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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Judges Failing Duty, Protecting Their Own

Circuit Finds Judges Immune From Suit for 18-B Pay Review
The New York Law Journal by Mark Hamblett - August 31, 2009

A lawyer who claimed judges in Queens Family Court conspired to cut his pay vouchers in cases to which he had been assigned because he submitted too many contested motions has lost his federal court battle for damages. The attorney, David Bliven, said he was forced to resign from the 18-B assigned-counsel panel, thereby losing two-thirds of his regular income, due to pressure from judges who did not like the extensive motions he made in some 15 child protective and foster care cases starting in 2001. Acting pro se, Mr. Bliven, of White Plains, in 2005 sued Queens Family Court Judges John Hunt and Barbara Salinitro; Guy DePhillips, the Family Court supervising judge; and Joseph Lauria, the administrative judge for New York City Family Court as well as their staff attorneys. Mr. Bliven claimed that every voucher he submitted between March and September 2002 to Judges Hunt or Salinitro was reduced by $50 to $100 with no explanation. Two staff attorneys, Douglas Foreman and Julie Stanton, Mr. Bliven said, told him the reduction was due to his filing motions to compel disclosures of complete Administration for Children's Services files. Mr. Bliven also charged that he was told the judges were threatening to file a grievance against him for complaining about the reductions. He asked for $5 million in compensatory damages, principally under 42 U.S.C §1983, alleging various grounds, including denial of substantive and procedural due process, conspiracy to deprive him of equal protection and conspiracy to deprive persons charged with child neglect and/or abuse of effective representation. He also sought $16,637 from New York City for a breach of contract claim. Further, he petitioned the court to enjoin the state and city from requiring judicial approval of vouchers and to order that any fee disputes be arbitrated.

But Eastern District Judge Sandra J. Fuerstein concluded that the defendants were absolutely immune from suit for judicial acts and dismissed his case in Bliven v. Hunt, 418 F. Supp. 2d 135. On Friday, the dismissal was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Judges Amalya Kearse, Robert Sack and Robert Katzmann decided the appeal in Bliven v. Hunt, 07-1146-cv. Judge Kearse wrote for the panel. The Second Circuit decision will be published tomorrow. Judge Kearse said it is "well settled that judges generally have absolute immunity from suit." But, she said, they are not immune to suit stemming from non-judicial actions, such as administrative decisions. One example of an administrative decision for which judges have been found liable to suit is in firing or demoting a court employee. Part of the analysis in distinguishing judicial from administrative actions, Judge Kearse said, is whether the judge's action is related to a particular case. Here, she said, "the determination by a judge as to whether a given fee request by an 18-B Panel member is reasonable is clearly case-related." Judge Kearse said Mr. Bliven was wrong to rely on Mitchell v. Fishbein, 377 F.3d 157 (2004), where the Second Circuit held that a screening committee that compiled a list of 18-B attorneys performed administrative and legislative functions rather than judicial. Nor was Mr. Bliven helped by citing Levenson v. Lippman, 4 N.Y.3d 280 (2005), where the New York Court of Appeals characterized an "award of compensation fees" as an "administrative rather than judicial act of the trial judge."

In Lippman, the Court said then-Chief Administrative Judge Jonathan Lippman did not violate state law by amending regulations to provide for the review by the appropriate administrative judge of awards by trial court judges that exceeded court guidelines. "Notwithstanding the New York Court of Appeals' characterization of 18-B Panel fee awards as administrative for purposes of ensuring their reviewability, we are not persuaded that a judge's decision as to reasonable attorney's fee is an administrative, rather than a judicial, decision for purposes of determining whether the judge is to have absolute immunity for that decision," Judge Kearse said. "The authority to decide what is a reasonable attorney's fee for representing a client in a particular case is plainly part of the judicial function performed in many cases." Mr. Bliven, who is on the 18-B panel in Westchester, said Friday he was "disappointed in the result but not entirely surprised." "It's certainly not a decision on the merits of the case and I stand by the facts that I put in my complaint," Mr. Bliven said. "I would hope the Legislature would act to amend the law to take the approval of public defenders' pay out of the hands of judges because certainly the judges don't have oversight on what prosecutors or city attorneys should get and they should not have that kind of oversight over only one side of the case." Assistant Solicitor General Diana R.H. Winters represented the state. Susan Choi-Hausman represented New York City.


disgusted said...

