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Monday, May 11, 2009

Corrupt and Useless 'Ethics' Commission Feeling Heat

And those footsteps they hear are from the angry feet of the feds...

Added Staff Helps Conduct Panel Weather Surge in Complaints
The New York Law Journal by Joel Stashenko - May 11, 2009

ALBANY, NEW YORK - An infusion of new state funding and the subsequent addition of staff attorneys and investigators two years ago has allowed the Commission on Judicial Conduct to stay on top of a record number of complaints filed against judges in 2008, according to administrator Robert H. Tembeckjian. The commission said in its 2009 annual report released Friday that despite an all-time high complaint total of 1,923, the commission ended the year with 208 pending matters. That was down by nearly one-quarter from 2007, the year in which the agency received a funding boost to nearly $4.8 million from $2.8 million. Mr. Tembeckjian said the increase in complaints from 1,711 in 2007 could not be attributed to any deterioration in judicial behavior. Rather, the number of complaints "suggests to me that people know where we are and they are more likely to make complaints," Mr. Tembeckjian said Friday. "But the quality of those complaints, to the extent that they suggest misconduct, is not increasing and the overall sensitivity of the judiciary to their ethical obligations continues to improve," he added.  Public disciplinary actions were taken in 21 cases, six fewer than in 2007, though cases referred for investigation rose to 262 from 192 in 2007. Of the 21 public punishment decisions last year, the one removal recommendation involved David F. Jung as Family Court judge in Fulton County for failing to allow jailed prisoners free access to court proceedings involving their families (NYLJ, Feb. 20, 2008). The Court of Appeals upheld the recommendation in October.  There were also eight public censures by the commission last year, six public admonitions and six stipulations with the commission under which judges agreed to leave the bench and not seek judicial office in the future.

In 20 other cases, judges resigned from the bench while formal charges were pending against them by the commission. Confidential letters cautioning judges about their behavior were sent out 37 times last year, up from 25 in 2007, though Mr. Tembeckjian said the numbers of such warning letters has fluctuated from year to year from the 20s to the 50s. The additions to the commission's budget starting in the 2007-08 fiscal year allowed it to expand its roster of staff attorneys to 19 from 10 and the number of investigators to 10 from seven. Overall, the staff increased from the equivalent of 28 1/2 positions to the current 49 positions. Mr. Tembeckjian said the added support allowed the commission to more effectively move cases. He said matters involving less complex allegations of misconduct typically move from complaint to disposition in about nine months, down from 15 to 18 months prior to the staff additions.  Complaints that are deemed unworthy of investigation are typically disposed of in three months, down from six or seven months prior to 2007, he said. "What I think is most important is that the commission now has the resources to do its job more efficiently than it has in the past, which means that misconduct gets disciplined more promptly and unsubstantiated complaints against judges are dismissed more quickly and also not held over the head of the judge," Mr. Tembjeckian said. Though the commission is authorized for 55 positions, six will not be filled this fiscal year. "We recognize that we have to do our part to conserve resources in a period of serious economic shortage and we appear to be managing our caseload with the number of staff we have," Mr. Tembjeckian said. "We do not want to be in a position of filling staff just because the positions are available." The commission received $5.2 million in funding for the 2009-10 fiscal year, about 2 percent less than in fiscal 2008-09.

Legislative Proposals

The 10-member commission, which is chaired by Rochester-area attorney and Town Justice Thomas A. Klonick, also repeated calls in its annual report for legislative changes that it has advocated for in the past.

They included:

• Adoption of an amendment to the state Constitution giving the Court of Appeals the power to suspend a judge who faces a misdemeanor that does not involve "moral turpitude." The commission said a drinking-and-driving offense does not merit the suspension of a judge under current state laws, though the panel said it is an offense that would harm the public's confidence in a judge.

• Making judges' disciplinary proceedings before the commission public. The commission said proceedings before comparable disciplinary bodies in 35 other states are open to the public.

The commission has proposed to open its proceedings before, but the idea has been rebuffed by the Legislature.


if Bob's talking, he's lying said...

There is so much damage and crime that ultimately leads right to Bob Tembeckjian's front door. He has been the enforcer and whitewasher for the real thugs. Tembeckjian has a lot to explain, hopefully in public with his ankles and wrists in irons. Hint to Bob: it wasn't a good idea to let certain judges get away with crimes (state and federal) while simultaneously going after other judges, and creating a false record when convenient. Them, criminal acts, Bobby-boy. Bend over, Bob, paybacks a bitch.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe this man.. I had a complaint... and if Justice were done.. I would not find myself in the situation I am today...

There is no doubt in my mind.. That my complaint was ignored/whitewashed/hidden from view..

bye bye bob said...

Hey, bob. Why don't you just resign. Maybe you can get a job as a runner for the sloppy newspaper your wife works at. If it's not too much trouble, take that idiot Alan Friedberg with you. You taught him well when he was at the CJC-- he's now carrying on your frauds all by himself at the DDC. Or maybe you, Alan and Sherry Cohen can all reture and open up a bar.

