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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lippman, Prudenti and Scheinkman on Notice of Mounting Allegations of Corrupt Surrogate

Here's the Letter to Chief Judge Lippman, 2nd Department Presiding Judge Prudenti and 9th Judicial District Administrative Judge Scheinkman:


July 24, 2009

TO: A. Gail Prudenti, Presiding Judge
Alan Scheinkman, Administrative Judge,
Jonathan Lippman, Chief Judge*
We, All Nineteen (19) of the Named Beneficiaries of the Fred F. Goetz Trust, are herewith demanding the IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION of Anthony Scarpino as to any and all activity as to the Fred F. Goetz Trust and it's Litigation at the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court, File No. 2235-1999 A&B. As is clearly identified in our attached ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE and VERIFIED PETITION (and other additional Documentation), Anthony Scarpino’s latest scam as to the ongoing Extortion and Defrauding of our Fred F. Goetz Trust assets is the calendaring of an ILLEGAL ‘Trial’ to take place on August 10, 2009.
This is just another of the heinous and overt egregious acts as to the decimation of our Fred F. Goetz Trust funds into the unclean hands (and pocketbooks) of Anthony Scarpino and his handpicked crooked cohorts as he openly pilfers away OUR Fred F. Goetz Trust assets via a variety of criminal scams that violate New York State Law after Law, blatantly ignoring  not only New York State CPLR Rules but OUR Rights under the New York State Constitution and our RIGHTS as citizens of the United States as to full DUE PROCESS protection. We have had numerous high level Judges and Prosecutors, in both Federal and State capacities, in our primary home states of California and New Mexico, review what has been occurring at the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court and they are all aghast – stunned, actually, at the open and criminal violations as to our Case and that our Constitutional Rights are rapaciously trod upon unchecked with no oversights by or of Anthony Scarpino as he callously rapes our Fred F. Goetz Trust funds.
We are well aware, via the Internet, that we, the Nineteen (19) Named Beneficiaries of the Fred F. Goetz Trust, are just one of a legion of Estates and/or Trusts who Anthony Scarpino has brazen, repeatedly and uninhibitedly raped year by year in his term as 'Surrogate' under what others have labeled as "Anthony Scarpino's Criminal Enterprise". We are well aware that numerous Notifications of and Complaints about Anthony Scarpino have already been made to EACH of you as to the rampant CORRUPTION at Anthony Scarpino's Court and as to Anthony Scarpino's in-house Henchmen, his 'enforcers' in Fraud and Extortion - Charles Scott, Joseph Accetta, Robin Rodrigues,  et al, and the 'Guardian/Thugs' - Luke Charde and Mary Nitsch.


We are demanding not only the IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION of Anthony Scarpino but that you remove our case from the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court to a local Court in New York State where the tentacles of Anthony Scarpino and his criminal underlings have no reach or effect. 

We are demanding that you assign a new Judge to this case.  A Judge who is Honest beyond refute. A Judge who is trained in the proper application of the Law and the application of Facts to a case, i.e. The Rule of Law. 

A Judge who has had NO complaints filed against him or her.
We are RIGHTFULLY DEMANDING that until as such time that our ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE AND VERIFIED PETITION TO DISQUALIFY ANTHONY SCARPINO is resolved, that all actions at the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court as to our Litigation are SUSPENDED and that not even an additional penny of OUR Fred F. Goetz Trust assets is touched.
Additionally, we are stating that RECUSAL by Anthony Scarpino is NOT an option.  The heinousness of his criminal acts is such that recusal would be as much of a MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE as to letting stand all of Anthony Scarpino's multitudinous Acts of Fraud on the Court and the denial to us of our right to a judge's Honest services.
M.L. Donohue
Sole Legitimate Trustee
Fred F. Goetz Trust, Christopher Donohue, Elizabeth Pagendarm, Michael Pagendarm, Peter Donohue - Equal Spokespersons of the Fred F. Goetz Trust

Here's the Order to Show Cause:




                                                                                                               VERIFIED PETITION

                                                                                                              FILE NO. 2235-1999 A&B    

In the Matter of the Application of

M.L. Donohue as the named Trustee u/a f/b/o

of the Fred F. Goetz Trust

both Individually and on Behalf of

All of the Named Beneficiaries of

the Fred F. Goetz Trust





 THIS VERIFIED PETITION of M.L. Donohue, being duly sworn, deposes and says as follows:

            1.            Petitioner is the Sole Legitimate Trustee of the Fred F. Goetz Trust.

            2.              This VERIFIED PETITION is submitted in support of the attached ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE as a result of the latest Violation of New York State Laws and Procedures as inflicted upon the Fred F. Goetz Trust by Anthony Scarpino.  The scheduling by Anthony Scarpino of an ILLEGAL 'Trial' is purported to take place at the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court on Monday, August 10, 2009 at 9:30 a.m.

            3.              This ILLEGAL 'Trial' is just the latest in a long history of overt Violations of New York State Laws and Procedures and the Violations of the Constitution of New York State and as to the total disregard by Anthony Scarpino for any kind of DUE PROCESS.

4.              That , I, M.L. Donohue, unequivocally state that at the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court under the unclean hands of Anthony Scarpino that the Fred F. Goetz Trust and its Assets have been repeatedly raped and victimized by Anthony Scarpino via various felony acts of overt Extortion, Fraud, Fraud on the Courts, Illegal Acts committed "under the Color of the Law', rampant 'Ex Parte' Violations, overt and intentional unequal application of the 'Law' in favor of Anthony Scarpino's handpicked and openly admitted as cronyism appointments – Two (2)’Thugs' as  guardians and the intentional bias for other favored lawyers at the clear expense of the Fred F. Goetz Trust and the clear disregard for an even hand of Justice as Anthony Scarpino is required under the Canon of Ethics to scrupulously follow.




5.              Herewith, I, M.L. Donohue, the Named Trustee of the Fred F. Goetz Trust, submit that the DECISION as to the DISQUALIFICATION of Anthony Scarpino is deemed not to be a choice but required in that Anthony Scarpino's Acts in the Matter have been so egregious and heinous as to the Violations of DUE PROCESS, et al, as identified previously that there is no outcome that would meter out Justice under the New York State Constitution and all that it stands for as to preserve the Rights of the People.

6.              That A. Gail Prudenti and/or Alan Scheinkman and/or Jonathan Lippman, each in their respective judicial capacities, has the Authority to immediately Remove Anthony Scarpino through the process known as DISQUALIFCATION as it is unequivocal that this is the only venue available so that Justice as to this Matter will be served.

            7.              Presented herewith are the FACTS and the supporting documentation as to latest in a long line of Violations of New York State Laws and Procedures and Violations of Constitutional Rights and total disregard of DUE PROCESS as inflicted by Anthony Scarpino.







8.            That on or about May 28, 2009 and May 29, 2009, that Anthony Scarpino, thru Charles Scott, noticed a select few of the Named Beneficiaries of the Fred F. Goetz Trust that a 'Trial' would be held on August 10, 2009 at the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court as to  'Accounting Citations' purported to have been filed by a false 'trustee’, one Timothy Bonci, who is, in actuality an Unnamed Co-Defendant in this Litigation, and who under New York State Law is forever barred from ever serving as a Trustee in this Matter as Timothy Bonci for the entirety of the Litigation has been represented by the same lawyer, Domenick Porco, as the Named Defendants.

9.            New York State Law is unequivocal that the Plaintiff and the Defendants in the same Litigation CANNOT be represent by the same counsel.

10.            It is a FACT of this Litigation that Timothy Bonci had been represented throughout by Domenick Porco as a part of the Defendant's Depositions and additionally represented by Domenick Porco in a separate Action brought by the Fred F. Goetz Trust against Timothy Bonci to the New York State Department of State as to Timothy Bonci’s Violations of the Rules of a Notary Public.

