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Monday, August 31, 2009

It's All About Legal Fees

It's All About Legal Fees
The Westchester Guardian - Letter to Editor - August 27, 2009

Reader Reveals Experience In Westchester Surrogates Court

Dear Editor: What has transpired at the Westchester Surrogates Court is an unrelenting testament to corruption that reiterates what your readers have already learned through recent articles that the Westchester Guardian has previously published as to Judge Scarpino's 'Criminal Enterprise' as identified before the New York State Senate Judiciary Committees Hearings as to the Carvel Estate, and other related stories. I am referring to the defrauding and extortion of the FFG Trust assets these past ten years through the machination and manipulations of the staff at the Westchester Supreme Court with Judge Anthony Scarpino at the helm. The criminal travesty that has gone on has been an illumination as to the ignoring in totality of the Laws of New York State, the Constitution of New York State and as to all of the guarantees of Due Process under Law. DUE PROCESS was thrown totally out of the window in service to massive and unrelenting greed by Westchester Supreme Court personnel and favored lawyers. The ongoing scams at the Westchester Supreme Court can all be filtered into one pivotal sentence "It's all about the 'legal fees'."

"Legal fees" - fraudulent 'legal fees', unearned 'legal fees', full of churned billable hours for work never done, with zero work product, or 'work' that is so slovenly that it is clear that it is just a sop to 'substantiate' the lawyer's billing fraud. "Legal Fees" presented by 'favored' lawyers and court appointed (anointed) guardians ad litem, sycophants all of the Westchester Supreme Court, for massive amounts of money and then are just rubber stamped by Scarpino. There is no Rule of Law operational at this Court. Facts are totally inconsequential. It is all about which parties have any money, and how can that money be '(il)legally' attached and moved into the pickets of the favored, but thoroughly corrupt lawyers as quickly as possible, by doing whatever has to be done; threats, intimidations, coercions, to frighten all who oppose into submission. The Westchester Supreme Court has become the haven of thugs, con artists, shake-down guys/gals and bagmen/bag women who are not only ripping off our hard earned monies, but are committing an even great crime - as they are ripping off our RIGHT to Justice. - M.L. Donohue.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Andy! Whatcha gonna do about this?

Anonymous said...

Some of these people real do belong in jail. Start with upstate and move south.

Anonymous said...

Start south, then move up! The head will fall!! They get their practice south, by trying it out on the poor minded!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is,, WHO IS GONNA DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! They are lauging all the way 2 the bank and resorts!
Snipping on Gin and Juice!

WP Attorney said...

Leave it to Tony and his friends. He needs their support, read money for his re-election next year. With a little bit of luck he will be in jail. Gee do you think his family would visit him?

Anonymous said...

hey andy I have the same thing in Surrogate Court in Niagara County,
just filed by complaint with Attorney Grievance, I did call the local AG office when it was going on........
and so where is my formal accounting for 10,000+
3500 to the estate
waiting to hear from my Grievance,
I wonder if they noted the meeting on 3-20 that seemed to only take place with one lawyer present......
how about the altering of the summary accounting, never ever got a proper accounting.......
has the attorney grievance done their investigation yet, have they notified Andy of Pubic Corruption that seems the way to operate in Niagara County.............

Anonymous said...

i'll get you some extra cash on this case, just make sure you donate to my re election campaign!

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