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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Governor Likes New Ethics Panel

Governor asks new ethics panel
Group with more power would replace two entities; legislative fate of bill in doubt
The Albany Times Union by Casey Seiler - May 27, 2009

ALBANY, NEW YORK — Gov. David Paterson will introduce legislation to replace two of the state's ethical watchdog entities with a single, smaller panel whose members would have greater insulation from political concerns. But with only a handful of weeks remaining in the legislative session, it remains to be seen if the proposal will make it back to Paterson's desk for his signature. The Government Ethics Commission would replace the two-year-old Commission on Public Integrity, which in recent weeks has became embroiled in controversy over its response to charges that its former executive director leaked information on an investigation to the administration of former Gov. Eliot Spitzer; it would also supercede the Legislative Ethics Commission, a body that critics have called lackluster.

"It's clear that those institutions have been ineffective and are not working," Paterson said Tuesday morning in a news conference at the Capitol. In the case of the Legislative Ethics Commission, the governor noted that a number of elected officials had been tried and even sentenced for crimes without receiving any sort of significant public sanction from the panel. Paterson's plan calls for a five-person panel whose members would be selected by another new entity, the Government Ethics Designation Commission. The CPI has 13 members, the majority selected by the governor; the LEC has nine, all selected by majority and minority conference leaders. Under Paterson's plan, the 10-member Designation Commission would be comprised of four members chosen by the governor and one each by the state comptroller, the attorney general and the four leaders of the majority and minority conferences in the Legislature. The governor's four appointees would have no more than two members from a single political party, and must include a retired judge. The end result, Paterson said, would be "a process that will serve the public interest instead of self-interest." The Government Ethics Commission would have its own enforcement power and the option to refer cases to the attorney general. It would also handle oversight and enforcement of campaign finance laws, which are currently overseen by the state Board of Elections, and state agencies' compliance with open meetings law.

Conspicuous in their absence from Paterson's news conference were the two men who will need to sign off on Paterson's plan: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith. The governor said he would be discussing the proposal with the leaders in the near future. Tuesday afternoon, Smith released a measured statement noting his chamber was currently examining similar ethics reform legislation recently put forward by Sen. Daniel Squadron, D-New York City. Squadron's proposal calls for a single nine-member panel chosen directly by elected officials — three by the governor and one apiece by the legislative leaders, comptroller and attorney general. Good-government advocate Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group said he was waiting to see the details of Paterson's legislation. Horner, who has expressed support for Squadron's plan, said the structure of the new panel was less important that ensuring its members' independence from the people they would be obliged to investigate, and from each other. Paterson's ethics plan adds one more potentially contentious bill to the Legislature's packed to-do list — which includes everything from gay marriage to mandate relief — for the five weeks left on the legislative calendar. "If they're serious about getting it done, they can get it done by the end of session," Horner said. Casey Seiler can be reached at 454-5619 or


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Governor likes double digit poll numbers too. But considering David Paterson will forever stay in single digit popularity, he's unlikely to have any input against the corrupt powers of Shelly Silver and his greedy corrupt friends.

Anonymous said...


Please read Frank's announcement regarding the senate hearing carefully.

It is written in ambiguous language which has caused some confusion.

"New York Attorney General, Andrew M. Cuomo....formally asked to have representatives of the New York State Attorney General's Office in attendance " ....

This could mean that Cuomo has formally requested to have a representative there, OR it could mean that Cuomo has been "formally" asked to attend, presumably by Frank, or somebody else.

The latter interpretatin is whole lot less exciting, considering that Cuomo has never taken any interest in this issue in the past, even though he has been "asked" by dozens of us.

Apparently, many of the commenters think Frank meant the former.

Please clarify immediately, Frank.

If Frank does not clarify by tomorrow, we should all call and write the AG's office and demand that he send a representative.

Also do not hesitate to call Sampson's office at:

409 Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12247
Tel: (518) 455-2788
Fax: (518) 426-6806

you can contact me at

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

So the F.B.I. handles these..

Corrupt activities in state, local, or federal governments or in law enforcement;
Racial or hate crimes, human trafficking (involuntary servitude or slavery), or other civil rights crimes;
Organized crime activities;
Financial crimes that involve fraud, especially corporate fraud, mortgage fraud, or other investment fraud schemes where significant dollar losses have occurred, including those impacting you or your place of work;

Wonder why the receiver just laughed at the thought of the F.B.I.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Paterson: This request is nice, but if you want reelection, a bold approach is necessary. Call the media into to your office and announce that you are fed up with the judicial and lawyer corruption in NY. Frank Brady has over 50,000 ignored complaints and you're demanding that AG Cuomo immediately drive out this corruption in the judiciary and bar. This will embolden the media who will do the leg work for you.

Anonymous said...

42. Standards for FBI Investigation—Investigation Required
The following instructions are taken from the FBI's standards of investigation:

Investigation Required

The following circumstances represent examples of situations in which a civil rights investigation should be initiated:

Anonymous said...