11.              It is a FACT of this Litigation that for upwards of Two (2) Years after Timothy Bonci was illegally appointed by Anthony Scarpino as a dummy 'trustee' that all communication from Anthony Scarpino continued to be posted to Domenick Porco for Timothy Bonci as 'trustee' (Plaintiff) and to Domenick Porco as the Attorney of Record for the Defendants who are Timothy Bonci's Mother-in-Law and Aunt-by-Marriage.

12.  It is a FACT of this Litigation that as to one James Scalise, a Domenick Porco crony, that James Scalise was used as just a facade, a false front, for Domenick Porco as the actual and real representation of Timothy Bonci was serviced by Domenick Porco so as to allow Domenick Porco the availability to be able to double bill the Fred F. Goetz Trust both simultaneously as counsel for the Defendants and as counsel for the Defendants, Timothy Bonci, Barbara Morris and Elizabeth Knudsen and as counsel for the Plaintiff, The Fred F. Goetz Trust.



13.             New York State Law is equally unequivocal that ALL parties to a Litigation are REQUIRED to be NOTICED as to ALL ACTIONS and there are very proscribed Rules of Notification and Service.

            14.              It is a FACT that these purported Timothy Bonci 'Accounting Citations' were NEVER served to several of the Fred F. Goetz Trust Named Beneficiaries.

            15.              It is a FACT that those purported Timothy Bonci' Accounting Citations' that were remitted to some of the Named Beneficiaries of the Fred F. Goetz Trust were in toto not properly served under the New York State SCPA and CPLR Rules of Service.

            16.            It is a FACT that the AFFIDAVIT’S OF MAILING that were filed with the Court by Timothy Bonci and/or his agents, Frances Pantaleo and/or James Scalise, are all intentionally Fraudulent and are Acts of Perjury. 

            17.              That FRAUDULENT SERVICE was attempted via the use of what the United States Postal Service calls "Law Firm Mail Fraud" meaning the offering of false instruments for Court Filings, i.e. non-United States Postal Service Certified Mail Return Receipts.

18.              Used were Counterfeit envelopes with what appears to be Certified Mail markings.   But since these are not United States Postal Service products, all of the Tracking Numbers are not valid meaning that there is no way to ever verify that any Return Receipts presented are actually a verifiable record that service has been made.

            19.              The Intentional Fraudulent use of counterfeit United States Postal Service envelopes by Timothy Bonci and his agents is now in the hands of the Criminal Investigation Division of the United States Postal Service.

            20.            It is a FACT that all of the notifications to Parties were done via these counterfeit United States Postal Service envelopes whereby New York State Law requires that New York State Residents are to be notified by Personal Service and Affidavit’s of that Personal Service is required to be filed at the Court.

21.            It is a FACT of this Litigation that numerous Notifications as to these Violations were made by the Fred F. Goetz Trust to Anthony Scarpino, Charles Scott, James Scalise, Frances Pantaleo, Timothy Bonci, et al. 





22.            It is a FACT OF RECORD more than Six (6) of the Named Beneficiaries of the Fred F. Goetz Trust did file VERIFIED OBJECTIONS and that ALL of these were ignored.




23.            It is herewith claimed that Anthony Scarpino has scheduled what we allege is an 'ILLEGAL' Trial to be held at the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court on August 10, 2009.

24.            We allege that this Trial is Illegal in that there are very specified Rules as per the SCPA and the CPLR that are to be followed in order to insure that Justice is served.

25.            That these ‘Trials' are purported to be based on the 'Accounting Citations A&B’ of the fraudulent installed 'dummy trustee' Timothy Bonci.

26.            It is a FACT that there has been no Notification whatsoever by either the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court or any party affiliated with the dummy 'trustee' Timothy Bonci to All of the Named Beneficiaries of the Fred F. Goetz Trust in toto.

27.            What we are clearly stating is that a Trial is to be held whereby the parties  INTENTIONALLY HAVE NOT BEEN NOTICED.

