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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Front Page: Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearings on Disciplinary Bodies

Judiciary Committee to Hold Hearings on Disciplinary Bodies
The New York Law Journal by Joel Stashenko – May 21, 2009, Page 1

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings about how New York attorneys and judges are disciplined for misconduct, the panel’s chairman announced yesterday. Senator John L. Sampson, D-Brooklyn, said the first of two or three sessions to examine the performance of the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the attorney disciplinary committees of the four Appellate Division departments will be held on June 8 in Albany. Mr. Sampson, the first-year-chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said he has received many complaints about the disciplinary agencies, frequently citing the secrecy surrounding the process. “There is this cloud of secrecy with respect to those organizations,” Mr. Sampson said in an interview. “To do away with the whole issue of the conspiracy theorists,” he said, he will hold hearings and examine testimony, “so that we can come out with a report to determine whether [the allegations] are valid or not valid.”

Mr. Sampson said complaints about the grievance process generally have come from attorneys who contend that disciplinary committees were “out to get them” or from members of the public mistrustful of whether charges of misconduct are being investigated rigorously. Complaints about the commission on Judicial Conduct were “all over the board,” from critics who felt the commission unfairly punished judges to those unhappy that judges were not punished, Mr. Sampson said. A large number have come from judges who felt they were not given a “fair shot” or who complained that “everything was stacked against them” by the time they got before the commission to defend themselves, he said. “I have been amazed by the complaints I have been receiving from judges with respect to the Commission on Judicial Conduct,” he said, “Amazed.”

Mr. Sampson said he would like to hold another hearing in New York City and possibly a third in Buffalo. He said the hearings will be in keeping with the goal of another set of hearings his committee has been holding on the Commission on Judicial Nomination and the process it uses to nominate candidates for the Court of Appeals (NYLJ, Feb. 4). The committee had a hearing on nominees for the Court scheduled for 9 a.m. today in Old County Hall, Erie County Legislature, in Buffalo. Another hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. on June 5 at the Brooklyn Bar Association. Those wishing to testify may call 518-455-2788.

Mr. Sampson said his office was still formulating a list yesterday of witnesses who will be asked to testify at the June 8 hearing. Oral testimony will be by invitation only. Mr. Sampson said the hearings are not in response to the complaints of any one individual. One current high-profile case involves a $10 million suit filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York by Christine C. Anderson, who contends she was fired after six years as staff lawyer for the First Department’s disciplinary committee because she complained her superiors were “whitewashing” cases (NYLJ, April 30). Judge Shira Scheindlin dismissed six other suits filed in the wake of Ms. Anderson’s action by litigants who claimed the disciplinary committee had “whitewashed” complaints against lawyers. Ms. Anderson’s attorney, John A. Beranbaum of Beranbaum Menken Ben-Asher & Bierman, said his client would not appear at a hearing like Mr. Sampson’s while her litigation against the state is pending.

Another current Southern District case involves John Aretakis, a lawyer serving a suspension recommended by the Third Department’s disciplinary committee. He is challenging the committee’s ruling in Aretakis v. Committee on Professional Standard, 08-cv-9712. The Judiciary Committee’s hearing notice referred to the record 1.923 complaints filed in 2008 against judges with the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the fact that the commission investigated “only” 262 judges. Robert Tembeckjian, administrator of the Judicial Conduct Commission, said yesterday the agency was proud of the number of cases it investigated, the second-most on record (NYLJ, May 11). The commission has traditionally found the most of the complaints made against judges are groundless, Mr. Tembeckjian said. “The fact that we have some critics who think we are too aggressive and others who suggest that we are not aggressive enough suggests to me that we’ve it just about right,” Mr. Tembeckjian said. He said he had not been asked to appear at the June 8 hearing but would if called by Mr. Sampson’s committee.

A Republican on the Judiciary Committee, Dale Volker of Depew, said the committee has heard complaints for years about both the judicial conduct commission and the attorney disciplinary committees. “The Judiciary Committee has every right to look into these things and I think [hearings are] a good idea.” The June 8 hearing will be in Meeting Room 6 of the Empire State Plaza in Albany beginning at 10 a.m.   Joel


I know Bob Tembeckjian said...

I think Tembeckjian is on drugs. And if he isn't, he should be. You've been exposed, Bobby boy: you're a complete fraud. A disgraceful hack. I wonder how you sleep at night, it's been so long since you sold your soul so many, many years ago. There's a nice place in hell for you Mr. Tembeckjian, but not to worry, you'll be able to work on your tan there.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why only a Judge can get a situational Judicial Ethics Opinion.

