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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lawyer Questions Familiarity of Lippman's Actions

Attorney Scott H. Greenfield Questions Familiarity of Chief Judge's Actions

In a May 2, 2009 posting, attorney Scott H. Greenfield provides his insight and opinion on the recent announcement of Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman's idea to form a commission to study wrongful convictions. Attorney Greenfield uses phrases like "Sound familiar?" and "So here we go again?" in apparently making the comparison of Judge Lippman's recent announcement and that of a bar association commission formed less than a year ago. Mr. Greenfield provides some important insight regarding the issue. Mr. Greenfield says, "While naming a commission, ordinarily a very "government" thing to do, would satisfy what small public zeal there might be to address the vexing problem of putting innocent people in prison, the significance is only as great as the commission's ability to provide meaningful solutions to the problem. Otherwise, it's just another dog and pony show."


disgusted attorney said...

It's pretty much confirmed that Lippman is just a Kaye repeat. Both dress wearing hacks who don't care about the law.

Anonymous said...

Will they quickly review it all.. ie.. wrongful convictions, false guardianships, false filings, theft of property and lives..???

Lower level judges ignore the law, knowing that they have emotionally and financially bankrupted the designated loser... If they did the job well enough that loser will not recover to appeal for the Justice so denied him or her...

The Judges who ignore established law should be fined... not paid for their neglect of duty..

Anonymous said...

Maybe he want to spring Garson.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lippman...maybe you could start with WNY..the one you participated in finding guilty..using perjury and documented lies and criminal actions at my personal home....created by you with the abuse of authority by Plumadore and the stalking by counsel's office poop boy...Sullivan... in conjunction with the coward hacks in the 8th district.
You know it was wrongful and illegal..because you spent many months and the use of a wiretap and other illegal behaviors, before you determined how to charge me and then after the fake and idiotic Hollywood hearing, you altered the transcript so you could find me guilty.... and that fact is on record in federal court!
How sad and sickening are you as a Chief Judge indicted in that corruption? Keep adjourning the depos and refusing to submit any discovery for months after it is due.... to keep federal court from officially reading that you altered a transcript, taken under oath!
You of all people...LIPPMAN... should know that there are those who were falsly convicted during your judicial watch..civilly and criminally...because you..LIPPMAN...secured the convictions yourself through affirmations to other judges who wanted them, or had your own personal knowledge of them from your own stinking fraud!
And now you want to reveal your crimes and appear as a NY Judicial HERO for the citizens and your political hack boyfriend...Silver.
Any commission by LIPPMAN is just to create jobs for his hack has no bearing NY, on anything viable..judicially!

westchester court clerk said...

What a total joke. Janet Defiore is going to be on Lippman's new hack-packed group of whitewashers. The criminal bar should understand this for what it is: another Kaye/Lippman scam to fool the public and, in this case, keep innocent people in prison even longer.

Anonymous said...

"The commission must include real, honest-to-God, defense lawyers."

"And not the criminal bar association glad-handing types, or the usual suspects, or the life-long prosecutors who became criminal defense lawyers 12 second ago, but real, hard-core criminal defense lawyers."

honest-to-God, Judges, Lawyers, LEO's... what a great concept!!!

Anonymous said...

Just saw twitter where this attorney Greenfield called whoever today's blog administrator is, a "scumbag" and accused this blog of "Stealing" his content. Apparently a post change was made. Anyone have what was first posted? Greenfield says on Twitter that posting his FULL article implied he endorsed the blog. But now Greenfield is happy because "fair use" under the current posit. What a dope. Typical lawyer. Gotta love those lawyers......

Anonymous said...


Why form a commission when they already know the answers. Nothing but a bunch of B.S.

President Obama said something in his 100 days press conference. He said something like: The criminal justice system is just for the majority of those....'. "The majority." what happens to those in the minority?

Galison said...

Lippman should form a commission on wrongful confirmations.

Lippman victim said...

I'll second Galison on that. What kind of drugs do these people use? Lippman and friends need medical exams. The taxpayers are not going to buy this shell game any longer.

Anonymous said...

maybe Sheldon Silver should give Sheldon Silver to pat him on the back and praise him the same way he did when he was confirmed.
Maybe that would make the idea sound less stupid, at least it would be good for a photo-op on page 6. They are investigating Sheldon Silver maybe the prosecutor has something on Lippman doing someting on audio tape. We could olny hope.
I am sure if the AG opened his eyes he would find something.

Anonymous said...


Ms.DiFiore got off on the right foot with the Deskovic case and went with the program soon after that.

Al Piirroo said...

I don't like that guy Greenfield's "ad free zone" baloney, all while he touts himself as the best attorney since Lincoln, but he says some good stuff. My favorite comment so far is, because he sees Janet Defiore for what she really is:

"There you go. How do you "fix" the system? Put two former judges and two of the biggest self-promoting District Attorneys in New York on the Task Force. The very people responsible for the problem, or at least perpetuating the problem, and these are the "big names" who are going to ensure that innocent people don't get convicted."

Boy, everybody knows how useless the Westchester District attorney is...... we should be very proud....

Anonymous said...

And where is Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges? Suffering internal pangs about his Sainthood obligations and doing the job the people want? Perhaps, Saint Andrew should consider who his higher authority is? Is Saint Andrew serving the same master as Kaye and Lippman?

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