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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And the Greedy Powerful Begin to Squirm

Enter Andrew, Exit Corrupt Hacks...

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo subpoenas contracts won by clients of firm tied to Sheldon Silver

The New York Daily News by KENNETH LOVETT - May 1, 2009

ALBANY, NY - State investigators have subpoenaed records involving a top lobbyist with close ties to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, the Daily News has learned. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's subpoenas cover companies that have won state contracts using Patricia Lynch Associates as their lobbyist, sources said. Lynch was a longtime communications director for Silver and has created one of the biggest lobbyist firms in the state. The subpoenas were sent to the state controller's office. "We are cooperating with the attorney general's office," said controller's office spokeswoman Jennifer Freeman. The records sought include those for Cablevision/Madison Square Garden, Disney, City of Yonkers, Destiny USA, First Albany, Port of Albany and Accenture. Also sought are records on Long Island Power Authority, Erie County, InsCap, M/A Com-Tyco, Macquarie, Markstone and M&T Bank. Some are current clients of Lynch's firm. Others are past clients. "He's looking to see if the [Lynch] firm had any undue influence on the contracting process," a source said. Another source said the subpoenas are part of the pension probe inquiry into the state controller's office under former Controller Alan Hevesi. But many, if not all, of the contracts were said to be with state agencies with no connection to the pension fund. The controller and attorney general must approve every state contract. Lynch couldn't be reached for comment. Her office put out a statement, saying, "like many others, we have received a request for information relating to the controller's office. We have provided information responsive to that request." Patricia Lynch Associates was created in 2001, when Lynch retired after eight years as a top Silver aide. Her firm's Web site highlights that link. "During her tenure in the speaker's office, Pat's responsibilities included setting legislative policy, directing media strategy and negotiating with the executive chamber on budget and legislative initiatives. "In addition, she oversaw all political components affiliated with the speaker's role. Her position brought Pat into close working contact with leaders in the Assembly and Senate as well as with both political parties." In 2007, the latest figures available, Lynch's lobbying firm was the state's second largest, taking in $6.7 million in client fees and expenses. The firm has offices in Albany, New York City, Buffalo, White Plains and Panama, and employed 152 people as of 2007. Lynch has hired the politically connected from both sides of the aisle and has remained close with Silver. Cuomo's office had no immediate comment.


the preacher said...

I know Cuomo will run the money trail right to the stinky corrupt feet of one Shelton Silver. And the masses shall rejoice, and justice shall be restored. Amen

Anonymous said...

hopefully they will conect the dots to Lippman and also judge Kaye.
If Cuomo miss those dots he is blinder than Paterson.
I think this will be proof of how honest Cuomo is.

Anonymous said...

I second the above comment. Time to really step up to the plate, Andrew. Keep the Cuomo name GREAT.

Anonymous said...

follow th money chain like an old hound dog Andy that's where the chow is

Anonymous said...

Saint Andrew, have you seen the light? Protecting corrupt lawyers and judges will not result in Sainthood from the Church. Your duty is to the people not the lawyers cabal. Trample out the vintage of lawyers and judges where the grapes of corruption are stored.

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