FreudianSlip said...

“To do away with the whole issue of the conspiracy theorists,”

Is this the purpose of the hearings??....

Anonymous said...

That remark jumped right off the page for me too.

what the hell is samposon talking about? the entire process of the Grievance Committee and the Judicial Commission is almost entirely in secret. You will most NEVER be interviewed. You will NEVER look anyone in the eye, before, during, and after you file a complaint. When you ask for a more complete report you are told you can't even FOIL it.

Anonymous said...

Paragraph number 2
Just what i said Sampson is working for lawyers and judges to make the system worst for consumers.
Fewer than 1% of complaints filled
against lawyers with the DDC in N.Y.C even get questioned. Out of around 2,000 +/-
complaints filled in N.Y.C only about 20-24 ever go for a hearing.
What does Sampson want, that the complaints never even get opened.
Maybe he wants the people that file the complaints to be tarred and feathered for filling a complaint.

SAMPSON IS NOT THE ANSWER he is part of the problem. he is doing this for publicity and votes and for some campaign money from lawyers and judges.

Anonymous said...

Arizona has some information about complaints against a specific lawyer online. California is also trying to pu stuff online also.
I also think you can by paying per page buy some information about a lawyers history.
Florida also has some information available to the public.
Why doesnt Sampson put all complaints against lawyers online.
You can find out stuff about complaints about doctors online and if they were finned or had thier Lic. pulled why not lawyers.

Anonymous said...

So Anderson's attorney John Beranbaum states that Christine Anderson "...would not appear at a hearing like Mr. Smapson's while her litigation against the state is pending."" What's the deal deal here? If Christine Anderson wants to talk about corruption in the DDC this is a perfect opportunity. Or is the Anderson case about something else? The way her lawyer talks he is a worm, so everyone knows where he is coming from.

Lighten up said...

Everyone needs to stop thinking so negatively and give the guy (Senator Sampson) a chance, maybe he's trying to do the right thing and bring down the House. Think POSITIVE and if he doesn't do the right thing, then you'll have every right to bash him, but until then give the guy a break.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Sampson is EXTREMELY suspect. He is the one who shoe-horned Lippman into power, and violated ALL of the responsibilities of the Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee.

The Village Voice says Sampson was "reared in the clubhouse"


He knows ALL about this corruption because he is a friend of Tembeckjian.

As you all know Lippman is a crook. He appointed Friedberg and Reardon and has refused to supervise them.

Tembeckjian attended Lippman's confirmation and neglected to report that there was a disciplinary complaint against Lippman pending before HIM.

Expect Sampson and his thugs to bully you and cut you off whenever you are about to say something important. We must not be intimidated by bullying and posturing.

Sampson is a PUBLIC SERVANT. He is YOUR SERVANT and he must not forget that for ONE SECOND.

Watch what he did to me at the confirmation hearing:

When I asked the Committee whether they had received my evidence or not they went ballistic.



When I testified against Lippman they did not ask ONE question!

Why not?







532 LaGuardia Place
New York, NY 10012



Anonymous said...

We need to make our presentations clear as a bell. Powerpoint presentations would be great.

If five minutes is all we have, it would be best to have a written presentation ready and rehearsed.

We need to be focused like lasers.

Please contact me to coordinate & discuss.1

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the victims of Garson and Spargo still await Justice... Whether the Acts be; past, present, or future... These people are useless...

Bat Out of Hell said...