28.            It is a FACT that there has been NO Notification of this impending 'Trial' made individually to each and every one of the Named Beneficiaries of the Fred F. Goetz Trust.

29.            It is a FACT that there has been no Discovery prior to this purported 'Trial' as scheduled by Anthony Scarpino.

30.            It is a FACT that there has been no DEPOSITIONS prior to this purported 'Trial' as scheduled by Anthony Scarpino.

            31.            It is a FACT that all of the more than Half Dozen individual VERIFIED OBJECTIONS have been totally ignored by Anthony Scarpino.

            32.            It is a FACT that there has been no pre-Trial Settlement Conferences prior to this 'Trial' as scheduled by Anthony Scarpino.

33.            It is a FACT that Anthony Scarpino, without any Court Action or Notification, has arbitrarily reinstated Luke Charde as 'guardian' even though Luke Charde was fully discharged in 2007 upon the payment to Luke Charde by Timothy Bonci of $29,024.00 in fraudulent guardian fees.

34.            It is a FACT that as of a July 22, 2009 letter that Anthony Scarpino appears to have arbitrarily reinstalled Mary Nitsch as 'guardian'.  Once again, without the required Court Action that would allow parties to file Objections to this appointment.

35.            It is a FACT that Mary Nitsch was paid by Timothy Bonci $48,296.00 in fraudulent guardian fees in August of 2007 and was fully discharged from her 'guardian' duties at that time.

36.            It is a FACT that the Fred F. Goetz Trust did file Complaints against both Mary Nitsch and Luke Charde with numerous New York State Oversight Agencies and that the Fred F. Goetz Trust did also file Motions to Remove them as Guardians with Anthony Scarpino which Anthony Scarpino summarily denied.

37.            It is a FACT that since on or about the beginning of 2008 that Mary Nitsch had been forever removed from the Role of New York State Guardians.



38.            It is a FACT that in Anthony Scarpino's Letter of May 25, 2009 by Charles Scott that Anthony Scarpino instructs Luke Charde as to a submitted a 'Report' as to the approving of  the Timothy Bonci 'Accounting' for which there are no instructions that copies of this is required by New York State Law to go to All Beneficiaries and that those Beneficiaries have the right to Object.

39.            It is a FACT that if Luke Charde submits this Anthony Scarpino instructed 'Report' that Luke Charde will be in a position of being the party that 'approves' his own fraudulent guardian fees.  A clear and overt Violation of the CONFLICT OF INTEREST RULES.

40.            It is a FACT that during the entirety of the Litigation, neither Luke Charde nor Mary Nitsch, have even once contacted a single one of the Wards as to this Matter.  Yet, to date, Timothy Bonci, the dummy trustee, installed via the machination of Luke Charde and Mary Nitsch have been paid a total of $77,320.00 exclusively out of our Fred F. Goetz Trust funds.

41.            It is a FACT that by reinstalling both Luke Charde and Mary Nitsch as ‘purported' guardians to 'approve' of Timothy Bonci’s purported 'Accounting's that this means that essentially they are both 'rubber stamping' as to the $77,320.00 that Timothy Bonci had paid to them and those Extortion payments of $77,320.00 are identified in Timothy Bonci's Accounting Citations. 

42.            It is a FACT that it is a serious and grievous CONFLICT OF INTEREST for either Luke Charde or Mary Nitsch as to having any oversight or say at this junction as to the approval of their fees.

43.            We also have been appraised that Luke Charde and Mary Nitsch have been promised to be 'rewarded' by Anthony Scarpino with even more fraudulent 'fees' under a 'loophole' clause inserted in the Timothy Bonci  Accounting Citations whereby there would be no notification to the Beneficiaries at all, thus, making it impossible for any of the Beneficiaries to Object.

44.            It is a FACT of this Litigation that numerous Notifications of ALL of these preceding Violations of Laws and Procedures, Violations of New York State Constitutional Rights, Violations of DUE PROCESS were repeatedly brought to the attention of Anthony Scarpino, Charles Scott, Joseph Accetta, et al, and ALL were ignored. 




