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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NY Appellate Judge Quits, Needs More Money

NY Judge Quits Over Lack of a Raise, Rejoins 750-Lawyer Firm
The New York Law Journal by Daniel Wise - August 4, 2009

Appellate Division, Second Department Justice Robert A. Spolzino, citing the fact that state judges have not received a raise in more than a decade, will rejoin the law firm he left when he became a Supreme Court justice in 2001. At the end of September, Justice Spolzino, who has been on the Second Department since 2004, again will become a partner at Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker, a 750-lawyer firm, where he will litigate and expand the firm's commercial and appellate practices. In a statement issued yesterday, Justice Spolzino said he would never have left a "job I love so much if it were not for the judicial salary situation in New York." Eight years ago, Justice Spolzino recalled, he and his family realized that joining the bench would entail a financial sacrifice, but with no raise since then "I can no longer ask them to do that." At the Appellate Division, Justice Spolzino earns $144,000. At Wilson Elser, where he will work in the White Plains office, he said, "I will be paid an amount appropriate for someone with 25 years of legal experience."


Downtown Brooklyn Attorney said...

Spolzino is a smart man for leaving before the federal indictments. The 2nd department has to be the dirtiest of the 4. From top to bottom, through and through.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, Elser- the law firm of corrupt back room deals. Not surprising that Judge Spolzino came from there.

Anonymous said...

Oh Great. Now all the other appellate pansy's will be pouting 'we told ya so' 'we told ya so'

Anonymous said...

good bye
who cares?
If they do not like the pay just leave.
What was it a slow newsday.
I the law journal posted articles about everyone that changed jobs in N.Y for one reason or another in every edition of the journal it would thicker than the phonebook

Anonymous said...

Very interesting how this Appellate Judge Spolzino went to big huge connected lobbying firm, like number 1 on lobbying list in last 4 Pataki years and Spitzer years and same Judge was instrumental in deciding horrible case against a russian native mother from Dutchess when the Wilson firm was defending in federal court.

Anonymous said...

What, not enough bribes? Damn economy.

Eliot Bernstein said...

Do you really think these guys leave Law Firm jobs for government jobs because they are altruistic lawyers who want to do go for society by sacrificing themselves? Really?
They take these government jobs to subvert them and pervert them and allow their firms, where they always have big money at, do crimes and if they get caught, give the nod to the inside man, who then increases his pension at the firm when he leaves and rejoins.
Also while at work for government, these scumbag criminals disguised as lawyers, wait for complaints against attorneys and public officials that can either be recruited to "The Firm" while blackmailed by the complaint or getting them off complaint and then you owe and owe.
This is how law firms now operate, like a criminal enterprise, the government and PRO BONO work is really a disguise for crime. Check up this guys ass as he leaves office, crying pay, as his pockets are stuffed and his gilded parachute awaits for his dirty public service at his law firm job.
The conflicts with these guys, with no one stopping it, is absurd and CRIMINAL.

WP atty said...

Birds of a feather flock together - neither are paragons of virtue .

Anonymous said...

Is this rat leaving the sinking ship and using this as an excuse to remove his records/files? Only the other rats believe that he took a cut in pay to serve the people.

Anonymous said...

lawyers who ditch cases to get themselves a better job........
so absolutely true

Anonymous said...

Wilson Elser is a firm that should be really looked at. looks like classic fixer firm and of course No. 1 lobbying firm too many years in a row under former king george pataki. firm represented defendants in both dutchess and columbia county in federal court where corruption / civil liberties of family court and state courts challenged.

taxpayer said...

Let them all quit who would care, no me! Besides look at all the money we would save! I pray that Jonathan Lippman quits and he can got to Wilson etal.but he wants his pensions so that he will not do that. This moron Lippman (and his wife) have lived off the taxpayers for years and then they both get pensions and contine to live off us. Let's have a Tea Party for the Courts - screw them all!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, how do I get my kickback money back from this clown?

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