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Monday, August 10, 2009

Federal Judge Orders Disbarred NY Attorney To Explain Billing

Judge Orders Disbarred NY Attorney To Explain Billing Methods
The New York Law Journal by Mark Fass - August 10, 2009

A federal judge in Brooklyn has given Edward D. Fagan, a Manhattan attorney disbarred in December for failing to pay more than $350,000 in sanctions and fees, 21 days to explain his apparent double-billing for more than $186,000 in reimbursements in a lawsuit he filed on behalf of Holocaust survivors. In December 2002, Eastern District Judge Edward R. Korman awarded Mr. Fagan $222,312 in reimbursements for funds he spent in the so-called Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation. In an order to show cause issued on July 31, Judge Korman wrote that after reviewing another attorney's motion earlier this year for reimbursements in the same matter, the judge learned that Mr. Fagan had already received at least two contributions totaling $186,353 toward his expenses from other attorneys, which Mr. Fagan had never reported. In January, the judge advised Mr. Fagan that "had I known of [these funds] I would not have authorized the reimbursement without an explanation" from Mr. Fagan. Now, the judge has given Mr. Fagan until Aug. 21 to respond or a judgment of $186,353 will be entered against him. Mr. Fagan could not be reached for comment.


brooklyn attorney said...

Good to see Ed in the news again!

Anonymous said...

Despicable man.

A proud Jew said...

This bum should be hung!

Anonymous said...

Hey, now. Hey, hey. Maybe Ed Fagan would be willing to talk about the 'club' in which he was at one time an obviously prized member. The 'club' of corrupt court folks, who would now be quick to throw him to the sharks, probably have much to hide.

Feel like talking, Ed?

Anonymous said...

As a practicing New York Attorney I welcome the Feds coming in to regulate this NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee which is nothing more than a "Political Economic Assassination Squad" which ignores the crimes of its friends/cronies while punishing and economically bankrupting those who dare to compete with a better product who are not fortunate enough to be born with the right "pedigree" or ethnic orientation, and are guilty of nothing else but being better lawyers and more successful. Its about time the Feds broke up this "backwoods Manhattan posse of 'good ole boys' from New York City."

Anonymous said...

Yes I heard the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") has now decided to regulate the New York County Lawyers Association Fee Dispute Committee ("NYCLA") since last week due to the fact that those people are running it like some mafia, by rewarding and approving the legal fees billed and earned by their buddies/political allies, while forcing unpopular minorities and non-connected lawyers to give all of the money back. What is wrong with these people? Does the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee located at 14 Vesey Street, New York, New York really think that they can get away with this blatant racism and classism without getting busted like the Italian mafia did by the Feds? These people dont use guns and brass knuckles to drive out the competition like the Italian mafia did, they use corrupt arbitrators, judges, and corrupt courts to do their dirty work of muscling out the competition and extorting their competitors.

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