45.            It has just come to our attention that Anthony Scarpino (Charles Scott) has instigated the act of harassment is to be inflicted upon M.L. Donohue to thwart her as to her Rights of Law to file appropriate and legitimate Complaints with various Oversight Agencies and as to her Duty to report to not only Anthony Scarpino, himself, but to corrective agencies to the gross Violations of New York State Laws and Procedures and the Gross Violations of New York State Constitutional Rights and ABSOLUTE DENIAL OF DUE PROCEES that has occurred in Anthony Scarpino's Court.

46.            That Anthony Scarpino (Charles Scott) has made false claims against

M.L. Donohue to the Office of Court Administration and it is alleged that Anthony Scarpino’s motivation for doing so is to block her, thru intimidation and threats, from appearing at the ILLEGAL Trial on August 10, 2009.  Where it is alleged that the next stage of the raping into the pockets of Domenick Porco, Luke Charde, Mary Nitsch, Frances Pantaleo, James Scalise and other Anthony Scarpino favored lawyers of whatever remains of our Fred F. Goetz Trust assets as that is the real agenda for that event. 

47.            It is a FACT that M.L. Donohue in her capacity as the Sole Legitimate Trustee of the Fred F. Goetz Trust and on behalf of All of the Named Beneficiaries has Notified numerous New York State and Federal Oversight Agencies as to the numerous Violations of Laws and Procedures and the overt Extortion of and Defrauding of the Fred F. Goetz Trust assets in favored lawyers hands that has occurred under Anthony Scarpino including, most recently, the participation by M.L. Donohue on behalf of the Fred F. Goetz Trust in the 'Ethics' Hearings in Albany, New York of New York State Senator John Sampson.

48.            M.L. Donohue has also filed Complaints as to the egregious violations of what is alleged to be Criminal Acts by Anthony Scarpino, Charles Scott, Joseph Accetta at the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court and Criminal Acts by Anthony Scarpino's handpicked Guardians, Luke Charde and Mary Nitsch, and Criminal Acts by Anthony Scarpino's favored lawyers, Domenick Porco, Frances Pantaleo, and James Scalise, among others with Federal Agencies such as the United States Department of Justice, United States Senate Judiciary Committee, and the United States Attorney's Office and with various New York State Agencies including, but not limited to, the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the Departmental Disciplinary Committee.

49.            M.L. Donohue did notice Anthony Scarpino (and Charles Scott) of her actions as to reporting his egregious violations of New York State Laws and Procedures with the hope that Anthony Scarpino would stop his illegal acts as to the Fred F. Goetz Trust.  He has not done so?



50.            That, I, M.L. Donohue, unequivocally state that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE and most likely humanly impossible for the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court and any of the parties who are employed at that Court and/or those who are Appointees of that Court to be impartial in these proceedings when I, M.L. Donohue, for the Fred F. Goetz Trust, have filed Departmental Disciplinary Committee Complaints, Commission on Judicial Conduct Complaints, Office of Court Administration Complaints, Attorney General Complaints, New York State Attorney General  Complaints, District Attorney Complaints (Manhattan,  Brooklyn and Westchester County) and Complaints with a number of United States Government Oversight Agencies.

51.            That I, M.L. Donohue, unequivocally state that the circumstances surrounding this Litigation are unique to it.  And, with that context, that it would be in the best interest of the judicial process for the Court, itself, and for Anthony Scarpino (and his underlings) to be forever DISQUALIFIED.

52.            That I, M.L. Donohue, unequivocally state that in order for the State of New York  to ensure that each and every party that Petition’s  the New York State Courts, at whatever level, that Justice is fully and unilaterally served, with complete equity, and that there is not even a hint of irregularity,  impropriety or impartiality.

53.            That I, M.L. Donohue, on behalf of All of the Named Beneficiaries of the Fred F. Goetz Trust, firmly BELIEVE that it is forever impossible for the Fred F. Goetz Trust to be treated in a fair and unbiased manner at the Westchester County Surrogate’s Court.