To 5:02 PM, Have you made a complaint to FBI (DOJ)? Have you sent your complaint to DOJ Office listed at the top of this blog? Do you know what the response the DOJ sent? Please defer to those that have made such complaints. Has the FBI(DOJ) investigated any such complaints to your knowledge?

Anonymous said...

to the above.. Defer what???

I sent Complaints to the Melville Field Office.. To Benton Campbell, and Chief Boyd...

Nothing from Melville or Chief Boyd..
Benton Campbell sent the fastest response .. Not investigating...

Anonymous said...

P.S. I did have a response from the Dept of Justice...

I have no idea if anything has been investigated...

Since the time of my Complaints... more has happened and
new facts have come to light...

Anonymous said...

To 6:06 and 5:47. Thank you, as far as you know the DOJ (FBI) is doing nothing. You have more facts, then submit them to DOJ (FBI) and then report back. Now, are you going to make your complaint before Sampson's committee? Have you complained to CJC or bar grievance committees?

Anonymous said...

To 7:18..

I had two complaints that went to to the CJC..

The first was dismissed.

A year or so later, I obtained more information and sent a second complaint.

The second was sent to the CJC and the SIC. The SIC forwarded it to the CJC.. From there, I received two different CJC responses that were written on the same day..

One the CJC dismissed, the other the CJC is investigation.. Nothing more..

Grievance Complaints sent. Received some of the usual pending litigation responses..

I have been thinking about the hearing... but have financial, health and transportation concerns...

Anonymous said...

For complete clarification from personal requests and experience...the FBI.... upstate NY is doing nothing...taking no complaints and avoiding judicial corrupton like the swine flu! Darryl Radt is his name!
The DOJ (Washington) says they do not handle judicial corruption and they do not know who does...Karen Ferguson is her name.
So whatever the job description is for these positions..these federal civil service government employees..... have chosen to shun their obligations and duties to the citizens of NY violation of the law!

Anonymous said...

To 8:09 and 9:07. Why does the DOJ(FBI) not want to pursue judicial complaints? That is what is wrong. Come to Albany, and be a man or a woman. If their evil triumphs, it's because you lack the fortitude to speak out. Explain that to your children or your God. Come to Albany and help push over the columns supporting the Temple of Judicial and Lawyer Corruption. Go home feeling proud.

Anonymous said...

To 7:18
In all fairness to the F.B.I. NY Office. When I called they were willing to accept the complaint. At the time I believed Melville had it, and the U.S. Attorneys. Perhaps it is time to send one on to New York..

Anonymous said...

Dave Paterson should clean out the entire rats nest

Anonymous said...

The FBI does not explain why they do or do not do things...and they most assuredly do not answer to any state investigatory agency.

The only words I was truthfully afforded were words of rejection, that I was given by Mr. Radt, FBI...and they went like this "let the federal court judge investigate"!??All other messages I left to request the FBI further investigate AND POSSIBLY LOOK at my proof as theY refused TO DO THE FIRST TIME..yes refused to do ...went unanswered!

The FBI was well aware of my lawsuit and the previous one in the 90;s and the removal of a corrupt judge through my testimony and complaint... and they also seemed to know me better than some of my friends. I don't know why the FBI ACTED AS THEY DID BACK IN 2006...but they have not contacted me yet... for further information while viewing this blog!

June 8th... I have federal court obligations that have required subpoenas..all day long.

As a woman...I have proven myself worthy and enduring, while requiring no publicity using my identity relative to my hard fought expose against OCA...and do not need the Buffalo News to report my name or my case...ever...just need these agencies and news outlets to fully inform and allow, the then information armed taxpayers and citizins of NY state the right to correct and cleanout their....JUDICIAL SYSTEM!

Anonymous said...


galison said...


Please read this petition. It is just a draft and I welcome suggestions. Contact me at


Federal Action Requested
Regarding the Lack of Ethical
Oversight Over Lawyers and Judges in New York State

There is a scandal in New York State that will dwarf the Madoff fiasco. It regards the so-called "judicial oversight committees" which exist to hold lawyers and judges to ethical rules and judicial laws respectively. In New York State these are the divisional "Greivance Committees" and the "Commission on Judicial Conduct" (CJC).

The corruption in both of these bodies is absolute and flagrant, with not even an effort to give the appearance of legitimacy. Complaints against lawyers with "connections" (or cash on hand) are brazenly whitewashed. Lawyers who act against the connected ones are often sanctioned or disbarred - even if no complaint was brought against them. The huge fees some attorneys command is largely due to the impunity vested on them by the grievance committees.

Likewise, the CJC dismisses complaints against judges without any investigation or explanation. Judges who dare to challenge the system are punished. To compound the problem, no attorney will touch cases of alleged corruption against crooked attorneys or judges. They know this means professional suicide.

