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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Governor Paterson Starts Corruption Clean-Up

Paterson looks to clean house at integrity commission

Governor seeks resignations of executive director and board, names new chariman
The Albany Times Union by JAMES M. ODATO -  May 13, 2009

ALBANY, NEW YORK - Gov. David Paterson today asked the executive director and board of commissioners of the embattled Commission on Public Integrity to resign and named security executive Michael Cherkasky to take over as chairman. Paterson's announcement came on the same day the state Inspector General issued a report slamming the commission's executive director, Herbert Teitelbaum, for leaking secrets about the commission's investigation of the Spitzer administration's disclosure of Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno's travel records to administration officials. "This report finds there has been widespread and continued violation of the public trust," Paterson told reporters this afternoon. "Their actions were inexcusable." Paterson called allegations of leaks about the secret investigation "alarming" and said a change in leadership would allow a "start fresh with a new commission." Paterson said he was asking all of his appointees to the commission's board to resign and urged the rest of the board and Teitelbaum to also step down. Paterson said Cherkasky would bring to the job skills both as an investigator and a reformer.

Cherkasky, a former lawyer in the Manhattan district attorney's office, currently serves as CEO of U.S. Investigations Services Inc. Paterson tapped Cherkasky for the post to fill the vacancy left by John Feerick, who resigned in February. Cherkasky's resume includes 16 years as a trial lawyer, administrator, and investigator. He worked as a law clerk in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. He then became an assistant district attorney in New York County. While in the district attorney's office, Cherkasky led the rackets bureau and investigated mobsters, as well as the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

May 14, 2009 UPDATE:  CLICK HERE TO SEE NEW YORK LAW JOURNAL ARTICLE  "Inspector General, Governor Call for Integrity Head to Resign"


ben from brooklyn said...

A very good start. Personally, I'd rather have Paterson pulling some of these thugs out the door by their ear, but this'll work for me. (the handcuffs are for another day...)

Keep going Dave, MAKE US PROUD !!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave:

Why not ask Tembeckidiot and Friedscamberg to resign?

This should be done while they are being dragged out by their ankles, of course.

Anonymous said...

correct. Paterson or anyone who wants to be Governor and have credibility has to make the disastrous Commission on Judicial Conduct and the 4 Appellate Division Discipline Committees next on the list and in the process throw out some Appellate Judges and County and Supremes in the cleanup along with some of the hacks at OCA.

Anonymous said...

Let the corrupt heads role !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking lots of job openings..

Don't stop here Governor, educate the public, captivate the media, clean house, and the people will support you!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what happens next..They're are going to be alot of corrupt thugs coming out of 61 Broadway...Get the PADDY WAGON ready guys and the ankle shackles!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Paterson blind?
He should have thrown out Teitelbaum after getting that report.
Joe Bruno is under investigation so he puts his long time buddy Lippman as chief judge.
Then Paterson puts Kaye on the pannel to pick judges
Paterson is not only blind but also out to lunch.
He is going to be the olny incumbant govenor to run for
election with his ratings in the single digits.
The GOP can run anyone against Paterson and win.
Maybe the former Gov from Chicago under indictment wants a job.

Anonymous said...

When do you suppose my honorable third branch will stop acting like the freekin third reich??

Our judges disgust me.

Anonymous said...

Flush the whole place out, that's the ONLY WAY to attempt to clean-up the corruption. What took the Gov. so long?

Anonymous said...

Mike Cherkasky isn't such a bad pick. Personally, I don't like him too much. Anybody that goes to Kroll Investigations is not my kind of guy.

Family supposed to have made a ton of money in prohibition era. Maybe he can be the next JFK.

I just don't like the company Cherkasky keeps.

Anonymous said...

Poor Paterson, so many years as house negro for Silver and he enjoys the passover leftovers. If you continue as governor, you can kiss Silver's (?) as thanks. Why not tell Silver to shove it and clean out the CJC? A house negro can sometimes rise above his diminutive status and act as a man. Are you man or a house negro?

Galison said...


(He's on the board of both, which is (among other things) why the PIC doesn't move against the CJC.)


How can Paterson kick him off one commission and not the other?

Dave, with all respect, in case nobody told you:


THEY'RE THE SAME M***** F******!!!!!!

Wake up and smell the sewer.

Anonymous said...

Remove all these SSOB's! They are all boot lickers who take public money and are in business for themselves! And while we're at it take their pensions!

Anonymous said...

If Paterson was a real rouser...he would go after all OIG'S in the state that have been reported as using questionable tactics to investigate....including the one where there was a request for an investigation and the request was granted..but the employee was fired during the investigation and before any determination was made from 'her complaint" of discrimination by OCA hack employees....while the supposed objective Administrative judge.... conducted her own... inside secondary investigation with the permission of the OIG...that convoluted and covered up the origianl charges....and who has now been promoted to a newly created statwide position by Lippman!

OCA promotes those who lie for the cause..whatever they have decided that may be that month and the OIG is in their corner for that benefit!!

The main question for you Paterson is...why were the court employees accused, with proof submitted against them....being supervisor hacks and deemed protected from prosecution, and the VICTIM.... violently tossed out of her job... from a mere request to field illegal behavior against her...with no facts fully gathered, neatly analyzed or a report written for review or appeal?

Why was the vicitm punished for bringing forth violations by court employees and judges against the civil rights act of 1964 ...Title VII???

The facts that have been gathered on my behalf reviewing the OIG's faulty investigation... ARE THAT the OIG and OCA designated investigators and determinors participated in unethical and illegal means to collect false information and then allow the recently run away judge....Jan Plumadore to subvert the findings and create a report equivalent to the Bush terror reports..redactions of anything incriminating?

Paterson..this minor action you just took above, is meaningless unless you swab the halls of the OIG..OCA...the corruption tent of your appointee...Lipmann! You cannot be determined fair or electable...if you leave other corruption to continue to fester!

OCA...OIG is as criminal as those that enter the courthouses for punishment...I want the same to happen to them...prison!!!

Anonymous said...

The OCA..OIG policy was on the internet...but as of late last year and the requests for discovery in my case in federal court ..OCA has removed it...but of course not after I printed it. So why is that OIG..if you are running an above board operation?
I guess you do not want anyone who deals with you, to force you to follow your own rules and regulations.
I see CSEA made their feeble attempt at pushing you along ethically by inserting in their recent contract..a provision that you cannot fire anyone while any OIG investigation is they have to tell the court and cannot convict the PLTF of murder before the DEFTS trial is completed. You are some real dangerous holders of the JD!


Eliot Bernstein / Iviewit / Patentgate said...

why are these positions not elected? Sounds more of same ole same, new faces once the old are caught in crimes, who is this new guy anyway. Lip service it appears.
hope the administrators don't strike my comments here again.

Eliot Bernstein / Iviewit / Patentgate said...

why are these positions not elected? Sounds more of same ole same, new faces once the old are caught in crimes, who is this new guy anyway. Lip service it appears.
hope the administrators don't strike my comments here again.

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