Immune?! Here we have a lawyer really doing his job, but the administrative thugs don't like it. This state court system is a mess. BRING IN THE FEDS !!

Completely and Utterly disgusted said...

This is disgusting!!! It makes you wonder why some of the HONEST lawyers run away...they're afraid to do the right thing..Because they already know how CORRUPT the system is and they're afraid to be retailiated against!!!!COME ON ALREADY, BRING IN THE FEDS and clean up this mess.

Anonymous said...

And it makes you wonder what hope an honest judge could possibly have.....

Anonymous said...

Saint Andrew comes to aid of his flock of crooked lawyers and judges. Maybe, he should have negotiated with Saint Andrew directly.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bliven claimed that every voucher he submitted between March and September 2002 to Judges Hunt or Salinitro was reduced by $50 to $100 with no explanation

isn't this the extortion that is known by all, you say a word about the violation of your rights, your clients rights and we will make it cost you!

oh, by the way we are immune, if not we will just change all the paperwork so we become immune and blame someone else and catch us if you can!

Anonymous said...

this is why some of our honest lawyers need to become FEDS and placed in our courthouses, deposition need to be taped
lawyers need to be taped
all conferences need to be taped
and transcibed
with our FED lawyers leading the way............
and if they suspect corrupt bastards are ruling, shut down the court house and verify the bastards behavior and then jail them...........
start putting them in jail and they will fall,
make it cost them
make them fearful

backstabbing, bloodsucking bastards!

Anonymous said...

nail these bastards in our courthouses!

Anonymous said...

we need feds to also handle ongoing complaints, to also shut down a lawyers office and audit their paperwork and procedures on an ongoing case, if corruption is suspected.....
no more self-gratifying-governed lawyers!
then the corrupt will fall.....

Anonymous said...

not only lawyers, how about corrupt us attorneys, or should I say ex us attorneys!

Anonymous said...

Looks Like the US Second Circuit is continuing the Wall of Judicial Corruption by Failing to Focus on what appears to have been an Illegal Purpose for the Judicial Acts thereby the US Second Circuit Continues the Corrupt Wall of Judges in New York State which is a Very Large factor in what brings New York and the NY Court system to the horrible and laughable position it is in. It would be completely laughable if Actual rights and lives and properties and more were not being devestated by the Wall of Judicial Corruption in NY every single day, every day probably even on Sundays and the Sabbath too!

How is it Within a Judge's Functions if Acting according to an Illegal Purpose and / or Unconstitutional Motive?

Federal Courts in New York NEED To take the LEAD in Cleaning up the Cesspool of the NY Courts instead of being part of it. Hopefully some Federal investigators are looking at the US Second Circuit too. This of course is all said without seeing the Decision which is not published yet but seeing enough of the "same old, same old" from the past from the Federal Courts in New York.

A Judge should NOT get a PROTECTIVE BLANKET if Acting According to Otherwise Illegal and Unconstitutional Intent, Motives and the Like. This should NOT be part of a Judge's Duties. Take the Protective Blankets away especially when the cold weather comes.

from Hudson Valley Region.

Anonymous said...

As a follow up, first impression is that the above case sounds like what permits the OCA and DDCs to perpetuate the Eternal "Catch 22" AS it sounds like this lawyer got Penalized for Doing what the Ethics Rules and law requires the lawyer to do, act zealously and pursue justice. Yet OCA and DDCs can swing the Hammer In Either Direction, penalizing the attorney for doing the job required but first slight instance the attorney does not and/or "goes along with the program" SLAM Down comes the hammer claiming neglect of ineffective blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

How many more days, months and years must we all say...BRING IN THE FEDS?

The citizens of NY STATE are requesting that a federal agency paid for from our tax dollars investigate over 70,000 claims of suspected abuse, terrorism and crimnal behavior...and the FEDS...say no...not yet...we haven't enough...we don't like the people and their claims...blah,blah,blah!