            54.            That I, M.L. Donohue, unequivocally state that there are no other remedies available under Law that could possibly substitute for this VERIFIED PETITION FOR DISQUALIFICATION in order for EQUITABLE JUSTICE to prevail.

WHEREFORE, Petitioner requests that a degree be granted DISQUALIFYING Surrogate Anthony Scarpino and that all pending Matters be referred to the Administrative Judge of the Ninth (9th) Judicial District unless otherwise instructed by Justice Prudenti or Justice Lippman and/or such other and further relief that may be deemed just and proper.

M.L. Donohue, Trustee

Fred F. Goetz Trust

Individually and on Behalf of All Of the Named Beneficiaries of the Fred F. Goetz Trust


a swimmer said...

It's well known that Frank Nicolai and Tony Scarpino have run the corrupt enterprise in the 9th JD.

Lippman, Scheinkman and Prudenti take their orders from Nicolai and Scarpino. They are simply afraid of Frank and Tony. Period.

Good luck swimming against the tide of Westchester corruption!

Anonymous said...

this guy scarpino is one bad dude.

Anonymous said...

Where's Cuomo? Hiding under his rock? Being a faithful member of the Columbian Lawyers? No more excuses, Cuomo, come out and do your job.

It's Me!!!!! said...

I can't wait to finally meet these characters that call themselves Judges!!!!Why are they still sitting on the BENCH? Can someone please tell me WHY?

Mary Linda Donahue will have my total support for Monday's "So called Trial".Stay Tuned!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Usually Scarpino and his group of robbers get away with stealing everything from Westchester estates when the people who really should get the money are from out-of-town. Looks like the snakes pissed off the wrong group of people. Scarpino belongs in jail with Nicholai.

Anonymous said...

Have read with disdain the treatment that a Cancer Victim has been forced to endure from Scarpino & Streng - "The SS" - Imagine being forced to forgo necessary Cancer treatments because your own money is not released to you! There is a special place in HELL for these robbers of the dead! Why isn't Scarpino under arrest? Who is his g*dfather? What Mob Family is protecting him?

atty in white plains said...

Hey people, The Lippman's know all about it. How long did "they" work in White Plains and where do they live? Wasn;t Prudenti a Surrogate Judge or did she supervise Surrogate Judges? Surely some one can look that up. The dirty secret, not a secret anymore is that the Surrogate's Court is a wealth transfer entity for the benefit of those running the show. I tried to get in the game but I guess I didn't belong to the right society, so that's life I'll have to try to make an honest living.

Anonymous said...

It's not just Scarpino and the Surrogate's Court, it's everything those scum get involved with, including cases in Supreme Court.

They protect themselves and their friends and have been getting away with it for far too long.

Anonymous said...

Scarpino, don't fear. Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of crooked lawyers and judges, hears your cry. Keep your trust in Saint Andrew; he always helps his supplicants and denies the people.

Anonymous said...

lawyers who legally rape honest citizens using our court systems to do it, falsify information, jail, jail, jail.........
throw them in jail.........

Anonymous said...

You have to love a judge like Scarpino who lets a lawyer represent both sides. This nut, Scarpino, needs the 'appreciation' (kickback/cash/favors)from BOTH sides.

Throw the bum off the bench, and disbar him.

Eliot Bernstein said...

I know everyone at the Blog keeps wondering where are the Feds, where is Holder, well...OMG – this is an unbelievable story about Eric Holder's conflicts with the RNC and Bush via his last law firm job and if true tells all on why Eric Holder is an Osterich to the Crimes, more aptly why he is covering the War Crimes Up by Failing to Prosecute both acts are War Crimes under the Geneva Convention too.
For months, we have been trying to get to the bottom of why Eric Holder would not really investigate the cases of Mr. Siegelman and Mr. Scrushy, Mr. Minor, the two other judges in Mississippi and Charles Walker. Well, I finally have the answer . I got it from writing my Greg Craig article that was located on the Jason Leopold website Public record.