There exists an affiliation of dozens of citizens, each with a story of abject corruption by the Greivance Committees and/or the CJC. Our complaints against these agencies are not about unfavorable decisions, but about the flagrant lack of due process, and we have twelve cases now pending in federal court, specifically against the grievance committees and the CJC.

galison said...


The most revealing case involves a former investigating attorney at the DDC itself, who discovered systemic corruption and was fired for complaining about it. Christine Anderson’s job was to investigate complaints against lawyers and to render a determination of guilt to her superiors. She discovered that her reports were being altered to reflect the opposite of her determination, and that her signature was being forged on these decisions. Simply put, her superiors were whitewashing certain complaints by changing the determination and crediting that false determination to her! When she complained, she was summarily fired by the DDC and with the express approval of now Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman. Her case is pending in Federal Court. The case, Anderson v the State of New York is 1:07-cv-09599-SAS. The recent decision overruling summary judgment can be found at:

We can provide dozens of documented correspondences with the Grievance Committees that defy belief in their utter disregard for law, logic, and procedure.

When anybody attempts to fight for justice against the outrageous acts of attorneys, they fall down the black hole of the disciplinary process. 99% give up. The undersigned were determined enough to keep pursuing justice, wherever it lead. What we found at the end of the rabbit hole is a cold, hard admission that the rules of law and due process do not apply here.

The scale and depth of this corruption is staggering. The most disturbing revelation is that the new Chief Judge of New York State, Jonathan Lippman, is a lynchpin of the culture of corruption whose knowing participation is documented in numerous complaints. These complaints, which were PENDING at the time of his confirmation were NOT MENTIONED to the full Senate when they voted on his confirmation. The CJC simply neglected to inform the Senate Judiciary committee that there were pending complaints.

It is not necessary to rehabilitate each of the thousands of bad lawyers and judges in New York State- only to thoroughly overhaul the Grievance Committees and the Commission on Judicial Conduct. With effective oversight agencies there would at least be a deterrent to abuses. As it stands, there is none.

Dozens of us have reported these abuses to the FBI over the past eight years, but without exception, our reports have been ignored or dismissed. We hope that under the new administration, the FBI will take action to investigate this issue of national importance and national security.

We the undersigned demand federal action :

Anonymous said...

anyone know what procedures the Office of Court Administration has in place for Assigning Cases or much about this?

NY Supreme Civil Website says Judge Paul Czajka was Assigned to case No. 009-438-2005 on May 14, 2009 transferred by Judge Mary Donahue.

Judge Paul Czajka had been Disqualified from matters involving two of the Litigants by his own written admission and by Order of Administrative Judge Ceresia.

Anyone know how the OCA could Assign a Judge to a case where a Judge previously filed written admission of Disqualification and where Administrative Judge Ceresia already issued written Order of transfer based on disqualification?

Is the OCA system that inept or that corrupt or both? anyone know the procedures from the inside? or just know the procedures in general for the OCA?

Anonymous said...

Looks like there will be no more news on the alleged appearance by Cuomo's henchmen...or did I miss something ?

Anonymous said...

could it be that the whole matter of Cuomo's alleged appearance at the Sampson hearing was a sham from the get go meant to gin-up the importance of these hearings? Hum?

Anonymous said...

Cuomo's office just sent it's unit that handles disability issues to conduct a town meeting in Westchester.
When the committee members, lawyers, were specifically asked about the failure of court's to provide the required accommodations for disabled to access the courts, specificallly if the disability requires accommodations for litigants to fully understand the proceedings, the lawyers looked at each other, to find out who could best weasle out of the issue, and then said they had a conflict because they have to defend the state.
So it certainly looked like they knew exactly what the problem was and that they weren't interested in addressing it.
So what else is new? It's never anyone's job to fix what they are being paid to fix.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo cannot fix the judicial corruption..he is very busy defending it...fact!

This job is for the DOJ and the FBI...not any state government agency that has pumped it's own garbage into the corruption...and is only interested in viewing the real facts and paperwork proof everyone is about to they can start building their own defense.

Do not trust OCA or their servants in Albany...seriously I cannot emphasize that enough!

They intend to screw you with your own information....I have been playing this game with them for several years!

I am always careful to write on this blog with information that...only gives OCA a hint of what I may have with some teaser facts...and the juice to back it up is in the hands of "those" I trust.....and OCA cannot access them because they have no idea where these people exist!

Be careful in Albany to NOT give them all your information......just enough to spur an investigation...if you think they are serious about doing so...although I cannot see how this can happen.

These groups are lethal snakes that desire to only protect themselves and their selfish interests, from benefits they excreted from taxpayer dollars.

Greed is their only God and trickery is their method of securing and keeping this corruption in tact...but they aren't good at either... they just have the "citizen given power" through elections, uncontested political dominance of the people's choices and wild, unconstitutional laws devised by OCA to continue and protect the pain that corruption brings to us and the elation it brings to all of them!

Screw them both and press for federal intervention with the appropriate agencies..void of any Bush leftover influence!

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