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Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Spotlight on New York's Manipulated Justice

The New York Post by REUVEN BLAU - August 23, 2009
Rabbis may soon have to answer to a higher authority -- state court judges.

A New York State Supreme Court judge recently overturned a rabbinical-arbitration ruling, angering rabbis who are worried that Jewish justice could be headed for extinction. "If the judgment is affirmed, it would be useless to go to a rabbinic court," said Marc Stern, acting co-executive director and general counsel of the American Jewish Congress. Rabbinical judges who sit on what are called "beth din" courts often handle cases that New York City Jews don't want in the regular judicial system, such as matters involving tax evasion or other illegalities. "That's definitely true in some cases," said Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann, director of the Beth-Din of America. "But by and large, I don't think that's what compels people to come here."

Rabbinical justice is "a lot cheaper, faster and decided by people in your own community," Weissmann said. Also, under Jewish law, religious litigants are actually obligated to initially bring disputes to a beth din rather than secular courts. State and federal courts have long recognized the rulings, which are mainly handled through voluntary binding arbitration. Decisions have been changed or overturned only due to major problems, such as blatant fraud or bias. But in a strongly worded decision, Brooklyn Judge Bruce Balter tossed out a ruling by the Beth-Din of America involving a disagreement between a Jewish elementary school and a veteran teacher.

In a brief filed with the state Court of Appeals, the Orthodox Union argued that Balter's decision violated the First Amendment because it "unconstitutionally interfered with a fundamentally religious dispute." The Talmudic tussle started after the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns & Rockaway fired one of its teachers, Rabbi Nachum Brisman, arguing that his religious philosophy was in conflict with that of the school. Brisman, who had been at the school for more than a decade, countered that he had obtained tenure and was therefore entitled to added job protections. The beth din agreed, ordering the school to reinstate him. But when Brisman brought the case to state court to be confirmed -- a routine step to enforce arbitration awards -- the school persuaded Balter to overturn the beth din ruling.

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victim of shelly silver said...

Start packing your bags, Shelly. You and your buds have done enough damage to the rule of justice in this state. And you did it under the dirty cloud of religion. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Is there a Catholic Court system...I am in need of justice from my family in God....what the hey is a Jewish Court...why not just dissect all crimes into catergories of race and religion.

No wonder NY state is so screwed up...we relate justice within religion..separation of church and state only means you can't have a trial in a synagogue.

This state is a real trip!!

Anonymous said...

A Jewish Court is something that Townsend helped to get in the 8th Judicial District, they call it a Summary Jury Trial, after they set up the judge, jury and your lawyer,
alter your medical records, they then tell you, you agreed to a Summary Jury Trial that was binding and no appeal can be made!
It's called The Screwed Jew Trail!!!

Anonymous said...

Screwed by a Jew Trial

Anonymous said...

some religions are taking justice into their own hands, creating their own rules in our legal/judicial system for the benefit of their own kind........
the non believers in Christ!
the anti-Christ!

Anonymous said...

Should we have Saria law for Muslims in New York? What will we do with the chopped off hands?

Anonymous said...

We could have public stonings!!!!! cool!

non jew said...

Does it cost more money to pay off the Rabbis? Do they give you better deals? I don't know which is cheaper, regular court with the corrupt Judges or the jewish court with the corrupt Rabbis? Can anyone help me out here?

Anonymous said...

Townsend takes pride in the words "summary judgment".
Whenever she speaks about the law...that is all she discusses.

She has very shallow legal ability and feasts on her avenues of I guess if she can summon her favorite words to exact non-justice...she is going to make sure the act has lots of screwing potency...she is always ripe to screw the law of course!

Anonymous said...

good I think Townsend should be sent to a Summary Jury Trial, maybe I could help, it is called
denial of rights to due process......stick it Townsend & friends and as far as Flynn goes he knows a felony was committed by his friends and did not report it!

Anonymous said...

Townsend likes Summary Jury because she could set it up!
use abuse and manipulate whomever you can for your benefit!
why do some lawyers/judges lie, because the penalties for perjury are a lot less than the felonies they are committing!

Anonymous said...

what is the penalty for altering and forging medical records?
what is the penalty for passing around false medical information?

what if a lawyer commits this act,or an er nurse

what is the penalty for not reporting these acts?

Anonymous said...