What is going on with this government and country...where are the feds and if they aren't interested...why not...they owe us an least as to why they have viewed proof and documentation and walked away from that proof with a kiss and a breeze blowing from their behind.

Anonymous said...

and the FEDS...say no...not yet...we haven't enough...we don't like the people and their claims...blah,blah,blah!

are the FEDS afraid of exposing their methods of corruption?

why? why would FEDS be afraid?

Anonymous said...

claims, alter my medical information, set up my lawyer,
my judge and my jury
that is no claim
that is a fact and it honors the threats I received the last time my rights were violated!
that is why I was threatened again!
The FEDS can prove all of this and where are they?

protecting prostitutes!

Eliot Bernstein said...

What is most frightening about this is that an attorney has to represent himself Pro Se. Why, he must have legal friends or is it that attorneys are afraid to fight city hall, afraid of blowback. The one legal profession specialty lacking is lawyers willing to sue lawyers and judges or worse yet prosecute and try them, a good lawyer who had some balls could probably make a fortune. Has the profession truly become spineless and lawless to crimes committed by the legal profession so as to make it a criminal free for all in the legal profession? Lawyers behind most of the financial crimes and even torture war crimes, if there is no justice there will be no end, if justice is dead, the people must overthrow the scum and reboot justice with some fresh blood. The new group should have ethics as part of the class and then one on how a few bad lawyers can ruin the bunch with a visit to the prison where the bunch of them belong for these crimes.

Eliot I. Bernstein
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Anonymous said...

Where do you think the locals get their cues from? They get it from the FEDS. Try going against those bastards and see how far you get.

Try this sometime: Call a local FBI office and I bet the agent answering the phone doesn't even extend you the courtesy of giving you their name.

I wrote three very detailed letters to the US attorney in the EDNY. I have them chapter and verse of the crimes of corruption that I told him I could prove beyond any doubt. Those letters were written over a year and a half. I have yet to receive and answer. I then wrote to the then US attorney Mukasey, and asked for him to look into it. No answer. I then wrote to US attorney Holder. Again, no answer.

Not a phone call from an FBI agent to verify my complaint. Not a letter of rejection. NOTHING.

I asked the advice of a former supervising AUSA as to the procedure I should take, and what my chances were of getting at least an audience. He told me that now that he is no longer in the US attorney's office he could tell me that if I came in when he was in office he would not take the case. I told him the charges were very serious. He agreed that they were, but they would have to put a lot of time and effort in it, and the case would be hard to prove. I told him that I have already proven it with evidence that cannot be erased. He told me he would give me the name of his successor if it made me feel any better, but I would get the same reply.

I called the FBI office in Manhattan, and I was told to call the LI office. He showed no concern that I told him my life may be in danger as my complaints were made known to those I spoke about to SCPD IAB, and they knew of it while I was still in the room in Yaphank giving my statement.

I called the FBI in Long Island and they told me to call the US attorney. Called the US attorney and they told me to call the FBI.

I went directly to the FBI and laid my complaints out to an intake officer. He told me that he couldn't spend much time with me as I hadn't made an appointment.

Walk into any NYC detective squad and tell them you have information about a serious crime and see if they tell you they can't talk to you without an appointment.

pete f

Here's my TWO CENTS said...

These Attorneys who represent the City of New York and the Assistant Solicitor for the State of New York in these 1983 actions, should be behind bars (JAIL) for aiding and abetting in these crimes.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judges decision is a freaking JOKE, he should also go to JAIL for aiding and abetting crimes in dismissing these meritorious claims!!!!


Here's my TWO CENTS AGAIN said...

Mr.Biven you're my HERO!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is only me that smells big conflicts here?

Anonymous said...

I am confused.. Did the attorney sue on behalf of himself or the children??

Anonymous said...

Next, when will the disbarment of one David Biven begin? Or will 'they' try to set him up first somehow? My jaded view is based on facts not fiction.

Anonymous said...

it is time, those of this site write the legislation to stop the
corrupt bastards,
there is enough information
there are enough suggestions......
there needs to be a collaboration of the light to stop the darkness
and this needs to be done before the next hearing
and it needs to include getting rid of useless gov't agencies and calling in the FEDS!
who is intelligent & educated enough to write the legislation?