Anonymous said...

You should hear some of the nasty things Friedberg has to say about Bob T.

It's hard to figure out what and who to believe.

Manhattan Esq said...

Bob once told me: "It's just a numbers game."

I still have the same reaction: Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Let me guess.. There is a huge quantity of CJC response letters that ignore complaints which raise issues of very serious concern... The question becomes.. by who's authority were response/ignore letters sent???

Sort of a what did you know? and when did you know it puzzle??

Anonymous said...

How funny would be if they defend themselves by crying... forgery!!! altered files!!! the record is wrong!!

Anonymous said...

Is this the CJC's version of Fiorello LaGuardia's reading the Funnies on the radio?

Three very specific charges made against one judge, including the altering of the trial record. The other two charges were almost as serious. What did I get in reply: I get a phone call from a female that only identifies herself as "Jamie" - no last name, no mention of her position, and no phone number, and no request for evidence to support my claim.

all one gets in return is a letter that informs the complainant that there is no basis for the charges. Heaven forbid should you ask for an explanation - that is confidential.

Gov Paterson gets my vote simply because he got rid of the SIC. At least he did something. One down and who knows how many more should follow. the CJC and the Grievance Committees should be on top of the list.


Anonymous said...

We know whose ass Tembeckjian kisses, but who does this bum answer to? Anyone? The Governor? Who? He's gotta go. I filed a complaint full of documentation three years ago. Never heard a word.

Anonymous said...

Too little, too late, Mr. Tembeckjiaen. You must go. On your own, or we'll have the feds drag your sorry rump out the door. You will rot in hell for your actions, and inaction. I also believe that you should be disbarred BEFORE you do jail time.

Anonymous said...

The CJC is not now and never has been about... not having enough money...POLITICS AND POLITICS EXCLUSIVELY is their complete game ..forever!

I dealt with the Rochester branch of the CJC in the early 90's for 3 yrs...and that case was strictly politically OCA and the CJC.

Both entities had never ever dealt with, were the slightest bit concerned (as they still aren't today) with sexual assault, hostile activities or criminal harassments against female employees by any Judge, lawyer, supervisor..male or female, including court users!

When the CJC GOT WIND OF A PARTICULAR arrogant and nasty JUDGE that they could not take down a year earlier...they pounced on a new allegation AGAINST him that OCA pretended to start to address in the late 80's( forming the still useless and politically juiced gender bias committee, fully loaded with hacks and judicial moles as their members)...and they went for the judge's jugular.

The CJC was a bit leary about testing this "new" form of discrimination against the court judiciary and it was surprisingly just then being recognized by the state courts, even though it was on the books and against the law as far back as 1964... called the civil rights act..specifically Title vii!
OCA has redacted that law in their usage and printing of laws in the federal statute section of their handbook or consoldated laws research section! No judge I ever worked for, dealt with or reported to on the gender bias committee...ever read that law or applied it to any legitimate complaint I ever heard made to them.

Clarence Thomas happened to come along within those 3 years and his case elevated this judicial sexual harassment situation to the national spotlight...and the CJC could not contain themselves as they found the perfect storm blowing across their desks.

The CJC won...big time...because not only did this judge get dumped, but a few from NYC and other parts of the state unfortuantely got swept up in the new law established by this case... within the CJC!

You would think the CJC would be grateful for my bringing this forth and my extensive information that sealed the deal...but oh no...they turned their backs and screwed me out of my employment yrs later, realizing that I was collateral damage from that perfect storm that has aided them so greatly ever since!

The judiciary and sex are a constant in the system and if someone has to go... they just look for that situation in their is always a given for judicial removal! good buddies of 3 yrs at the CJC...refused to even hear one word I had to say about the judges who illegally stole my employement because of this case above...and the CJC sold me out to suffering tremendous personal and professional losses and a severly protracted federal lawsuit.

I don't care if the governor, the state or OCA gives the CJC billions of dollars to investigate is just a vehicle for the CJC to earn more money and get rid of those judges not connected, so the corruption can continue, as they toss you..the reporter of the crimes..into a lifetime of political vendettas and devastation!


Former Court Employee said...

Robt. Tembeckjian is a stooge and a coverup artist that is controlled by folks up the food chain. Don't trust that worm

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, you need to get your affairs in order, because you're headed off to JAIL..that's right JAIL!!!Bye, Bye, Tata, Ciao, see ya later alligator, and don't let the iron bars hit you in the ASS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"The record number of complaints was more indicative of the public's increased awareness of the Commission's duties, not the performance of judges, said Robert Tembeckjian, the Adminstrator of the agency." This quote is from Tembeckjian after the release of the annual report in 2008!! A year ago!!