The courts rarely charge or convict...perjury...that is why OCA encourages it's usage in any legal matter where they are defts....and that is a fact... since they just made up a new and nasty lie in a fed depo...that did not exist 4 yrs ago....or they would have certainly used that to create substantial charges back at that time.

OCA never goes to trial...because they "know for a fact" they have committed crimes and are wrong in almost very case where they are defts...and they don't want the public to ....HEAR IT ALL! That is why they wiretap, chase..etc before amd during the filed scare you into dropping or settling the case..for around $60,000..offered 2x so far in 15 that is there figure for F****** with them.

They know judges lie themselves relative to court issues... so perjury would have to be brutally blatant and face smack provable..before they would convict!

So the Townsend's of the community are secure that their lies will stand tall in all there in missy Townsend feels proud and powerful that she thinks...she has gotten over! If she only knew her private stuff is not so private and her lies have been peeped!

Anonymous said...

sometimes it is the lawyers lying and using her because they know what she is capable of, culpable of......I've got face smack provable that someone is tampering with medical files, violating HIPPA violations, passing around false medical information and relaying this information to others
where is my FBI for the psychopath that continues this behavior......
protecting someone it appears!
it is the lawyers who are not reporting their friends for doing it!

Anonymous said...

if our judge is corrupt why don't the decent lawyers avoid their courtrooms, if they can not circumvent the circumstances why do they not charge our judges.....
why do they not report the judges,
why don't judges report judges..
I do know in a working environment if a man harasses a woman, the decent men tell him to back off...
why doesn't that happen in our legal/judicial system

Anonymous said...

they only like fake car accident claims, they are not really lawyers, everything is a scam to get the most out of who they can because they thought they were going to make so much money being attorneys and then complain they can not pay their debt......
it is just easier and less work to settle, besides nothing will be on the record to prove malpractice
resulting in no usable evidence in the record for an proper appeal, so any appeal will fail......
that is why they try to get you to settle.........and they make sure it costs you the whole time!

Anonymous said...

they wiretap to see who you are talking to and have you figured out they just violated your rights!
so they can try to figure out how to do it again, to discredit you!
funny how the mailed phone bill ended up opened by the post office, for some reason the address wasn't on it properly....

Anonymous said...

bad boys bad boys
what cha gonna do
what cha gonna do
when we screw that j*w.......

no slur intended,
just returning the favor!

pissed off said...

The CJC and the DDC are totally worthless. What do these entities cost the taxpayers of NY? Why have them? All they do is cover-up and obstruct situations, that are violations of Federal Statues. Save money get rid of them, NOW! Gov. Paterson are you listening?

Anonymous said...

The CJC and DDC. At least Gov.Paterson got rid of the SIC. they said the SIC did nothing important.

Next stop should be the AG office. That office is not only worthless, it is dangerous. But the governor doesn't have the authority to do that. Now that Spitzer showed them a way to capitalize on the office, Cuomo has followed.

How many BS cases can you put out there that you have no legal authority to prosecute before someone stands up to you?

The SIC got an 86 after the ridiculous investigation on the Tankleff matter. The AG followed suit with their own bogus and polticially influenced report on the same case.

Andrew, why didn't you put ALL of it in that was credible evidence you were hiding something.

Anonymous said...

isn't the AG, CJC, DDC lawyers?
it is our lawyers, they are self-goverened and use the law for their political and financial gain..
remember the coup June 8th!

Anonymous said...

the judge took his seat in chambers, facing opposing lawyers, he said "I have been presented by both of you with a bribe", both lawyers squirmed
"you, attorney Finklestein gave me 15,000 and attorney Pizzalo you gave me 10,000"
the judge reached into his pocket and pulled out a check. He handed it to Pizzalo.
"I'm returning 5,000 and were are going to decide this case solely on it merits"

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Tankleff "investigation" Andy put in his report that a unnamed inmate told his investigators that Tankleff told him that he killed his parents.

This unnamed inmate is known to the Tankleff family. According to the reports the inmate met Tankleff for the very first time while visiting the prison library. After Marty wrote his 50,000th letter protesting his innocence, Marty found the need to 'confess' to his crime to this stranger. WOW.

What Andy didn't tell you is he sent two of his crack investigators to the prison to speak to another inmate that spent 12 years with Marty. This prisoner was 'ambushed' by the two investigators when they came to the prison unannouced. Tried to get him to tell them that Marty told him he killed his parents.