Anonymous said...

well it may not be the FEDS it may be a US Attorney, how else do they get their jobs unless they just screwed someone..........

Anonymous said...

oopsies, did the ex us attorney, just lie to all of you and forget to tell you there was legal malpractice many years ago,
blame the one you do not allow to speak! bastards!
hope it all comes back to you, not how horrid you did it to me,
as you thought, paybacks are a bitch!
thought you were paying me back
you idiot you are lucky to be practicing law and so are you friends!

Anonymous said...

who is going to write the legislation?
these layers of gov't have to be deleted, once crime has been committed, it has to go to lawyer-FBI, then to Washington,
out of the area of who
blows who!
who is going to write the legislation and fine/jail the ilk!

Anonymous said...

there needs to be a collaboration of the light to stop the darkness!

Anonymous said...

Has the profession truly become spineless and lawless to crimes committed by the legal profession so as to make it a criminal free for all in the legal profession? Lawyers behind most of the financial crimes and even torture war crimes, if there is no justice there will be no end, if justice is dead, the people must overthrow the scum and reboot justice with some fresh blood. The new group should have ethics as part of the class and then one on how a few bad lawyers can ruin the bunch with a visit to the prison where the bunch of them belong for these crimes.

Anonymous said...

to pete f, you are better off to call uncle tony.....
do not bother with the legal system!

Anonymous said...

the legal system gets their information from the mentally and sexually deraigned, as they are!

Anonymous said...

What is most frightening about this is that an attorney has to represent himself Pro Se. Why, he must have legal friends or is it that attorneys are afraid to fight city hall, afraid of blowback. The one legal profession specialty lacking is lawyers willing to sue lawyers and judges or worse yet prosecute and try them, a good lawyer who had some balls could probably make a fortune. Has the profession truly become spineless and lawless to crimes committed by the legal profession so as to make it a criminal free for all in the legal profession? Lawyers behind most of the financial crimes and even torture war crimes, if there is no justice there will be no end, if justice is dead, the people must overthrow the scum and reboot justice with some fresh blood. The new group should have ethics as part of the class and then one on how a few bad lawyers can ruin the bunch with a visit to the prison where the bunch of them belong for these crimes.

this is why this needs to be the FEDS in our courthouses or in our attorneys offices with the help of the people.........
it is some who are violating our gov't and our laws for their benefit, it has to be the gov't who gives them payback with the help of the citizens of the light.........

Eliot are you going to write the legislation, get rid of the layers of gov't, who will help Eliot?

Anonymous said...


You know I was a NYC detective for 29 years and I have to tell you that you are right.

Remember the scene in The Godfather when the funeral director asks Don Corleone for justice because the criminal justice system did nothing for his raped daughter ?

One night many years ago I get a frantic call from my older cousin. His son's car was torn apart by a hoodlum that believed the kid was flirting with his girlfriend. He threatened to kill the kid. The hoodlum had already did time for manslaughter.

I drove out to Levittown and he asked me to do something for him. What could I do. Do you think I would be able to scare the guy. They laugh at the cops.

The hoodlum was supposed to be a bouncer in one of the area night spots. I leave the house wondering what could I do? I pass a club that I know my friend owns and figure I stop by because he may know people in the other club.

My friend, Kevin calls his 'partner' Tony, and I tell him of my problem. He tells me to standby and he will go see the guys at the other club.

20 minutes later he returns and tells me the situation was taken care of, the guy shouldn't be bothering the kid anymore. Give him a call if the guy didn't get the message. All was matter of factly told to me. It is now 2:00AM in the morning.

I go home and go to bed. I wake up at about 900AM and tell my cousin what I did and to keep his fingers crossed that all is well. He tells me he HAS to put his wife on the phone. She is wild with excitment and is heaping praise on me. What the hell happened, I ask her.

She tells me that a little after 2AM, the door bell rings and this hulking hoodlum is at the door crying. He said he didn't do anything, but it won't happen again. My cousin and his wife are dumbfounded.

In that case there was a "Uncle Tony' literally, that came to the rescue.

Anonymous said...

