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Thursday, August 6, 2009

NY Family Court Judge Pleads Guilty

Maney admits DWAI charge
Judge fined, ordered to attend victim impact panel
The Albany Times Union by ROBERT GAVIN - August 5, 2009

GREEN ISLAND, NY  -- Family Court Judge Gerard Maney pleaded guilty Tuesday night to driving while impaired by alcohol in June, resolving a case in which police said he drove away from a sobriety checkpoint. The 59-year-old judge admitted to the violation before Green Island Town Justice Joseph Liotta and Albany County Assistant District Attorney Mary Tanner-Richter. The charge is equivalent to a speeding ticket. Maney must pay a $300 fine and an estimated $260 in surcharges. He must take a drinking-and-driving program and attend a victim-impact panel on a night in Guilderland. "After much thought, Judge Maney has decided that it is in the best interest of everyone to enter a plea of guilty to driving in a motor vehicle while ability impaired," his lawyer, Joseph McCoy, said in a statement handed out after Maney's plea. "Judge Maney apologizes to his family, friends and supporters for the embarrassment he has caused them and to the residents of Albany County for the incident that occurred," McCoy said. "He is confident that the humble lessons he has learned from this mistake and the lessons he will continue to learn will make him a better person and justice." Police have said his blood alcohol level was 0.07 -- just below the 0.08 legal limit needed for misdemeanor driving while intoxicated. But police also charged the judge with common-law driving while intoxicated.

He was arrested June 18 after allegedly driving away from a checkpoint on the Green Island Bridge about 8:30 p.m. He told police he was headed to Verdile's in Troy. Court papers alleged he had glassy eyes and the smell of alcohol on his breath. The court papers said the judge initially refused to take a breath screening test, but later agreed and registered a 0.15. He later admitted he "rinsed his mouth with mouthwash." The court papers said after he was given a DWI "warning" and read his Miranda rights, the judge was "undecided and wanted to talk to a lawyer." But he submitted to a chemical breath test, which registered his blood alcohol level at 0.07. Maney, a Family Court judge since June 1991, was arrested on a night of DWI patrols across Albany County. Court papers have said the judge was traveling eastbound toward Troy when he made an illegal U-turn "to avoid the safety checkpoint." He turned left on Albany Avenue, with Green Island police following him with sirens and lights activated, court papers said. He was issued tickets for making an illegal U-turn and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. Maney faces possible discipline from the Commission on Judicial Conduct.


no time for judges without morals said...

A judge tried to run ?!?!? He must be removed from the bench!

no time for judges without morals said...

A judge tried to run ?!?!? He must be removed from the bench! Today

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tembeckjian. Check out Canon 2 for this judge. Did the judge avoid impropriety or the appearance of impropriety? You read this site and you are now informed.

Anonymous said...

Actually, da judge tried to avoid even the appearance of insobriety. I say give'm a drink and toss him off da bench.

gotta go said...

This judge needs to be removed because he has ruined any faith anyone could have in him. Some parent, who actually wants the assistance of an honorable judge to assist with a teenager who might be in trouble, is out of luck with a clown like this guy. The teen will find out in 3 seconds that the judge-man speaking was himself driving after drinking and, as pointed out, attempted to sneak away from the police. NOT A VERY GOOD EXAMPLE. REMOVE HIM.

Anonymous said...

This guy has been drinking and driving for years. I'VE SEEN HIM !! Keep him off the road and, more importantly, GET HIM OFF THE BENCH !

Ret. Fed. Investigator said...

What else has the Judge been up to?

Anonymous said...

This judge has been up to a lot of things.

He's part of a group of corrupt judges in the Columbia, Albany, Rensselaer County area that inflict their heartless, dirty deeds on vulnerable families and then cover for each other. He recently, illegally, terminated the parental rights of a father who has been trying to regain custody of his children. For years, this father has jumped through all the right hoops, did everything by the book, but still was screwed over by this group of bastards, starting with Paul Czajka in Columbia County.

Judge Maney is part of a group of judges in the 3rd Department that use their black robes to cover their black hearts. What they don't realize is that the feds are on to them.

May they all rot in Hell!!

Anonymous said...

Judge Maney is the best judge anyone could ever have. He cares about the well being of the kids and also the support of the kids. He looks down on dead beat dads who are not willing to care for their children. Judge Maney, everyone goes through things and just because this has happened to you does not take away from the wonderful job you have done thus far. I wish you and your family the best. You have made my life along with my childrens life the best. Thanks

Anonymous said...

A very interesting case to research and look into is a case of Meanwell Vs Bump in Maney's court. It has come to light from court records that Bump used stolen information against Meanwell which was obtained from his aunt Jaqueline Hankle who was just arrested and prosecuted by the NYS Inspector generals office for obtaining state non public information for his use within family court. By all accounts of the court records Bump's attorney Supovitz was involved quite deeply too in using the stolen information against Meanwell. A very illegal tactic was used against Meanwell by all involved. Keep watching this case it should be quite interesting. The judge was obviously involved in this also.

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