That fellow inmate is himself a victim of the SCPD/DA office when he was framed for a murder. When he was visited in the prison he was 7 years away from his first parole hearing. Someone had already begun screwing with the fellow by submitting a false probation report to the Correctional people, and this fellow was denied a job he was seeking in the prison.

Was Andy sending a message thru Spota to the inmate to get his 'cooperation'?

Andrew left that part out that an inmate that a case could have been made for credibility told them to get out.

Anonymous said...

Religion has come to the courts. Saint Andrew, where are you? This is a golden opportunity for Paterson to demand Saint Andrew clean up all the corruption in the courts. Imagine Saint Andrew's passion then; his saintly duty to crooked lawyers and judges balanced against losing his job.

Anonymous said...

it just depends if he has enough morals to fight the antiChrist!

Anonymous said...

a story in Buffalo News states the Judicial Commission will be at the
Surrogate Trial in Niagara County
Matthew Murphy, presiding
Broderick vs Snyder
that is what the commission should do to fight the evil!
get him ST Theresa!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone sent the stuff from here on the AG to Patterson?

He looks like he is getting desperate to keep his job and it looks like Cuomo is lapping at his heels.

Maybe Patterson could use some of the information here to help himself and the rest of the state.

Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

To 11:55 The AG is aware of much corruption because he defends the corrupt judges and grievance committees in court actions. As a first step, Paterson could demand that Cuomo end the corruption which his office knows about and then every few days bring up another action which was known to Cuomo and where Cuomo failed to protect the people.

Anonymous said...

good idea, maybe I should contact Paterson,send your complaints to

1. Attorney Grievance
2. CJC
3. FBI
4. Patterson

Anonymous said...

send your prayers to St Theresa
in Niagara County Surrogate Court!

Anonymous said...

While Patterson is busy attacking the media for attacking him, he is missing a golden opportunity to expose the fact that the media does ignore/gloss over/cover-up, or whatever term you want to use, the high level, the illegal/unethical/corrupt acts of politically connected government officials.

He should take a page from Senator Espada's play book and call out the media and the politically connected government officials for their complicity in the corrupt acts of of all these elected officials.

If Patterson really wants to keep his job, he should start working for the people who can keep him there, the citizens of the state, not the political hacks that clearly don't have his back.

Anonymous said...

To 12;27 Include in your list Cuomo, so that he knows, but then doesn't act. Also send your complaints to this blog. Cuomo knew, but failed to act will sound great on campaign trail.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo's and his office....fully and forcefully defend OCA in all court actions where OCA is a deft.

His AG has sat and listened for 3 yrs now to federal court depositions....where OCA employees...which includes a high level atty...lie..commit perjury....testify with conflicting statements of other employees which are crucial to their allegations...have information that their alleged credible witnesses, who are appointed high level court employees "are" committing crimes and "have" commited crimes in the past of criminal possession of stolen property, and auto theft...have been told that their transcript was altered by the person who testified in the transcript....have in their possession a very pitiful OCA altered computer report...with numerous types of open and closed windows pasted everywhere....and most of the discovery OCA has submitted has been redacted with large pieces of black construction paper...revealing the names of the parties and no other significant the request of Sullivan from counsel's office...etc..etc....all showing their massive guilt and intent to abuse power and commit a multitude of crimes.......and CUOMO STILL PURSUES THE CASE LIKE HE HAS LOCKED THE MURDER AND POSSESSES THE WEAPON.


Yes the 8th district is handing off the administrative judge Townsend.... to the NY state judicial school...huh?......not sure if that is a jewish one....but God help whomever has to learn the law from her. This is a class you must cut or send a dummy in to observe...what an experience in hell, you will endure if you don't..ugh!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that see a big conflict when the AG's office acts as an attorney for other state entities while the AG is also a defendant on the same action? It's as plain as the nose on your face.

Anonymous said...

Saint Andrew. Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges, can serve only one master and it isn't the people nor their God.

Anonymous said...

anoymous at 2:32

You are funny!

Anonymous said...

since I heard some of judges actually did not pass the test,
they forged their failing results to passing.........
that does explain a lot of it

I wonder if Paterson knows

Anonymous said...

so they do not have to pass the
Judge test or a
psychological test!
it may just be the cash test they do pass!

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