Hey Bob, we get it already we know where you are and where you have been for the last 20 years!! The problem is that there is no point in knowing where we can file a complaint in New York State because IT DOESN'T DO ANY GOOD!! Get it? We're sick of you and your bogus agency!!

I suggest you change the name of the CJC to the NYS Judicial Whitewash Committee!

Nearly $5,000,000 to go after 21 judges? That's it? What a screwing New Yorkers are getting by you and your corrupt bunch of thugs!

Anonymous said...

And most of those Judges were not politically connected, and fixing traffic tickets..

Am I missing something here???

What about the Judges that helped to steal/or did steal from litigants that had the misfortune of being assigned to them?

galison said...

Why was Bob Tembeckjian at the confirmation hearing for Judge Lippman on February 11.1009

There was at least one active complaint against Lippman PENDING BEFORE Tembeckjian at that time. MINE.

Tembeckjian cheered Lippman and giggled like a school girl while Elena Sassower gave her outstanding presentation against Lippman.

This would be like an FBI agent dancing at the wedding of the Mafia don he's investigating.


Futhermore, Tembeckjian was VISITING Senator JOHN SAMPSON ONE WEEK LATER.

Why travel to the bowels of Brooklyn for a five minute meeting?

Why not use the phone? email? mail? Because you can't send cash through the mail?????

(Fortunately, that tape has been distributed to the proper authorities}

Why did Tembeckjian blanche and bolt out of the office when he realized i was recoding him? "ARE YOU RECORDING ME?????!!!!!!"

Hey Senator Sampson: what was Tembeckjian doing at your office at 5:00 on February 27th?

None of our business? I disagree. Both of you were on OUR payroll at that time. It is our business.

If there is an innocent explanation for this we all want to know.

galison said...


Is the reason you ignored my complaint against Lippman for the past eight months that you do not have enough hacks on staff?

Are you hiring new staff because you have relatives that need jobs?

Anonymous said...

The CJC hearings will never be open in NY STATE, because the citizens would get to see the unfairness of they parade the Town and Village Judges in front of the extremely political CJC have to check out the credentials of these process them for removal enmasse, while the sitting elected Judges of the City, Supreme and County Courts...get a free pass to daily criminalize the system with the blessings of the past and present, Chief sitting Judges..Kaye and Lippman!

The NY state judiciary, their ethics abusers and Lippman should be the first to be investigated for the most extensive coverup of judicial crimes and participation in massive and illegal misconduct...and this needs to start today, as a request from the taxpayers and citizens of this state and country!

Anonymous said...

I guess this is why the Greenwald Law Firm is been protected. Or is it because of the hassidic vote from Kiryas Joel in Orange County. These rats have been reported and for some crazy reason despite hard core evidence, they are still in the racketerring business. I guess is business as usual, I mean law as usual.

Anonymous said...

Make a complaint to the Grievance Committee and you will NEVER be able to speak to anyone at the GC. You will never be able to look someone in the eye.

They don't speak to you in person or on the phone because they want to avoid speaking to you.

If the Americans for Legal Reform didn't get the rule enacted for the accused attorney to respond to the Committee to your charges you would never know if they did anything.

Anonymous said...

The "State" Commission on Judicial Conduct has deemed these Judges..Chief...Chief Administrative...Administrative...Appellate...Court of Appeals Judges...all above the law! Yes.... they judge you... the citizen and your violations of the law...but some of these robes of disgrace..... can never be found guilty of THE VERY LAWS YOU ARE FOUND GUILTY OF,OR MORE SERIOUS CRIMES...unless they are made public by the media!

The other state judges of the city, county and supreme court levels have exemption from the laws if they pay the party that forces their election..through cross endorsements or blanket runs...where no one else is permitted to run against them.

The CJC has mandated this corruption and if someone files a complaint with them they will not see results ever..even if they submit audio and visual recordings...unless it is made public by the media!

The fact that it is a STATE agency...watchdogging the biggest and most powerful STATE agency in existence...your request for investigation is a hindrance to judicial law and order of their design and thus you shall never see action or results due to accepted allowances of abuse of power by our NY state judicial system.

If the illegal action of the judge has been printed in the print media for the massive numbers of the public to view...the CJC will investigate and your case will likely see positive action. This fact is the truth...told to me by the chief prosecutor of the CJC....Rochester, NY.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. Scarpino had at least 11 complints against him at one point, and nothing was done.
They still get rid of the minor criminals and let the big fish continue on their way.

EmailNotAuthor said...

If we do not have Federal involvement in family policy, then how will you restrain abuses by State court judges?
I realize that the restraint of Federal rights is broken right now and not helping as it should.
But if you abandon the very idea of Federal Constitutional rights placing limits on abuses by State court judges, you are going in the wrong direction.
WHen it comes to the enforcement of core Constitutional rights like due process, we want MORE enforcement of Federal rights, not less.
If you roll back the involvement of the Federal government, you increase the autonomy and freedom of State court judges, you increase their power and unlimited freedom to abuse you.

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