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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Anderson Ethics Corruption Trial has been moved by U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin to Monday, August 31, 2009, with the specific addition by the Court that the trial may be additionally postponed.....

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Anonymous said...

OCA never goes to trial...they KNOW they have way to much corruption that can and will be exposed for the public to for now they can keep all of this trash from the public's ears by continuously adjourning the case until they figure out how they can settle it...while not appearing guilty or corrupt!

Hold your breath...they haven't the ability to figure this complication the final determination is sticky, as well as stanky...along with the mess of 2 other serious employment lawsuits.... that threaten the same exposure.

The web they weave...may not get untangled enough to inable them to save their lies and treachery!

There are some extensive indicting and provable factual activities floating around NY state...other than this debacle with Ms. Anderson...that greatly concerns a trial will never and see!

one of cohen's bartenders said...

Will drinks be served during the trail? Or will Sherri Cohen and Tom Cahill be allowed to role a portable bar into the courtroom?

Anonymous said...

I understand popcorn will be served at the trial, and a few cases of vodka will be on hand each day for Cohen. Cahill was told to bring his own beer keg.

A WITNESS to the Corruption at the DDC said...

To the above writer..You're right..How can Anderson's case go to trial? There is soooo much evidence pointing to their CRIME'S!!!!! They must be racking their tiny little brains trying to figure a way out of this!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OCA is extremely aware that there is information out there that implicates them in multiple and serious violations of the civil rights act, as well as criminal their treatment and firing conduct relative to female and minority employees...circa 2000-09...that will devastate their reputation and honor... and expose them to the vicious criminal monsters...which may cause a new system of riots!
Ms Anderson's case can and will expose the belief by non- employees that the NY state criminal justice system is the equivalent of the most potent and well financed organized crime syndicate...ever in existence and disguised as just the opposite....forming a remakable and dangerous institution!
No trial can ever be had...or the other case investigations...will manifest.
While the other information is in the hands of sources OCA can never access...even if they knew the will exist long after OCA has concluded all lawsuits and will remain in place to identify anyone OCA or their employees pick to retaliate against any old or new victims.
For the reality of the above comments.

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