I got a tip and I researched it. And boy, was I shocked at what I learned. Seems Mr. Holder, before being selected Attorney General of the United States of America, worked for a firm called Covington and Burling. The tip I got was that the firm had a very important client whose name was George W. Bush and they represented a very important organization I am sure ya'll all have heard of - the Republican National Committee. I was in shock when I checked it and it was true. My favorite research item I ran across is when they were protecting the RNC from having to turn over Karl Rove's emails that were run on the RNC Servers. It shocked me. Plus I found it mighty interesting that AG Eric Holder never enlightened anyone about his conflict of coming from a big Washington DC law firm that represented the Republican National Committee and George W. Bush in the 2000 election contest.

But then, it all made sense to me. He would have had to appoint a special A.G. to be over the Stevens case, over the Tobin case, and over the Kott case, and over the Abramoff/Feeney case. But if he just kept his mouth shut maybe just maybe no one would catch him dismissing all those cases. Which no one did until the tip came in. It has long been reported that the expenses in those cases were picked up by the RNC. That same RNC that paid A.G. Holder's law firm, that same law firm then paid A.G. Holder over two million dollars last year. Shame on A.G. Holder! He had an ethical duty to tell the citizens of America he had a conflict in investigating all these cases and all the torture cases. Instead, he tried to ignore it or hide it instead of doing the right thing and getting out of the cases.

Additionally, he has ignored to date all the Democrats in this country who are complaining and have proof that they were politically targeted by the RNC and Karl Rove. He has not done the right thing - ask President Obama to appoint a special counsel, all along knowing he has a conflict because of his firm's representation of the RNC. Since Holder has done all this, he should be immediately removed from this position of power. Innocent men are in jail and he has played games.

The United States citizens should have the right to know when their A.G. has a conflict of interest; the A.G. has a professional duty to tell them and take appropriate action. Mr Holder failed to do the right thing as A.G. He should be removed. If you doubt me, google Eric Holder and Covington and Burling. Then google Covington and Burling and George W. Bush, and also google them and Karl Rove and RNC emails. Shame on you, Holder! You are caught!

Simpson is a country lawyer who resides in Rainsville, Alabama. She has appeared on 60 Minutes and Dan Abrams MSNBC. Stories were written in Time Magazine, Harpers Magazine, and the New York Times about her being a witness in the Don Siegelman case (more...)

Anonymous said...

What time is court? I want to go to the show. I got screwed by Charlie Scott and his fellow common thief Scarpino a few years ago. Would love to see his dirty eyes again. When I knew him, Scarpino was a chain smoker. I hope he still is, it's a wonderful way to go.

Anonymous said...

The Court date is tomorrow,August 10, 2009 at 9:30 A.M in White Plains ..19th floor..Please be there to support the Fred Goetz Trust, Sole Trustee Mary Linda Donahue!!!!

Anonymous said...

The walls of 111 DMLKjr Blvd are only filled will two types: the badly corrupt, and the very afraid.

Bring in the feds and clean the place up, once and for all.

You'll get a better result from the toilet on the 18th floor than you will from any desire for justice in the courtroom there.

Anonymous said...

As a reader of this blog for sometime I think anyone who can attend tomorrows sham trial before Scarpino should be there. I was mugger by Scarpino, Debella, Kelly, Scott, Keltz in 2001. They had cases they wanted settled at any cost. I will attempt to attend. God Bless you are dealing with devils.

Anonymous said...

Pretty typical of Tony. He somehow schedules proceedings without ever actually having them put on the Court's calendar as requied.

Another little trick he does, is to hold proceedings, send the litigants out for a conference with one of his referees, and then just closes up the court while the litigants are out of the courtroom.

Court proceedings are supposed to be public, with notice given and proceedings are supposed to have an end but Tony just leaves the room, closes up his shop and walks out.

Anonymous said...

Nice fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

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