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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Paterson Picks Kaye for Judicial Nomination Commission

Kaye Tapped for Judicial Nomination Commission
The New York Law Journal NEWSBRIEFS by Joel Stashenko - May 4, 2009

Governor David A. Paterson has selected former Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye to the state commission that recommends to the governor candidates for Court of Appeals openings. During a Law Day speech Friday at the Court of Appeals, Mr. Paterson said Ms. Kaye, now counsel at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, has agreed to sit on the Commission on Judicial Nomination, which he criticized earlier this year for sending him a chief judge list of seven men as not diverse enough. The governor said Friday Ms. Kaye "will bring added integrity" to the nomination process. "She's one who I think knows the process well," the governor said. "With greater outreach and opportunity we just want to make sure we are getting the right people," Mr. Paterson told reporters after his speech. Ms. Kaye was on three Commission on Judicial Nomination lists for openings on the Court of Appeals, in 1983, 1993 and 2007. She was nominated by governors for the openings each time. The appointment to the commission is the second Mr. Paterson has made. In September, he selected Long Island attorney Frederick K. Brewington to the 12-member panel. Members are not paid. 


New Clerk Named At Fourth Department

Patricia L. Morgan has been named the new clerk of the Appellate Division, Fourth Department. Ms. Morgan, 54, succeeded Jo Ann Wahl, who retired effective April 24. Ms. Wahl had been clerk since 2002. Ms. Morgan, a Syracuse University Law School graduate, had been deputy clerk of the Fourth Department since 1990. She once clerked for former Court of Appeals Judge Richard D. Simons when he was in the Appellate Division, Third Department, and was also an assistant Erie County district attorney in 1983 and 1984. There are 60 employees in the clerk's office in the Rochester-based appeals court, whose clerk is designated by the department's 11 justices.- Joel Stashenko (May 4, 2009)


me, a voter said...

I thought David Paterson was going to be a governor for the people. He's clearly shown he's a pandering fool, determined only to advance the crooked good 'ole system. Paterson picking Kaye for anything, except the first to receive a criminal indictment, will go down as Paterson's last straw to the people who used to believe in him. It's hard to believe a politician could screw up as badly a Paterson has. Who the hell is advising our stumbling governor, anyway?

Enjoy your remaining time "governor" Paterson. And good riddance to your sorry behind. You have lost another voter-ME.

Anonymous said...

Poor Paterson, still the house monkey boy, waiting for the crumbs from Silver's table. The monkey business continues with Paterson, the blind monkey, who sees no evil and the Kaye, the monkey, who hears no evil and Lippman the monkey who does nothing against evil. Did any of you expect these monkeys to stop the profitable judicial and lawyer monkey business?

Anonymous said...

Paterson appears to be the politician that has always had a shady self=serving agenda(low self esteem is a given)..that gives him support and praise from the big impressive party...and never has had the interests of any constituent in mind.
He is weak and weak minded...and unfortunatley sees what he wants to see.. and that is whatever makes him a powerhouse and" famous" in the world of government!
Kaye knows the system for sure and certainly can pick the right people...the waste products of the continuation of the NY judicial corruption, with her boy toy Lippman at the helm!
Kaye should stay with the law firm that so proudly touted this flippant, wig looking nobody..who seems to impress downstate criminals like Madoff did the rich!
Upstate NY did not know Kaye or ever get to view her much...thankfully for our vision..only the hacks were invited to meet and hear her crow at meetings!
Upstate could not recognize her face or voice and as a choice to sit on a committee that affects our just more spit in the our faces to ensure more abusive power that excludes this vital part of the state.
The consequences of this action will soon be felt by those who continue to choose the gristle instead of the meat!

Bring in the military!

Are you freaking kidding me said...

Wow, I can't believe what I just read..this picture is getting bigger and bigger and smellier and smellier...This whole picture Stinks to High Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Oh, brother. Kaye? What a Nightmare. This is bad.

Anonymous said...

This Shows that Governor Paterson is completely Out of Touch with the realities of the New York State Court System and Everything Judge Kaye disregarded while she was at the Top spot and everything wrong she was a part of. Not only is this bad for the State Courts, this is bad for Paterson showing how out of touch with the New York people he really is. Is his office not able to read the blogs and the Letters and Complaints sent directly to him??

Anonymous said...

Patterson is beginning to look like a political opportunist... and nothing more..

He just recently Carolined Ag Cuomo, a lie for a lie,

I suspect he will do or say anything to hold on to the office...

Anonymous said...

Paterson has gone from a disappointment, to a fool, to incompetent, to now corrupt. He'll never get my vote.

Anonymous said...

I hope Paterson is putting in job applications at some of these law firms. I would be surprised if he was the partys choice for Gov. next time.
If he thinks that will help get the female vote it will not, nor will it get moniority vote.

galison said...


This is a coup d'etat.

vindicator said...

Gov. Patterson is in tank, clearly he is owned by the legal mafia. Former Judge Kaye belong in a jail cell. What size brown bag did the good Gov. receive? Money talks bullsh*t walks!

Anonymous said...

Patterson didn't pick this old hag, the legal thugs told him what to do

Anonymous said...

I agree that David Patterson DIDN'T SELECT ANYONE, he was told what to do and that is one of the reasons that his poll numbers have been going down. Wake Davey before its too late.

Eliot Bernstein said...

Welcome Back Judy ~ I for one was disappointed to see you go before the bitter end and it is a pleasant relief to see you back and ready for the Anderson trial. You corrupted the courts, you should be hear when you grand scheme implodes. Your every action a reflection of your final soul, one that I eagerly await with ANTICIPATION.
Let the games begin, let us see who is left in your deck of cards of scum lawyers, accountants and mob contacts. How are your (I mean mine) assets doing, are we surviving the depression well at Skadden, did you notify the judicial commission of your TRILLION dollar liability you have attached to your sweet little arse. Bless you Judy, the Devil, your friend,
Bat Out of Hell
Eliot Bernstein

galison said...

Paterson says Kaye will bring "added integrity" to the commission. Oh David, you have a devilish sense of humor!

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