgressions, while fucking over everyone else that simply makes a typographical error?

To the poster at 11:49 PM, go fuck yourself.

NO VOICE said...

WOW, when I first started reading this article I thought you were talking about Allen Isaac, then I read on to see it wasn't about him. What the hell is going on here? Why does everyone get arrested except Allen Isaac ("Mr. Untouchable")? The System has made me feel worthless, no one cared about my RIGHTS as a woman of Sexual Assault and Battery, extortion and coercion..I struggle with those feelings everyday. Why did Isaac get away with it ALL? This makes me sooo sick!!!!!!

GUESS WHO said...

How does one have so much JUICE to have gotten away with it ALL? How much POWER does Isaac really have? Did he have influence at the DA's Office, the NYPD, the First Departmental Disciplinary Committe, The AG's Office, etc.? I wish I were a fly on the WALL, if and when those phone calls were made!!!

ME AGAIN said...

To the First Writer above,

Oh my GOD, "Allan Isaac had the juice with Tom Cahill and Sherry Cohen. They've been taken care of nicely". No wonder I was jerked around and tortured at those hearings.

God only KNOWS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:22 putz, oh, I'm sorry, I mean poster (who is also no doubt the 7:50 poster as well):
You certainly have accomplished quite a bit; what an inarticulate, anti-semitic degenerate you are. Let me guess, you're one of those minorities who instead of working hard wants to play the victim to get ahead in life. And exactly how have you been able to do that; with the quality of your legal writing? I certainly hope your memoranda of law contain more articulate arguments than instructing your adversaries to fornicate with themselves.

Back at ya shmuck!

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