Years ago a very good friend of mine invited me to his daughter's wedding. While I am at the wedding I see a guy my office arrested for fixing a championship prize fight. I ask him how he made out. He tells me that the judge fined him $250.00. What a swell guy the judge was. Then, for some reason he gets nasty with me. I had nothing to do with his arrest, I only saw him in the office when I got back from NJ with the prizefighter that was in on the fix. They broke his hand to ensure he wouldn't forget he was to throw the fight. It wasn't my case. All I did was to ride along with one of the detectives that worked the case to pick up the prize fighter.

Now the guy that abused me at the friend's daughter's wedding was a stone cold killer. So I go to my friend and tell him that Joe abused me when all I asked him how did he make out. I didn't follow the case after that.

The next thing I know this stone cold killer comes over to me and apologizes to me for abusing me. I was flabbergasted.

That time it was Uncle Vincent that took care of business for me.

Anonymous said...

When I was a detective we had this case where a woman went to the FBI office to report a crime. She told them that when she got home she saw her boyfriend shoveling dirt into a big hole in her backyard. She asked him what was he doing. He tells her he is a hit-man for John Gotti, and he killed this guy for him and was burying the body in her back yard. She goes to the FBI and they laugh at her. This was before 911, or before the FanBeltInspectors were chasing terrorists.

She goes to the local precinct and repeats this story to the detectives. What the heck, all they have to do to confirm or deny this story is to get a couple of shovels and see for themselves.

They find a broken meat freezer in the ground and sure enough there is a frozen stiff in the box.

We set up a surveillance on the house and have a few perps the next evening.

No, he didn't kill anyone for John Gotti, he had nothing to do with it. What happens is the dead guy was a businessman that sold his frozen food business to some people. The victim went to live in California with the notes to be paid. He doesn't get paid so he comes back to NY to collect his money. They kill him in the store and hang him up in the freezer for a couple of weeks. They then put him in the broken freezer box and bury him in the woman's backyard.

The FBI is a joke.

pete f

Anonymous said...

when I worked in Manhattan we had this guy who was an accountant and told us his three brother in laws that worked in the Manhattan Storage House opened this steamer trunk that was to be auctioned the next day. They found $8M, in the trunk that went back 30 or 40 years ago. They took it for themselves. They bought all their neighbors and friends new TV's etc.,

The accountant was asked to devise a method to show that the money came from legitimate sources. They gave him only $25K for his services, and he was pissed.

After many search warrants we recovered only $1.5M. A few hundred thousand we found in one of their freezers under the lasanga.

They went to jail for a year, or so. But they still had the other 6.5. Not a bad payday for a year in the joint.

The accountant had first went to the FBI. They laughed him out of the office. He came to us and we made the arrests.

The Fan Belt Inspectors (FBI) had once again proven their true worth. Do you wonder why 19 terrorist were able to fly our planes into the WTC I and II, and the Pentagon?

Unless the FBI comes up with the information it is considered worthless to America's Greatest Law Enforcement agency.

pete f

galison said...

To Pete F.

My experience exactly.


Anonymous said...

So when the FBI were in my house discussing OCA corruption...I should have excused myself and placed the evidece I had in their "THEY COULD FIND IT"...instead of showing the proof to them myself, and having them blow out of my house like DC had requested they leave it alone?

The FBI definitely has an agenda regrding the court system of NY state...and it is not cleaning up and out the diseases of sex, drugs and terrorism....but could be the permission they give them to perpetuate this if they do a will be big time accolades... with huge murder or rape( which I am sure has already happened) by a judicial employee against a citizen or court employee.

With such constant dark activity occuring in the courts everyday...this scenario is not far least from being reported....and it all can be prevented before we see the reality.

Anonymous said...

The removal of Judge Sol "Wacky" Wachler was only the result of the fact that Joy Silverman personally knew the Director of FBI, Mr. Webster. Ms. Silverman had made the rounds to the NYCPD, NYSP, DA's, NYSAG and various other agencies to no avail. Over 50 FBI vehicles followed "Wachy" Wachler down the LIE to nab him, what a picture! The head NYS Judge is a head case and only one person in authority cared. Does this all sound like you heard it all before?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Silverman is said to have known the Director VERY WELL. Do you really believe the Judge rated 50 agents to go chasing him around the hiways and byways?

