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Monday, August 3, 2009

Tembeckjian's Crimes, Part 6 (Judicial Loan and Court Job)

Tembeckjian and Friedberg's useless dirty hands are all over the Brooklyn judge, Lila Gold, who still, according to OCA records, acts in judgment over others. Does anyone know any updated information? If so, please let us know.

NY Judge Gets 80G Loan, Gives Lender's Bro 63G Court Job

Judge borrows 8OG from real estate family, then hires lender's brother
The New York Daily News By NANCIE L. KATZ - February 12, 2008

Mitchell Shpelfogel

A Brooklyn judge who took an $80,000 loan from a prominent real estate family hired one of the sons for her coveted court attorney job - even before he passed the bar exam. Brooklyn Civil Court Judge Lila Gold appointed Mitchell Shpelfogel, then 22, in January 2006 for the competitive $63,000-a-year state post - only weeks after he graduated from law school. He passed the bar a month later. Shpelfogel - whose family's Brighton Beach buildings have had hundreds of violations - said hiring him had nothing to do with his brother, Rafael, 27, lending Gold the money for her uncontested 2003 bid. The loan was quickly repaid. "There was no quid pro quo. I'm a capable, talented person. We've been family friends for many years," he said. "Why shouldn't she take a family friend, if he's qualified?" Few state judges hire assistants right out of law school, because the job requires drafting legal opinions. Experienced lawyers often seek the positions as a path to the bench. Shpelfogel said he doesn't want a judgeship or any other court post when Gold retires. "I took this job because I'm able to be home and be with my family," said Shpelfogel, a father of two. Gold did not return calls.

The Shpelfogels own at least nine Brooklyn buildings, including a multimillion-dollar Manhattan Beach house and two apartment houses cited for multiple violations. "They are using the money of their long-suffering tenants to get ahead politically," charged Zev Yourman, a community activist who sued Shpelfogel for defamation. Tenants at 2822 Brighton Eighth St., owned by patriarch Sam Shpelfogel, showed the Daily News leaks in walls, malfunctioning stoves, uneven floors, mold, broken cabinets and complained of mice. The city sued Shpelfogel twice since 2004 for more than 1,000 violations settled after he fixed them. Shpelfogel still owes $9,000 for emergency repairs. Former tenant Yustus Kotz said she moved from 15 Brighton Eighth - where Sam Shpelfogel owes the city $1,468 for emergency repairs and 275 housing violations are listed - after Mitchell Shpelfogel threatened her when she complained about terrible conditions. "He kicked my door, demanded rent in cash and called me an illegal immigrant and a prostitute," she said. "You are not impartial," Sam Shpelfogel told a reporter. Rafael Shpelfogel could not be reached.


Anonymous said...

THis chick is protected. May have gotten a 'letter' from Bob and Alan. Her arz should be removed from the bench. Why isn't the Daily News following up on this. Oh, I remember, because Bob Tembeckjian's wife is NY Daily News reporter Barbara Ross-- and SHE COVERS THE COURTS !!!!!! Can't make this stuff up. Or maybe the Daily News is gun shy these days because of the lawsuit the thugs at OCA are holding over their head. Hmmm, maybe the NY Daily news should be going to the feds....

Anonymous said...

The Daily News title says it all- "Judge borrows 8OG from real estate family, then hires lender's brother"

This is fine with Tembechian and Friedberg?

retired school teacher said...

The bigger question is how do Tembeckjian and Friedberg keep their jobs? Who is protecting these rats?

Anonymous said...

What 'other' deals have these vermin gotten? And you can't tell me that this is the only bad apple. How do you check on these types of thinks, since you can't trust anyone?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Shpelfogel tax return shows the "loan" as an liability...maybe it is under the payoff account, is that then an asset

Anonymous said...

audit them both!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'll give back my cash for clunker $4500...just to have the feds open the door of a mentioned corrupt is that feds...are you a taker?

Brighton Gadfly said...

Here's an update on a Daily News story you reprinted on February 13, 2008:
and again on August 3, 2009:
reporting that, following an 80G loan to Judge Lila Gold by a prominent Brooklyn real estate family, the lender's 22 year-old brother was hired as Gold's 63G/year Court Attorney.

Well, that Court Attorney, Mitchell Shpelfogel, has since been fired from his court job:
and is now a partner in a two-partner law firm where he continues to cite his failed court job as a "qualification."

For more stories on the Shpelfogel family and their corrupting influences on Brooklyn politics and community life, see:

Anonymous said...

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