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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Judge Admits Deflating Tire Over Parking Spot

Md. judge admits deflating tire over parking spot
The Associated Press - August 13, 2009 

LA PLATA, Md. (AP) - A Charles County judge has acknowledged deflating a tire of a car parked in a restricted area near the courthouse, but he isn't apologizing. Circuit Court Judge Robert C. Nalley tells Channel 9 that he let out the air because leaving notes for illegal parkers is not effective. The chief administrative judge for Maryland's 7th Circuit, which includes Charles, says Nalley acknowledged his actions to him. Judge William D. Missouri suggested to The Washington Post that Nalley might be sanctioned for the action he took Monday. La Plata police say they are investigating the incident. The owner of the car, Jean Washington, works part time at the courthouse as part of a cleaning crew. She says she didn't know she couldn't park in the area and never received any warnings.


Judge Says Deflating Tire On Car Wasn't 'Big Deal'
Supervisor Says Jurist May Be Sanctioned
The Washington Post by Ruben Castaneda - August 13, 2009

A Charles County judge suspected of deflating a tire on a car parked near the courthouse admitted the action to his supervisor Wednesday and said he didn't think it was a "big deal," the supervisor said. Circuit Court Judge Robert C. Nalley made the statements in a conversation with William D. Missouri, chief administrative judge for Maryland's 7th Circuit, which includes Charles. Missouri said in an interview Wednesday that Nalley had apologized to him -- not for deflating the tire, but for not notifying him about the matter. Missouri said he learned about the incident from a newspaper account Wednesday. Missouri said he did not ask Nalley why he deflated the tire or press him for details.

La Plata police officers said Wednesday that they were investigating the incident. Regardless of whether the officers take action, Missouri suggested that Nalley, the Circuit Court's administrative judge for Charles, might be sanctioned. "As judges, all we have is the public's trust," Missouri said. "If we lose that trust, we have nothing. I can assure you, [trust] will be maintained." Nalley did not return phone calls from The Washington Post. But in an interview with the Maryland Independent newspaper published Wednesday, Nalley said that he had flattened the rear passenger-side tire of a 2004 Toyota Corolla that was parked near the courthouse in La Plata. Nalley told the Independent that someone had repeatedly parked in a restricted zone and that he had left notes for the driver. Letting the air out of a tire was less inconvenient to the driver than having the car towed, Nalley said. The owner of the Toyota, Jean Washington, said Wednesday that she had not received a note or a verbal warning to stay away from the parking area where she left her car Monday. "The only warning I got was when he flattened my tire," Washington said.

Washington, 51, works part time at the courthouse as part of an evening cleaning crew. Until Monday, she said, she had parked in the same area without any trouble. There is a sign notifying drivers that the area is a restricted parking zone and that motorists are required to have a permit between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. There are no signs or markings indicating that spaces are reserved for Nalley or anyone else. Washington said that she parked at 3:30 p.m. Monday and was told by a sheriff's deputy about 15 minutes later that Nalley was deflating one of her tires. Washington said she did not have a permit to park in the area and would not have done so if she had been told she was not supposed to. Washington said she chose the spot because it is close to the courthouse and, because her work shift typically ends at 8:30 p.m., she doesn't like to walk to another parking lot in the dark. Washington said Nalley should have called police or had her car towed rather than deflate the tire. "If my car had been towed, that would have been my responsibility," Washington said. "If I had been ticketed, that would have been my responsibility."


Anonymous said...

Where do some of these judges come from?

laughing said...

Aren't judges supposed to be above this kind of childish crap?!?

Anonymous said...

There is a Supreme Ct judge upstate that has cars towed when the court workers park with permission when they are scheduled to work on weekends and he often chooses to come to work for a very interesting purpose .. even though he he has not showed for work during that week and sometimes many other weeks before!

Not only doesn't he show up alot for many weeks...which upstate permits the very political judges to do "often".....but the spots are designated for the court staff on those special days...because the parking lot to the building is unaccessible...due to short staffed security locking the courthouse doors to the lot....and most judges attempt to have a life outside of the judicial work week...if they aren't doing something they are hoping to hide from their wife.

The ususal purpose of this judge's presence on these closed court to bring in some woman he found at the bar across the street...and play in the court so he doesn't have to pay for a hotel, answer to his wife and show how powerful he is in a robe...fact...fact!

If only the public knew what the court's judges will concoct and the administrative judges are well aware of...and permit year in year out...forever! Either case of vehicle tampering is abuse of power and chargeable....but the judges flaunt that they ...ARE ABOVE THE LAW!

not surprised said...

Has this jackass been removed from the bench yet?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

and this is person is the one making legal decisions, okkkayyyy!

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