This was only kid stuff being done by a very disturbed and sick man. Call him in and lay it out. Resign for health reasons and get medical attention.


SanitizedEmail said...

Bias and Due Process...

From: <*******>
To: "****" <*****>
Subject: OCA
Date: Friday, February 17, 2006 1:13 PM

**** had filed a claim for sex disrimination with OCA; she said Kent was biased against women.

I backed her saying denial of counsel fees is discriminatory against women because it is a denial of a women's right to litigate.

I beleive he got an adminstrative sanction. *****

I Am going away tomorrow thru next Friday.

IamtheHigherJudge said...

The High Court has determined that legal fees should not be put off until after trial... But does Judge Kent care what the Higher State Court has said...
No.. he doesn't....
It would cramp his bias style...

SameCollectionofJudges said...

I wonder why....

WebCivil Supreme - Appearance Detail
Court: Suffolk Civil Supreme
Index Number: 010038/2007
Case Type: Contested Matrimonial
Track: Standard

Appearance Information:
AppearanceDate Time On For AppearanceOutcome Justice /Part Comments MotionSeq
09/04/2009 Post Judgment WILLIAM KENT PART 42 SUBMIT
08/25/2009 Post Judgment Pd - Adjourned WILLIAM KENT PART 42 SUBMIT
07/21/2009 Supreme Trial Settled Before Trial WILLIAM KENT CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 42 S/A
07/09/2009 Supreme Trial Status Conference Held WILLIAM KENT TRIAL PART 42
06/01/2009 Supreme Trial Pretrial Conference Held WILLIAM KENT PRETRIAL PART 42 PER TRIAL ORDER
02/23/2009 Supreme Trial Status Conference Held WILLIAM KENT CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 42 9:30 PER ORDER
01/06/2009 Supreme Trial Referred To Another Judge HECTOR D. LASALLE CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 30 HDL REC.ORDER 1/7/09
11/24/2008 Supreme Trial Status Conference Held MARK D. COHEN CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 28
11/17/2008 Supreme Trial Status Conference Held MARK D. COHEN CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 28
10/29/2008 Supreme Trial Adjourned MARK D. COHEN CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 28 9:30AM
10/01/2008 Supreme Trial Referred To Another Judge JOAN M. GENCHI CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 14 RECUSAL BY JMG
08/20/2008 Supreme Trial Adjourned JOAN M. GENCHI CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 14
07/01/2008 Supreme Trial Status Conference Held JOAN M. GENCHI CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 14
05/28/2008 Supreme Trial Status Conference Held JOAN M. GENCHI CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 14
04/23/2008 Supreme Trial Status Conference Held JOAN M. GENCHI CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 14
03/24/2008 Supreme Trial Adjourned JOAN M. GENCHI CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 14 P/ORD 2/13/08
02/01/2008 Supreme Trial Referred To Another Judge JOHN C. BIVONA CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 2 RECUSAL SFO DTD 2/1/08
01/31/2008 Supreme Trial Status Conference Held JOHN C. BIVONA CONFERENCE CALENDAR PART 2
10/22/2007 Supreme Initial (first time on) Preliminary Conference Held JOHN C. BIVONA PRELIMINARY CONF PART 2 PCHOS

Wontstoptillarrested... said...

Seems like alot of recusal for nothing... eh???

Someone should check what's filed at the Clerk's Office... Very interesting indeed...

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. same Shea? same D'Amato?,+Curto,+Schwartz,+Mineo,+Carlino+&+Cohn,+LLP+announced+that...-a0117864218

