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Friday, May 22, 2009

New Chief Judge at Manhattan Federal Court

Wood to Resign as Chief Of Southern District Court
The New York Law Journal, NEWS IN BRIEF, by Mark Hamblett - May 22, 2009

Judge Kimba M. Wood said yesterday she is stepping down as chief judge of the Southern District. After almost three years on the job, she said she is relinquishing the title effective June 1 to spend more time in the courtroom, "my true calling." She also will take senior status. Judge Loretta A. Preska, the next most-senior active judge in the 46-judge district, will become the next chief. Judge Wood's tenure was marked by a renewed effort to increase transparency at the court and improve public access to documents and proceedings. Judge Wood also said she was proud of the progress made on a number of fronts during her time as chief of the nation's largest district court, including an increase in electronic case filing and the improvement of court administration through enhanced computerization. Judge Wood, who was nominated for the court in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan, has a big case starting next week, when jury selection begins Wednesday in the closely watched trial of Wiwa v. Royal Dutch Petroleum. The action, brought under the Allen Tort Claims Act, seeks to hold a foreign oil company vicariously liable for human rights violations, including the execution of activist Ken Wiwa and eight others by Nigerian authorities in 1995.


Anonymous said...

Any good change at any Manhattan federal court would have to include the removal of a dangerous and corrupt hack, one: Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe, the Chief Clerk of the 2nd Circuit. She's a DDC/ad1 protection thug placed in the federal system to continue her dirty work. You people should consider writing complaints about her to the federal courts administrators in Washington, D.C.

Anonymous said...

What's the matter, there aren't enough cases in the USA for a court to decide?

How many innocent people lanquish in jail because the court seems to be too busy with horsemanure cases like the one cited above?

We tried to get a case before the NYS Court of Appeals and leave to appeal was denied. The court was too busy with a landlord/tenant issue. Seems like a lady that married an Native American, since divorced was being forced to leave the reservation. One of the issues she brought up was that her children were the children of her husband, a Native American.

This was a BIGGGGGGGE for the Court to entertain. Taking on such cases is hoped to make the judges look like the intellectuals they are not.

Yep, it's me said...

Are you kidding me, is this a JOKE..Judge Loretta Preska as the new Chief Judge of the Southern District..Gregory Calliste, an Attorney that works for Civil Rights Attorney, Fred Brewington, read Judge Preska's Order and Judgment Dismissal regarding my Federal Civil Rights Case. This case involved the New York County District Attorney's Office,DA Robert Morgenthau, ADA Lisa Friel, ADA Jennifer Steiner Crowell and the Manhattan Special Victim's Squad. Calliste said, "It looks like you now have a Federal Judge that may be involved in this corruption, I have never seen anything like this before".

Calliste, Jr. said...

Easy . . . Gregory Calliste would NEVER say something like this. Maybe you should actually talk to him and see what he would REALLY say . . . then quote him with his actual words. Thanks.

Calliste, Jr.

Sola said...

Gregory Calliste Jr is a liar.

Anonymous said...

YES! Gregory Calliste Jr IS A LIAR; a PSYCHOPATHIC PATHOLOGICAL HABITUAL LIAR & Abuser Of the Criminal Justice System & Police & Courts he IS A CORRUPT civil rights lawyer a Thug Hoodlum Criminal who hides behind a suit and tie and law license to get away with his covert crimes.

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