Note to Related Cases.
Seriously now, read the article above again, take pause, sometimes when you are so wrapped in emotion you can misread which becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. The article, whose author should be commended, states: Mr. Sampson said in an interview. “To do away with the whole issue of the conspiracy theorists,” he said, he will hold hearings and examine testimony, “so that we can come out with a report to determine whether [the allegations] are valid or not valid.”
So, you now have a chance to present evidence to a committee, whether it is full of good v. evil people who cares for the moment. You can actually dissolve the conspiracy theory with a large body of work that has already graced your way to the hearings. For example Cahill’s on the run, Anderson with balls of steel, Scheindlin with chutzpah, two pub integrity dudes on the run, judges, related case facts, people testifying, all proof that this is not conspiracy theory but factual legal RICO conspiracy, triable and convictable under law, A Factual Conspiracy.
So where the author states they are going to review evidence and come out with a report, again who cares if it is another railroad job in ny to vindicate the guilty by more of the guilty and throw mud on the cases as ridiculous in any way or crazed conspiracy theorists. All they will have done is commit to the conspiracy, fingerprinted themselves and when the rug is pulled at some point by proper non-conflicted justice, they too will be charged with violating due process rights of the victims to enable the criminal conspiracy and will serve in hell with their cohorts and lose their assets.
But they will have been forced to the light and the light is what they hate, there is not as much control from the top anymore, Gonzales, Cheney, etc. are all busy defending their lives for their war crimes and unable to try and railroad this stuff from the top. Getting involved for them now to cover up their crimes, is risky to new people like Sampson, no a political suicide card, as the cover up is also being exposed and so this is not committing a dubious act when no one knows and no one is looking.
Look at the related cases status from when they started and none of the conspiracy was known, to the actions and shakedown now occurring, these guys are smeared and on the run from the evidence. Please just go to Committee with a short 5-10 min presentation with your fellows in relation to present the information and let the dice roll, the best laid plans are often the demise of the enemy.
You have a chance to get in the record the Legal Factual RICO Conspiracy and make theory fact, the chance you have all been waiting for, in the public eye, worry about good v. evil later. You will know then as either Justice Served as the onion peels or they will try to cover and the onion will have another layer to peel, as the cases elevate to the Supremes. In fact, Scheindlin recommends in her related case opinion that the matters are for the Supreme Court re NY Corruption so you will have to merely amend your complaints to add a few more dirty schnooks along the way. Leave their evil souls for me to worry about I have eternal patience.
You may even feel that you are a crazed conspiracy theorist, as you have been victim of a very sick conspiracy within the legal system, which abuses people and makes them crazy and my hearts are out to all who have been victimized and meshuge makhn. Don’t fret the public believes every word you say as they have seen Alberto Gonzales, White House Counsel, Yoo, Addington, Office of Legal Counsel, OPR, etc. corrupt, commit torture, violate the Const. the People believe that based on the facts that have forced these people out your stories already have basis in truth. Lawyers and corrupt politicians at the SEC, CIA, etc. your stories are ripe for the public and those who try to destroy my brothers, well…bat out of hell

Anonymous said...

The entire hearing process is a conspiracy!

I cannot see any report outing anyone in power or any organization that has been put in place by the STATE!

The idea of these hearings are to find no legal or maybe minimal offical the vein of discouraging most of the 60,000 plus complaints received by this become discouraged by their "official", multiple venue findings and thus backoff or down from pursuing the CORRUPTION OF THE NY STATE LEGAL/JUDICIAL SYSTEM!

I only hope they come to BUFFALO...EVEN with my federal lawsuit...I will testify to the massive amount of information I have gathered and my many years of personal witnessing..if I find out when it is they are coming! But I guarantee this...the politico's in this town know about my case and some of the evidence pointing to serious judicial misconduct committed by our soon to be run-away Administrative Judge and the just recent run-away Jan Plumadore from NYC... and they will avoid Buffalo or not allow me to testify. Juicy stuff I have in the wings!

NY hearings are meant for people from the outside or with limited personal court they can deem them as unable to understand the purpose and concept of these investigatory agencies...not someone like me with lots of inside juice and investigative sources that surpasses anything OCA has established!

Since I charged OCA and unofficially the CJC with conspiracy( the were obligated to take my complaint and investigate but refused because the judge was a woman and Administrative)....Sampson seems to have stolen that charge and used it in an attempt to turn the tables...but I will fight them forever and the words of truth will come out stongly...and not just from me.

Hope the sham hearings do not dissuade anyone from continuing the battle!

Anonymous said...

Why not create the same type of review that the NYC did in the in the early 90's for the PD?

Since it created the Civilian Complaint Review Board you don't hear of case fixing like you did when they were investigating themselves.

It may be that some attorney's were disciplined for minor infractions when the real criminals get off and the same could go for judges.

The CCRB seems to have a comprehensive system for investigating, why not use that model here?

Anonymous said...

NY Post writer Brad Hamilton had no idea about these hearings as of Friday this week. Senator Sampson's office should be ensuring that the Notice is Published in all major newspapers around the state from each region. capital district times union has not covered yet and the hearings are in albany.

Anonymous said...