They figured that Sabino would have an edge because of his status as a town employee, but they didn't even know the half of it. His attorney in the zoning matter, Judy Simoncic, works for Forchelli, Curto, Schwartz, Mineo, Carlino & Cohn in Mineola, one of the Nassau GOP machine's main law firms. Partner Jeff Forchelli is a GOP executive leader; ex-Sen. Alfonse D'Amato's brother Armand used to be a partner in the firm. People around Oyster Bay Town Hall can't remember the last time Forchelli's firm lost a zoning case.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

mr bliven and the other lawyers hired to help those children falsely arrested and others unfairly hurt by the system have to deal with corruption in corporation counsel and the chief judges such as salinitro, stokinger, bogacz, referee stanton ,contaratis and other corrupt and unfair judges who want to drag cases on so they can get perks from corporation counsel where they steal tax payer dollars and corruption in queens faily and supreme rampant and the lawyers politically connected raid the surrogates court, receiverships, guardianships for their political allies while we go without jobs throw them all out asap ans get new honest blood in the courts so people can get justice wait around all morning in the court for nothing but incompetence and corruption bad and rude staff in record room and olvia mathis so rude court house supreme empty until can churn matrimonial cases or wait for money from surrogagtes

Anonymous said...

referee julie stanton is incompetent and unethical referee and she must be removed from our courts right away due to her inability to handle family law cases. she is vindictive against those who reveal her incompetence to the authorities. she must pay damages to families she has hurt.
hold judges accountable for their abuse also judge barbara salinitro, judge carol stokinger, judge jeremy weinstein, judge sidney strauss, maryellen fitzmaurice, steven bogacz, magistrate katerina contaratis, judge jeffrey lebowitz. Hold them accountable for their abuse of discretion and refusaal to allow due process in family law cases. judges in queens court corrupt due to ex parte communications with their friends who are lawyers they help rob the surrogates court and unfairly gett favoritism term limits for poltiicans of 4 years let public elect judges through a legal process not manipulation of democratic party get rid of district leaders and allow freedom of the press. move judges and court staff around and do not let anyone associated with politicians get assignments, guardianships receiverships or other corrupt signs of favoritism. get politiicans out of the courts and punish those who permit abuses in the courts
do not reappoint bogacz, stanton, stokinger, strauss, libeowitz,contaratis, salinitro.
punish maryellen fitzmaurice for the abuses she has caused to society by forcing her to pay money damages and serve jail time.
corrupt lawyers howard felcher, andrew ayers, ade fasanya, audrey sager, raul felder, wisselman, sari friedman, mikee riley, alex potruch, norman bock, dominick barbara, elizabeth vreeburg, robert broderick, mike dikman must be held accountable for churning cases for years and abusing the system by having ex parte communications and giving and taking bribes

Anonymous said...

I found salinitro and stockinger to be pretty fair judges and clever enough to see through the phony tricks. Hunt was truly spectacular! He really sticks out his neck to protect innocent children. I hope he keeps up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I found stockinger and salinitro to be very fair judges. They also saw through all the attorney tricks that were played. Hunt was spectacular! He really stuck out his neck to protect innocent children! I hope he keeps it up!

Anonymous said...

whoever wrote the feb 6 comments is probably judge hunt or his friend or wife. Do not defend the incompetent judges and referees in our court system as we must have panels of people assigned to ovesee the courts, have cameras in court rooms and chambers of every court room. we must demand time certain appointments in court with judges ordered to start at 9am sharp and take a one hour lunch 1-2 and stay until 5pm sharp. see how the judges come in at 11 but make us wait for them as of 9am and how they waste our time and make us waste money on attorneys in the racket of the court system where they steal your life savings and drag your case on and on for years. let's get our cases in the media and if they cover up for the corruption lets go to public tv and newspapers not run by politicians try to expose every corrupt and bad judge and referee you have by writing to judicial misconduct commission, the attorney general, inspector general, to the newspapers, and tv stations, to the district attorney, to the grievance committee, and if your lawyers try to intimidate you or overcharge you write to your grievance commitee, to administrative judges, to the newspapers, to the district attorney and attorney general, insector general right away and keep copies of all of your letters. let's find lawyers to sue the judges in federal court and to find malpractice lawyers who will sue the corrupt lawyers expecially in family law. demand mediation, arbitration and collaborative law in divorce and custody cases sign petitions and rally in support of changes in the corrupt court systems nationwide everyone stand up and object to your governmental officials and to the world. demand 4 year max for government officials and for judges after judges leave bench do not agree that they can work for firms unless the loop poles in the surrogate court, receiverships, guardianships, foreclosures are corrected do anti trust laws to hold lawyers accountable for maximum annual fees for surrogate court work of $5000 total and no one who is a district leader, a politicians relative or business associate permitted to get assignments or receiverships and a list to be kept a wheel where they are assigned one case per year max and will not get 5% of a family's estate as we must have a law that everyone in our country have to have a will at age of 18. There must be a review of all past robbings of the surrogates and other estate and receivership cases from 20 years ago to date and those who engaged in misconduct punished and refunds to family's who have been robbed of their estate. It happened to my family that we lost all of our relatives estate who died without a will. have court watch set up to keep eye on each judge by popping into their court rooms unannounced to spy on judges to see if they are unbiased and open family court rooms to the public and replace all referees with judges asap now as the public is suffering due to incompetence and arrogance of referees and support magistrates.

