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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coccoma Appointed Deputy Chief Outside NYC


Communications Office: David Bookstaver, Director -- Kali Holloway, Deputy Director (212) 428-2500
Date: May 27, 2009
Hon. Ann Pfau, Chief Administrative Judge  --

Hon. Michael V. Coccoma Appointed Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Courts Outside New York City

NEW YORK – Chief Administrative Judge Ann Pfau today announced the appointment of Hon. Michael V. Coccoma as Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Courts Outside New York City. The appointment was made with the approval of Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman and in consultation with the Presiding Justices of the Appellate Divisions of the Second, Third and Fourth Judicial Departments. Judge Coccoma has been the Administrative Judge of the Sixth Judicial District since 2008. After earning his law degree at Albany Law School, he served in private practice and as an Otsego County Attorney, Assistant District Attorney and District Attorney. In 1995, Judge Coccoma was elected as a multi-bench judge of County Court, Family Court and Surrogate’s Court in Otsego County. Five years later, he was appointed Presiding Judge of the then newly-created Otsego County Drug Treatment Court. Judge Coccoma was appointed an Acting Supreme Court Justice in 2000 and elected to the Supreme Court in 2008. He is a member of the New York State Matrimonial Commission; Law Guardian Advisory and Rules Committee, Appellate Division, Third Department; Otsego County Children’s Center Committee; and Family Court Advisory and Rules Committee. Chief Administrative Judge Ann Pfau said, “Judge Coccoma is widely recognized as an outstanding and extremely hard working jurist who has made important contributions to the administration of justice in the Sixth Judicial District. His strong commitment to public service throughout his career will serve him well as he takes on the demands of managing the courts in the 57 counties outside New York City. I am grateful he has accepted this key assignment during this particularly challenging period for New York’s courts, and I look forward to working with him in this new capacity. I also want to thank Judge Plumadore for his steady and capable leadership of the courts outside New York City over the last five years. I applaud his long and distinguished record as a judge and administrator as well as his unparalleled dedication to the courts. He has my gratitude and best wishes for the future." The appointment is effective immediately.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about this guy?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what a deputy administrator does?

Anonymous said...

Ann Phau should be re-named Ann Foul..her applauds for these judicial losers...stinks!

That position is one of hackism...but Plumadore ...the one Foul continues to praise with no purpose... other than to promote his actions as not being as horrific as I have written on this blog ...was a criminal and domestic terrorist.

He is being sued in Federal Court for multiple violations of Title vii and the civil rights act of 1964!

Plumadore perpetrated crimes of
perjury, attempted murder, criminal harassment, transcript alteration, tampering with witnesses, illegally firing those who told the truth and blatant cowardice! His signature is all over many documents that support these statements..esp the one with flaunting the consequences from the transcript alteration.

The job is useless and it is used to screw with the whore courts outside of NYC..the ones that work for the PIMP chief in NYC!

That judge is unknown to most employees outside of NYC, where he should be well known and working with the employees to better their hostile work environments.

So the job;s purpose is to collect an overwhelming salary that assures that the outside judiciary snags the same benefits that NYC covets ...using any manner deemed acceptable by the boss of the organized crime judicial branch of NY state!

I am certain this unknown judge appointed...has an agenda...and it is not to assist the judiciary in their betterment...but to tighten the ligature around the necks of all employees in this ignored part of the state.

Watch out for him....he will manifest in about a year...just like the friendly, smiling terrorist...Plumadore did!

Anonymous said...

Coccoma is a decent person.... probably doesn't know the extent of the cesspool he's entering. He's not thought of as your typical hack, but the corrupt bastards will make it soon clear to him that he has little input.

Watch carefully who his first few appointments are, and that'll tell you who's really deciding things.....

Anonymous said...

What happened to Plumadore..

this story reads like he tried..

Anonymous said...

Plumadore was attempting honest judicial a cover for the illegal and unethical behavior he was participating in fully and with no regard.... during that time.

Plumadore did not want his corrupt actions... which I believe were apart of him for years... to be uncovered and ruin his reputation as a top administrative judge and honorable military person!

The judge I participated in having removed for sexual abuse in 1993...was the Buffalo News man of the year in... 1978...the very year he was sexually abusing, in the most disgusting manners...his very young for her age... 19 yr old court reporter!

The most promoted individuals always seem to me to be the ones I had to watch...and I have never been wrong yet.

Look at how much Phau adores Plumadore...while being well informed of his federal court charges, the guilt related stalling that he and OCA are using to halt my case from the view of the federal court judge, and the depositions already taken, that implicate Plumadore in illegal and contrived activity. The chief clerk of the city court of Buffalo stated vehemently...that Plumadore alone(who never met me) fired me and not her! She as the chief clerk and official head supervisor of this massive court, who knew me extremely well and very personally for 30 yrs...had no part in this termination, because Plumdore was the mastermind!

Phau..unknowingly but knowingly has exposed Plumadore as one suspected judicial criminal... by tauting him as a superior administrator on several occasions..even though very few people ever heard of him in upstate and most thought he was a woman...all the while being aware that he avoided assisting anyone in the non-judicial employee category.....but was well informed that he gladly, ruthlessly, coldly and boldly fired and transferred employees at his abusive whim.

Plumadore powerfully used OCA's counsel's office to produce unheard of and ridiculous OCA labor laws to terminate employees who did not comply with OCA'S corrupt policies, while they both supported and protected perjurous testimony!

Always be concerned about those who present to be to perfect to be believed. Remember that Wachtler was also very neat and super was the removed judge in my 1993 sex case. This type is usually covering for the evil within!

Anonymous said...

This is a joke! Judge Plumadore is a minion of Judge Lippman! And while you look at her check out her connection to Sol Wachler???

Anonymous said...

Hon. Michael V. Coccoma is a Citadel grad. Thats good enough for me.

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