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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lawyer Disbarred for Sex-For-Fees

Area lawyer disbarred for sex-for-fees
The News Herald Writer by DAVID ANGIER May 2, 2009

TALLAHASSEE, FL — The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday disbarred James Harvey Tipler for multiple bar infractions, law violations and unethical conduct, including trading sex for attorney fees. Tipler, 58, who was based in Fort Walton Beach but practiced in Panama City and Alabama, was charged in September 1999 with racketeering and four misdemeanor counts of prostitution. He traded legal services for sex with four women between Nov. 1, 1998, and Sept. 17, 1999. He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of soliciting prostitution in 2001, which resolved his case without jail time. "He satisfied his own sexual appetite with a client as a sex-for-fees arrangement," Chief Justice Peggy Quince wrote in the unanimous decision. "He altered evidence and caused a witness to unknowingly give false testimony. He has charged his clients excessive fees and stolen their money. He has failed to maintain a trust account. He has broken public confidence in the profession of the practice of law by neglecting his clients and failing to prosecute their cases. He has prejudiced the administration of justice by misrepresenting facts to multiple courts. And, through the disciplinary process in these cases, he has been dilatory, deceitful and evasive." Tipler represented an 18-year-old Bay County woman who was charged with aggravated assault and entered into an agreement with her where he'd knock $200 off her $2,300 fee "each time she engaged in sex" with him and $400 if "she arranged for other females to have sex with him," according to the Supreme Court opinion.

After his case was resolved, Tipler began a lengthy process of resolving a disciplinary action in Alabama arising out of the same incident. The Alabama Bar also found that Tipler had edited a videotape in a medical malpractice suit to remove scenes that would have been harmful to his case. He was found to be in criminal contempt of court and suspended for 120 days. The Supreme Court found that Tipler had taken on clients, charged them but did not work on their cases, and misused more than $57,000 in funds. "Tipler secured fees based on intentional misrepresentation and fraud," Quince wrote. "In most of the cases, Tipler charged excessive fee, failed to comply with the Bar rules governing trust accounts and failed to protect his clients' interests." She wrote that while the court questions "whether Tipler is truly amenable to rehabilitation," the justices took into account the mitigating factors in his case, including emotional problems and a mental impairment, and chose not to disbar him permanently. He can reapply after a period of time. The opinion was sent to Tipler in Beverly Hills, Calif.


Anonymous said...

What a minute here, he was only disbarred for 120 days, are you kidding me..Disbar him permanetly!!!! That's why lawyers commit crimes because they're easily let off the hook.This lawyer is a bum and deserves to be in JAIL!!!!!!!

Yes, it's me!!!!!! said...

I wonder if the lawyer in this article knows Allen H. Isaac, Esq.? It sounds like it, because Isaac practices the same way, extorting sex from his clients. (Esposito) was one of the clients in which Isaac sexually abused her then used coercion and blackmail in order to get her to fellate him in exhange for his legal representation!!!!!! But the only difference here is Isaac GOT AWAY WITH EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!


Oops, I forgot to mention that Esposito has a boat load of evidence to prove all of her allegations pertaining to her case against Allen Isaac, Esq. and yet nothing ever happened to the "KING of LAWYERS", "GOD", "MR. UNTOUCHABLE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this Allen Isaac lawyer must have alot of JUICE!!!!!!! Why else would he have gotten away with everything!!!!I'm sure he paid alot of money to some "POWERFUL LAWYER" to have that PROTECTION/

Anonymous said...

I guess this lawyer wishes he was practicing in New York, if he had he'd still be in a job. My good friend Luisa Esposito has a heap of evidence against Allen H. Isaac who committed the same offence but he still continues to practice. I think that New York's name should be changed. Its no should longer be the Big Apple, it should be the Rotten Apple. I believe that the NYC mayor and the state Governor should be made to show cause why they shouldn't be impeached for allowing this criminal to continue practicing. Isaac’s should be jailed along with all the public officials (judges, cops and DA’s) that have continued to protect him. Shame on you NY, shame on you America. Keep smiling Luisa, you WILL have justice.

Anonymous said...

spoken word and battle in the trenches...

Federal judge declares MRPC 3.5(c) and 6.5(a) unconstitutional

U.S. District Court Judge Arthur J. Tarnow has enjoined enforcement of Michigan Rules of Profession Conduct 3.5(c) and 6.5(a).

Tarnow sustained a challenge by attorneys Geoffrey N. Fieger and Richard L. Steinberg, who argued that the rules violate the First Amendment right to free speech and the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause because they are overly broad and vague.

MRPC 3.5(c) applies to attorney conduct directed toward tribunals. MRPC 6.5(a) relates to attorney conduct toward everyone involved in the legal process.

“[T]he vague and overbroad courtesy provisions that enforce silence in the name of preserving the dignity of the bench, does not override an attorney’s right to speak her mind against public institutions, especially an elected judiciary, regardless of whether that speech is in good taste,” Tarnow wrote.

Click here for the full text of Fieger, et al. v. Michigan Supreme Court, et al. (Lawyers Weekly No. 02-63937 – 41 pages) or call 1-800-678-5297 to purchase a copy of the opinion.

© 2007 Lawyers Weekly Inc., All Rights Reserved.

Anonymous said...

LOOK to the right of this page>>>> there will you find Investigative Reporter, Scott Weinberger doing a story on Allen Isaac, Esq., the lawyer who tried to extort sex from his client Luisa Esposito..Listen to it..It's absolutely criminal>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Some get disbarred for speaking.. and others can run prostitution rings..

What a world...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, look at this lawyer in the NY Post who was a Former Federal Prosecutor who went on to act as In House Counsel to the Brothel and got as Many Free $1000 Hookers he wanted and Does not get Disbarred and only Misdemeanor - gotta love NY Attorney Discipline so Equally applied across the state!

Anonymous said...

How about the judges and attorneys involved in the sexual exploitation of children in New Yuck? mapquest search takes you to the Goshen court in Orange County.

Anonymous said...

IIlegal Judicial Benefits, Court Corruption & Coercive Confinement of Court Critic Richard I Fine: Full Disclosure Network® Special Cable TV Series Video Preview (10 min)

Anonymous said...

What would happen if Mr. Fine were nominated for the Supreme Court... I bet that would be some Hearing..

one more time said...

give him a hooker that has HIV as his punishment and wish him luck.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't attorneys be criminally prosecuted when they commit crimes just like the average citizen?
Can anyone else violate someone and extort sexual favors and get away with it? They should be prosecuted under the Penal Code especially since they know the law.

Anonymous said...


If a client committed the same
sexual act against an attorney I bet that person would be in jail!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


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