Anonymous said...

My child was subjected to being represented by an incompetent lawyer named Ade Fasanya. He does not trust Mr. Fasanya and wants to be assigned a new lawyer as the lawyer never meets with him and takes bribes from my husband. The lawyer never meets with me and ignores my letters I write to him. I hope that my child could get a new lawyer as he is scared of the lawyer and the lawyer does not listen to him. My son wants to be with me but the lawyer is trying to brainwash my son against mee and my son is so upset and this lawyer demands huge legal fees and is always late for court dates causing us so much more in legal fees. I see the lawyer talking to the judge privately and feel that this is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Long Island lawyer helps judge swap one wife for another
On April 15, 2014, attorney Curtis R. Exum, Esq., from Hauppauge, appeared in NYS Supreme Court in Central Islip, NY, to ask Judge William J. Kent III, to remove the wife of former Huntington Town Council Member, Stuart P. Besen, from her home located at 77 Stoothoff Road, in East Northport, NY

Exum told the Court that he was the duly appointed receiver in the Besen v. Besen action, under Index No: 31199/2011.

Exum told the Court that Margaret Besen "must be removed from the marital residence" before he could list and sell the property.

The home in question was listed, on multiple, with Lighthouse Realty Group, Inc., in Selden, NY when Exum made his request.

A witness to the days proceeding said, "Margaret Besen appeared in Court to answer Exum's motion."

The witness said, "Margaret told Judge Kent that Exum failed to file his required oath."

The witness said, "Margaret told Judge Kent that she didn't understand why Exum had to remove her from her home, or why the realtors had to be changed to sell her property."

The witness said, "Judge Kent made the motion returnable on April 29, 2014 and told Margaret you can show
up, or not, you can answer, or not."

On Friday the 18th of April, Margaret met with attorney Arthur v. Graseck, Esq., from Oakdale, NY, at the Cohalan Courthouse in Central Islip, NY

Graseck checked the papers filed by Exum, as well as the clerk's minutes of the case file.
A copy of Exum's duly executed receiver's oath could not be found.

Margaret told Graseck that Exum has since made Lighthouse Realty remove their listing by saying that the Judge ordered it removed.

Graseck asked Margaret to call Lighthouse Realty and get the agent on the phone.

Lighthouse Realty confirmed what Graseck suspected. There was no order to remove the listing.

Graseck told Lighthouse to restore the listing at least until Exum filed his oath.

When Lighthouse realized that they were duped by Exum, they tried to honor their contractual obligation by re-instating the listing. Lighthouse Realty's attempt failed when it was discovered that another realtor already had the listing.

On April 22nd an email was sent which pictured the wife of NYS Supreme Court Justice William J. Kent, as the real estate agent for Margaret Besen's home. (See Attachments)

The listing agent pictured has since been changed but the broker with the business remains the same.

The motion, which will decide the fate of the wife, Margaret Besen, is scheduled to be heard by Judge William J. Kent, at the Cohalan Courthouse in Central Islip, NY, on April 29, 2014.


Margaret R. Besen; 631-626-0120
Curtis R. Exum, Esq.; 631-232-2580
Judge William J. Kent; 631-853-5471
Arthur V. Graseck, Esq.; 631-277-6543
Lighthouse Realty Group; Roberta Franzese; 631-696-4500
Realty Connect USA; Patricia Kent; 631-881-5601

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