Even the press in the Senate press room don't know about the hearings.

Let us all ask Sampson what press he has notified. It is the legal duty of the subcommittee to contact the press about Public hearings.

Write him a letter. call him. record your calls.

Then call the people he said he contacted. The will say "huh?"

Then bust him.

YOU MUST ACT. Frank Brady will not do this for you. Nobody else will do this for you.

Anonymous said...

They have no intentions of posting these ALLEGED hearings...because they are a sham!
If anyone believes that Sampson intends to correct anything..they should slap themselves into reality....this is a joke that is supposed to quiet those of you who are screaming for the feds!
Don't buy it and keep on commenting about anything you know and see within OCA,CJC etc that is crooked!

Anonymous said...

I was one of a few people who made sure 90 faxes, advising of the Sampson Public Hearing, went out to New York State mainstream and targeted radio, TV, print sources. Heard emails and phone calls are being made Tuesday and Wednesday as follow up.

Harrison Resident said...

I heard that the Westchester Guardian will have a big half-pager on the Senate Hearing Notice this week. Can anyone confirm this??

Anonymous said...


Can you please list the 90 addresses that you sent faxes to (or some).

May of us would like to do the same.

It is true that faxes and letters are more effective than emails.


Anonymous said...

I was only asked to send 10 faxes and I had a problem with one number but it finally went through. Check out THE SAMPSON INVESTIGATION on the top of the blog. May 23 lists all 90 faxes.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Check out this week's Westchester Guardian. There's a full page announcement about Sen. Sampson's hearing in Albany. Great Job Westchester Guardian!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes I heard the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") has now decided to regulate the New York County Lawyers Association Fee Dispute Committee ("NYCLA") since last week due to the fact that those people are running it like some mafia, by rewarding and approving the legal fees billed and earned by their buddies/political allies, while forcing unpopular minorities and non-connected lawyers to give all of the money back. What is wrong with these people? Does the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee located at 14 Vesey Street, New York, New York really think that they can get away with this blatant racism and classism without getting busted like the Italian mafia did by the Feds? These people dont use guns and brass knuckles to drive out the competition like the Italian mafia did, they use corrupt arbitrators, judges, and corrupt courts to do their dirty work of muscling out the competition and extorting their competitors.

Anonymous said...

The power to open up a Docket Number against a Lawyer is the Power to Destroy.

Frivolous complaints against Attorneys are, and should be, dismissed at the outset of receiving a complaint by DDC Personnel when it is on its face merely a Fee Dispute or someone just pissed off by not winning their case.

Frivolous allegations of Ethics violations are rampantly and flippantly used by Clients who may always have ulterior motives for filing nonsensical complaints against good Attorneys.

The problem is, the DDC has the absolute and undisputed right to decide who gets a Docket Number and an investigation against them, and who doesn't even get a copy of the Complaint because it's dismissed outright.

Too bad that all of the evidence on these discussion boards, and in Christine Anderson's Federal Lawsuit, prove that if you are a minority Attorney with a small practice, every frivolous and nonsensical complaint will hit you hard right between the eyes, even if you are innocent, but if you are a White or Jewish Attorney, or from a Big Law Firm in Manhattan, even if you freaking raped someone or stole escrow funds, nothing will happen to you, not even the opening up of a Docket Number by this absolutely satanic and racist den of Jewish vipers known as the DDC Cabal, one of the last vestiges of Jewish Mafia organized crime in this country.

They also have this monopoly and stranglehold to do this on the Medical Licensing and Ethics Boards as well, to both keep out, stamp out, and drive away the competition, all at the expense of the Consumer, just so that they can preserve their own wealth and power.

I sincerely hope and pray that the FBI Office of Public Corruption, the New York Attorney General's Office, and the Office of Senator John Sampson of New York clean the shit out of that Jewish hornets' nest known as the Departmental Disciplinary Committee, First Department, of Manhattan New York, a truly un-American, racist, and repressive regime.

These sons of bitches are as much, if not even more secretive and more corrupt, and more harmful to the American people than the Federal Reserve.

An FBI sponsored enema is absolutely necessary here.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

With regards to the NYCLA Fee Dispute Program, if you are a Jewish Attorney or from a Big Law Firm, you get to keep your fees earned. If not, or you are a Minority Attorney or from a Small Law Firm, you don't get to keep the money you earned through billing. It's the same problem with the Departmental Disciplinary Committee, First Department.

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